“The first thing you said is ‘I’m not the smuggler.’ This sentence is saying ‘I’m not a stowaway like the person before me.’” The little girl was crying. She constantly shook her head and denied it. Tang Mo said, “In the current situation, there is no doubt that I am the least likely to be a stowaway, followed by him and then him.” Tang Mo pointed to Li Bin and Luo Fengcheng.

He looked up. “However, no one could be sure who is the stowaway. I might be the stowaway. But your first words admitted that the chef who spoke before you isn’t the stowaway. You know that he is definitely not the stowaway. This means you are the stowaway.”

The little girl trembled and wiped her tears. However, no one dared come near her to comfort her.

No matter how weak she looked, she was a killer.

Li Bin nodded. “Yes, I felt there was something wrong with your words. The things that happened in those three days, you remembered the clearest and you could also mention the specific time. You must’ve have made up a lie to be able to speak so smoothly.”

This was very obvious. Once Li Bin pointed it out, the three lost people suddenly realized.

“This is the case! You must be the stowaway! It is terrible.”

The little girl tried to argue. “I didn’t…” But after crying and saying a few words, she seemed to feel it was impossible for someone to believe her and gave up. She stopped talking and kept crying.

Tang Mo ignored the cook’s sigh. He asked, “Mr Luo, do you think this type of guess is correct?”

Luo Fengcheng had been standing to the side and not speaking. Now Tang Mo suddenly shifted the topic to him. “The person who is a stowaway, do we still need to guess? Putting aside other clues, these two points are enough to prove who is the stowaway. I am just curious…who did you kill?”

The group turned their eyes towards the young girl.

Tears continued to fall but the people’s fears didn’t disappear.

In a corner of the underground cave, the big mole was digging while whistling sharply. It pulled out a piece of bloody meat from somewhere and chewed on it while quietly looking at the seven people. The girl shook with fear and couldn’t shed her tears. She looked to Lin Qiao for help. The female university student was still soft-hearted and turned away in order to not look at the young girl.

After a long time, a hoarse voice was heard.

“You are all convinced I am the stowaway? Yes, I killed him but it isn’t murder!” The little girl lowered her head. No one would think she was the poor little girl crying just now. Her voice was as cold as iron. She suddenly raised her head, “How can it be murder? I gave him life. He shouldn’t have survived. He shouldn’t have!”

Her shrill voice echoed through the cave.

At this time, many people remembered. The little girl was very thin and small, but she was 15 years old. She was 15 years old and they couldn’t think she was a naive child because she was small. She was almost ready for adulthood.

Tang Mo frowned with surprise. The answer was completely contrary to his expectations. However, Luo Fengcheng spoke before he could. “You didn’t kill your parents?”

The little girl made a miserable and helpless expression. “How could I kill my parents? They were so good to me. I killed the bastard who should’ve never been born!”

The answer was clear. Even the not so bright chef understood it.

The little girl said coldly, “You said I was lying. In fact, I’m not a liar. Those words didn’t need to be made up. For the past three months, I lived this life. I was stupid and went to meet a friend in Wuhan. As a result, I got a big belly. He didn’t want me and I could only go home. Too long passed and the child couldn’t be destroyed. The doctor said that it was more than seven months and I couldn’t have an abortion. It was possible I would be unable to have a child later and my life could even be at risk. I didn’t want the child at all but my mother didn’t want me to regret it later. I also didn’t want to take the risk. The child would be raised by them. I just needed to give birth to the thing.”

The little girl raised her tear-stained face and looked at everyone present.

“I’m not as smart as you are and I’m not useful. I just wanted to live a good life. I was hospitalized three days ago. The next night, I gave birth to that thing.”

A light flashed in Tang Mo’s head.

In fact, there were two obvious loopholes in the girl’s words.

At one point, she said that her mother didn’t care about the black tower problem and helped her with homework after coming home from work. If her mother really wasn’t afraid of the black today and had time to worry about her daughter’s studies, why would she say ‘Don’t be afraid’ the next night? What was so scary about the black tower? This was a contradiction.

