“Remember the time. If I don’t see the golden hamster when I come back seven days later, you will be my dinner!”

Grandmother Wolf held her small parasol and slammed the door. Momo watched her leave calmly. After confirming that she had really left, he walked back to the dining room, looked at the pink jar and peered inside it.


He observed it for a while before picking up the jar and walking towards the sofa. He placed the jar on the coffee table.

“If time is synchronized with Earth, it should be December 1st now.” Tang Mo thought about it. “There is a total of seven days. The probability for the first day is too low. For the other six days, as long as the food and person stands in the same hole, there is an 80% chance of catching the golden hamster….the probability is too high.”

Momo looked at the pink jar and whispered to himself, “…The problem is the first day?”

It was now 12:30. There were still five and a half hours until 6 o’clock. Momo first looked around Grandmother Wolf’s house and didn’t find any abnormalities. Then he returned to the soft and took out the hair of an underground person from it. Momo planned to put it in the jar to see if he could get food like Grandmother Wolf said.

He pulled out a strand of hair and moved it towards the jar. His hand was over the mouth of the jar and he was just about to throw it in when Momo suddenly stopped big. His eyes became wide with surprise. “I am Momo?”

Momo’s finger tightened on the slender strand of hair. He threw the hair away as a restless emotion swelled in his heart. He stood up and strode round the room.

“My name is Momo? How can I be Momo? I am called Tang…” His voice trailed off. The handsome young man raised confused eyes and murmured, “Yes, I am called Momo. I really am called Momo. I have always been called Momo, not Tang Mo…”

He stood and a strange thought emerged in his heart. He spoke it aloud. “Momo’s biggest secret is that Momo has secretly loved Victor for a long time.”

Tang Mo walked to Grandmother Wolf’s dressing table and looked at himself in the mirror.

A dark coat, blue jeans and eyes that contained a hint of confusion. Time passed as Tang Mo quietly looked at himself in the mirror. He seemed to be looking at a stranger, but he felt that this person was very familiar. After a long time, he calmed down and said, “Your father or your father!”

Tang Mo raised his hand and pulled out a thin book from the air. He didn’t look at anything else as he turned directly to the last page. He saw on the last page—

[Ability: Your father or your father]


[Momo version usage instructions: The duration is three days and it can be used once every 30 days. After being used, the target will get to see Momo’s most important secret.]

The line of instructions was red and there were three lines of black words underneath. The front of each line had ‘original name’, ‘changed name’ and ‘Momo’s most important secret.’ This was connected with a colon and then the last parts were bolded characters.

[Original Name: Tang Mo]

[Changed Name: Momo]

[Momo’s Most Important Secret: Momo has secretly been in love with Victor for a long time.]

Tang Mo’s gaze was fixed on the names written. His finger rubbed over the four words. He looked at it for a long time and came to a conclusion. “…It is my handwriting.”

‘Your father or your father’ was an ability Tang Mo received in the 10 day preparation period after the black tower gave him notice. It was from a stowaway called Li Shaolin. The stowaway was physically very weak and Tang Mo easily obtained his ability with a sneak attack.

This ability was ‘Your father or your father.’

Tang Mo thought he suffered a big loss when he got this ability. He could only identity one player a day, wasted it on this stowaway and got such a trash ability. After getting this ability, Tang Mo followed the Attack organization to challenge the S-type instances. This was the last ability he obtained.

From his point of view, this ability was trash. After studying it, Tang Mo felt that its biggest role was to make him curse.

The premise of using the ability was to know the name, appearance and date of birth of the target. It could be used once every 30 days and the effect lasted for three days. Once he used the ability, there was a chance to change someone’s name and causality. In other words, as long as the person’s name was successfully changed, in the three days where the ability worked, everyone in the world would think he was called by another name, including himself.

Your father is still your father. As a father, can’t you change your son’s name?

This ability was so wonderful.

It was powerful in a sense.

For example, Tang Mo was now staring at ‘original name: Tang Mo.’ But when he spoke, his words became, “My name is…Momo.”

Despite knowing that he shouldn’t be called this, his level of consciousness had changed. He thought it but called out another name.

This ability seemed powerful because it affected the law of causality. As long as it worked, it couldn’t be reversed. It had an effect on anyone and anything (even Tang Mo’s abilities book called him Momo). But its function was really insane.

After Tang Mo got it, he thought he would never use this ability. Assuming that someone offended him in the future, he could consider changing their name to ‘I am Tang Mo’s son.’ This was probably the only function of the ability. Of course, after using the ability, the renamed target would know Tang Mo’s biggest secret.

Tang Mo wasn’t interested in revealing his secret just to call someone else his son.

But now someone had used this ability and the target was Tang Mo himself.

Tang Mo gazed at the words that were written in his exact handwriting and determined, “I haven’t written these four words. I certainly didn’t write them. But these four words….should be what I wrote.”

There was no point in becoming too entangled in this matter. Tang Mo would be called Momo for the next three days. What he should consider was why he changed his name and why to this name?

“Momo, why did I call myself Momo? Momo, Momo…”

Tang Mo frowned and searched through his memories for something related to Momo.

Suddenly, there was a flash. “Momo, turkey egg…Fu Wenduo?”

A minute later, Tang Mo took out the turkey egg from his pocket and tapped it three times. He asked, “Mr. Fu, are you there?”

Fu Wenduo seemed to have been waiting for him and immediately replied, “Yes, I am Momo…” The voice stopped abruptly. Fu Wenduo was silent for a moment before saying, “I am not calling you Momo. I want to say your name, Momo…”

The sound stopped again.

Tang Mo, “…”

Fu Wenduo, “….”

