The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 50: The Princess’s Notice II

Qing Ling wanted to continue, but Feng Ruqing did not want to listen anymore and quickly stopped her. “Say no more, please say no more.”

Because even though she had inherited the previous owner’s memory, she did not have enough time to go through all the memories and had only checked for important information. So, she did not expect the previous owner to be that much of a scum.

She had done many bad things, and the crime she committed was unforgivable.

No wonder those people went to hide when they saw her. It was all because of this.

“Princess, normally you don’t like to leave the palace. You only leave once a year for a walk. Every year, there will be people that were bullied by Your Highness, I…” Qing Ling stopped for a bit and with a red face continued, ” also helped Your Highness do many bad things.”

She had no other choice than to follow the princess’s orders. If not, her consequences would be the same as Liu Li or even worse.

“I get it, I get it!” Feng Ruqing waved her hand. “Let the past stay in the past. From now on we will not make the same mistakes again.”

“I will listen to Your Highness’s order.”

“Good.” Feng Ruqing stroked her chin. “Then, you can help me write up a notice. It will be a divorce notice.”

She had already warned Chancellor Liu, but in the end he had not found the divorce notice that she had misplaced. If she did not divorce Liu Yuchen, how could she go after the state preceptor?

The only good thing was, Liu Yuchen felt that she was ugly and therefore up until now, he had not touched her yet. So, she was still a virgin.

“Ah?” Qing Ling was confused. Di… divorce letter?

“I, Feng Ruqing, firstly would like to thank Feng Rushuang as she was the one who had allowed me to know Liu Yuchen and had kept praising him in front of me, making me fall in love with him. Secondly, I would like to thank Noble Consort Rong, as she was the one who told me that I, as a royal princess have the emperor’s support and thus Liu Yuchen wouldn’t dare to disobey orders and not marry me. Therefore I had only thought of using this to force him to marry me!”

Feng Ruqing’s lips lifted at the corners. Her grin looked evil as she continued speaking, “But when I fainted, I had dreamt of my mother and only then did I understand that when things are forced, the outcome won’t be good and therefore I have especially written this divorce letter to return Liu Yuchen’s freedom and allow him to find his true love.”

Qing Ling was stunned upon hearing those words and just stared blankly at Feng Ruqing.

“Do you remember these words? If you do, then find a piece of paper and write it down, stick it all over the city walls. Today I, Feng Ruqing, will be divorcing Liu Yuchen and from now on, he and I will have no ties whatsoever.” Feng Ruqing said as she used her finger to flick Qing Ling’s head.

“Yes.” Qing Ling regained her composure and answered, “Princess, I shall go and prepare the notice now.”

As she looked at Qing Ling hastily heading for the study room, her smile slowly disappeared.

“Since Noble Consort Rong and Feng Rushuang dared to sabotage me, they will have to pay for it!”

Today Liu Yun Kingdom was exceptionally crowded—the city walls were so packed with people that it was difficult to move around.

“Yuchen, what is going on here?” A soft-spoken voice came from behind the crowd. Some busybody turned around to have a look. After he saw them both, his face changed as he immediately informed the surrounding people of the new arrival.

Quickly, everyone noticed the two approaching people and made a path for them to the city’s wall while they looked on curiously.

Liu Yuchen furrowed his brows. He had no idea what was happening as he held Tan Shuangshuang’s hand and approached the city’s wall.

At a glance, he saw that it was the princess’s notice.

His face darkened.

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