Tang Mo originally thought that the little girl had lied. Now it seemed that the ‘Don’t be afraid’ was about the childbirth. ‘No matter what happens in the future, don’t be afraid. As long as you are good, I’m fine.’ This was saying that as a mother, she would do her best to protect her child and prevent her child from falling into desperation.

The little girl’s expression was fierce but there was a trace of regret and reluctance in her eyes. She spoke firmly. “He was crying that night. I had insomnia and couldn’t hold back…I killed him. I covered his mouth with a pillow and he slowly stopped crying. I killed him but is it really killing? He is my child. I gave him life. Why can’t I take away his life? He shouldn’t even exist!”

Lin Qiao couldn’t help saying, “You gave him life. It was a mistake for you to have him and it is the fault of both you and the child’s father. It has nothing to do with him. No matter what you gave him, he was still qualified to live. You killed him!”

“He was going to ruin my life. I am 15 years old!” The little girl’s eyes were red and sad.

Tang Mo stated lightly, “He was just born.”

The little girl was stunned, silently lowering her head and not talking.

The truth wasn’t what Tang Mo thought. He originally thought the little girl had accidentally killed someone, most likely her parents. Due to her age and innocence, she had no sense of guilt. All her words were a lie. The truth was that the little girl deliberately killed someone and it was her child. She hated the child and wanted him to die. Even if she was exposed, she didn’t feel any guilt.

The cook rubbed his hands together excitedly. “Then we found the stowaway? We don’t have to die? The big mole wants us, not her.”

His words were a bit harsh, causing Li Bin to frown. “Well, she has admitted that she is a stowaway.”

Tang Mo asked, “What is your ability?” Like official players, stowaways had abilities. The little girl was caught by the big mole and almost eaten, yet she didn’t show her ability. Tang Mo thought about it. “Is it related to the flashlight?”

The little girl wiped the tears from her face. “You want to know my ability?”

It wasn’t just Tang Mo. Luo Fengcheng also said, “It should be related to the flashlight.”

The little girl clenched her fingers and suddenly uttered a strange laugh. “Yes, I am a stowaway and you will give me to the big mole. My mother is dead, my father is dead, I am going to die…you don’t want to live!”

In the blink of an eye, a huge match appeared in the little girl’s hand.

Perhaps it was because she just had a child. Despite the ability enhancing her physique, the little girl was still short and thin. The match was almost half her size. She waved the big match and ran towards the crowd. The first one she rushed to was the chef who just gloated about her death.

“I will kill you. If I have to die then you can’t live either!”

The group had previously seen the power of the big match.

After seeing the little girl pull the match out of thin air, everyone was startled. Tang Mo was so surprised that he couldn’t respond for a moment. This match looked exactly the same as Tang Mo’s match. If it was indeed Tang Mo’s match, this match had the power to push the big mole back two steps. They couldn’t compete with its power.

The cook didn’t know about the power of the match because he had been unconscious at the time. He saw the little girl rushing towards him and planned to catch the match with his hand before punching the little girl’s stomach. But his hand hadn’t even touched the little girl’s clothes when the match hit him on the head.


The cook’s head was smashed and started bleeding.

This scene was very familiar. Tang Mo had once used the same method to kill the thief Qian Sankun.

But the cook didn’t die immediately. He fell painfully and his face was soon covered with blood. His body shook and the little girl swung her match to finish him off. However, a dark shadow quickly ran over and caught her big match.

The big mole’s sharp claws held the big match and it couldn’t hide its excitement. “Mosaic’s match? Delicious turkey? Ah black tower, why are you so good to me toady? Sending me a second…”


The big mole’s claws clenched and the match was broken, falling into pieces on the ground.

The big mole froze and stared blankly at the broken match. It was as if the pause button had been pressed on an American cartoon from the last century.

“No! How can Mosaic’s match be broken so easily? This isn’t Mosaic’s match! You lied to me!”

The big mole’s eyes flashed viciously as it turned towards the little girl. The little girl turned pale and took a few steps back. The big mole screamed and as fast as lightning, it smashed the little girl’s head. Her brain matter instantly splashed. The mole grabbed the little girl’s hands, leaned its huge head over and bit the little girl’s face, tearing off a piece of bloody meat.


The female university student was so frightened that she collapsed on the ground and turned away.

The cook was lying in a pool of blood.

Li Wen and Li Bin also didn’t look at the bloody scene. Like the female university student, they turned away.

Tang Mo didn’t watch for more than a few seconds before soon turning away. However, Luo Fengcheng didn’t blink as he stared at the big mole eating the little girl. He was frowning, as if he was thinking of something.

The strong smell of blood filled the cave. Once the sound of swallowing stopped, Tang Mo turned her head. There was a pool of blood on the ground and a few bones lying on the blood, wet with red blood. The big mole took the ribs of the little girl and started to clean its teeth. It pulled the flesh away from its teeth and looked at the remaining people.

Li Wen, Lin Qiao and Li Bin inevitably ran to one side and started vomiting.

Tang Mo endured the strong feeling of nausea and went up to the cook. He was silent for a moment before saying, “He is dead.”

The expressions of the three people changed.

They didn’t expect the cook to be killed by the little girl.

The big mole was full of disdain. “This fake match really isn’t good. If it was the real match, he would be dead the moment he was hit. This liar could only copy 20% of the power. But her ability is actually very interesting. Being able to copy any item seen within 24 hours and it can be used two times a day. Unfortunately, her ability level is too low and she could only copy some useless things. She couldn’t copy Mosaic’s match.”

Tang Mo asked, “Do you know her ability?”

The big mole explained. “I ate her and the black tower told me her abilities. This smelly stowaway, if she could really copy Mosaic’s match then I would’ve considered not eating her. I would’ve asked her to copy the match every day!”

Luo Fengcheng speculated, “Her ability is like this. The flashlight makes sense. She suddenly entered a dark environment and her first thought must be some light. She saw a flashlight in the last 24 hours and copied it.”

Tang Mo nodded in agreement.

From the beginning, Tang Mo had been most suspicious of the young girl.

They were dragged into the tower when it was daylight. Why would a little girl be carrying a flashlight with her in broad daylight? Even if she really had been holding the flashlight in her hand and it came with her into the game, she had fallen down the long tunnel. Tang Mo had been dizzy from all the collisions. Yet the girl held onto the flashlight and didn’t let it go?

This didn’t make any sense.

“Ding dong! Branch task 2 ‘Find the damn stowaway’ has been completed!”

Tang Mo felt like that child’s voice sounded a bit happy. Was it because a stowaway was killed?

Tang Mo couldn’t enjoy winning the game. He looked calmly at the two pools of blood. The cook’s corpse was lying in one pool of blood and was probably cold and stiff now. The little girl only had a few bones left. The big mole was holding one of her rib bones and cleaning its teeth.

In the cave, Li Wen and Lin Qiao were still vomiting.

Tang Mo looked at the two pools of blood in silence before looking up. “You just talked about Mosaic’s match. Is it really so powerful?”

The big mole grinned. “It is hard and the most important thing is that it can cook a very delicious turkey…um…” It just ate a turkey and a stowaway. The big mole was obviously in a very good mood. It rubbed its head. “Oh yes, it isn’t good that I took your match to roast the turkey. Then…I will give you a turkey egg.”

The big mole started digging at the ground. It made two or three big holes, revealing countless white turkey eggs.

“You humans can’t hatch turkeys but the turkey eggs are delicious. I am reluctant but…” The big mole took out a common white egg from the thousands of turkey eggs. Then it passed it to Tang Mo. “Here, eat this egg. Don’t say that I am stingy. This uncle is the kindest and most adorable animal in the underground city.”

Tang Mo, “…”

“Ding dong! Received a prize for the quest: Giant Turkey Egg!”

Tang Mo took the white turkey egg and found that the mole’s fur seemed shinier and it was also a big bigger.

Did eating the stowaway really increase its strength?

There seemed to be a small dark mist next to the mole’s head. Suddenly, the mist was gone. He was probably wrong.

Li Wen wondered, “Ah, we didn’t receive a turkey egg. We didn’t roast the turkey for you but…didn’t we help you find the stowaway? Isn’t there a reward?”

The big mole looked at Li Wen with a sinister smile. “Reward? Yes, I have one.”

The big mole twisted its body, its butt rising into the air. Then it let out a foul and stinky fart.

“The reward is a fart!”

Everyone, “…”

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