Fu Wenduo didn’t rush with his journey to Shanghai. He was currently resting in a hotel and planned to go on the road today. Yesterday, Tang Mo said that he might contact Fu Wenduo today. Therefore, Fu Wenduo decided to solve this problem first before dealing with other things. He started at 0 o’clock and waited 13 hours. Once he heard Tang Mo’s voice, he opened his mouth to call the other person’s name but he didn’t know why he ended up saying Momo.

There was no one talking through the turkey egg, only steady breathing.

Tang Mo knew that Fu Wenduo was influenced by the ‘your father or your father’ ability and thought he was Momo. It was impossible to call out his real name for three days. But knowing it was one thing. Having ‘Momo’ called a few times felt strange, almost too intimate.

Tang Mo coughed twice. “I know what you are thinking now. Why am I called Momo?”

“Yes, I feel I shouldn’t be calling you this but my brain is telling me it is your name.”

“This is one of my…props. It can change someone’s name and the effect lasts three days. As long as the prop is used successfully, everyone will feel that the person is called another name for these three days. The change isn’t affected by anything and is imprinted on everyone’s consciousness. It can’t be reversed.” Tang Mo didn’t expose that it was his ability.

Fu Wenduo pondered for a while. “Then this is the method you mentioned yesterday.”

Tang Mo grabbed the keyword. “Yesterday? Mr. Fu, I don’t quite understand what you mean.”

Fu Wenduo looked at the window at the bleak capital and spoke the words he prepared for a long time. “Mo…well, I’ll just say it straight out. First of all, today is December 7th. Four days ago, on December 3rd, you contacted me at 5 o’clock and said there was an emergency. You decided to use the archiver…”

Fu Wenduo spoke clearly and his speed was neither too fast nor two slow, giving Tang Mo time to think. Once he finished talking about what happened on the 3rd, he spoke about what happened yesterday. “Yesterday on December 6th, you contacted me again at 5 o’clock and said you wanted to use the archiver but found it couldn’t’ be used. The you on the 6th didn’t know that you had used the archiver on the 3rd. The archiver is on cooldown and the save function can’t be used. Then you told me…”

Fu Wenduo’s voice was calm and without any emotions, as if he was describing something unrelated to himself. He was very objective about everything he knew. Once he finished explaining, he asked, “Then you don’t remember anything from yesterday or the 3rd?”

Tang Mo was slightly pale. “Yes, I don’t remember anything.”

“What do you think the situation is now?”

Tang Mo thought for a moment before decided to tell the other person about the situation. “I am currently in a tower attack game. The game is very simple. I have to catch a golden hamster in seven days. I have one chance every day, for a total of seven chances. I don’t know how powerful the hamster monsters are. If I encounter the other hamster instead of the golden hamster, will I be killed by it? Suppose I’m not killed by it, after seven days…” Tang Mo paused and said, “Well, today is the 7th so it is the seventh day. The probability that I can’t catch the golden hamster in seven days can be seen as 0. The game is too simple. I never understood where the difficult lay. Perhaps the difficulty is time.”

Fu Wenduo asked, “Time?”

Tang Mo nodded. “Yes. According to what you just said to me, the me on the 6th should’ve calculated two possibilities in a short amount of time. The first is that my memories are hidden by the black tower every day, making me think it is the first day. Since the probability of catching the hamster on the first day is low and the enemy is unknown, I won’t choose to catch the hamster. I will first watch from a distance.” Tang Mo planned to do exactly this before he found out he was renamed. “In these seven days, I will sit on the sidelines every day and not catch the hamster. This will naturally cause the game to fail. I have lost my time.”

Fu Wenduo understood his words but asked, “The second possibility?”

Tang Mo held the turkey egg and went to the window. He looked at the nine dark hamster holes at the foot of the mountain. After a long time, he whispered, “The second possibility…I can’t see it clearly. Perhaps there are more than one me in this game. My memories aren’t hidden. These people are me. But in this way, the probability that I will catch the hamster isn’t 40%. It will become more difficult.”

Fu Wenduo looked at the turkey egg in his hand and listened to Tang Mo’s quiet words.

It felt as if time had returned to yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, he stood in the warm light of the sunset and heard the young man speak firmly to him.

With only 10 minutes left, the young man considered all possible situations and said to him…

“I…I want to ask you a question.”

Fu Wenduo’s low and magnetic voice attracted Tang Mo’s attention, causing him to look down at the turkey egg. “What is it?”

“If you have only one day left in the world, what will be your lucky number?”

Tang Mo initially didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. After a few seconds, his eyes opened wide and the fingers holding the turkey egg slightly shook. He sighed. “I really should believe in myself.”

Fu Wenduo wondered, “You already know the answer?”

“I know.”

Fu Wenduo smiled. “You don’t need me to tell you the correct answer? I feel there will be terrible consequences if the answer you think of is wrong.”

Tang Mo calmly shook his head. “There is no need. If the answer I’m thinking of is wrong then there is no point in you telling me. I am the only one who knows the correct answer and the outcome is still the same. I don’t have a lot of time left. I have to prepare food and then go to the foot of the mountain to check the nine hamster holes.”

“I hope you clear the game.”

“The lowest probability is 40% and the highest probability is 80%. I can pass this game.”

Fu Wenduo declared, “I hope to see you in Shanghai.”

Tang Mo was slightly startled. He didn’t know what he said to Fu Wenduo yesterday before after thinking for a moment, he replied, “Well, if I live then I will see you in Shanghai.”

After the call ended, Tang Mo started to prepare food. He threw the hair from the sofa into the pink jar and got a sweet potato that was like excrement. Then he put the hair from the underground person’s head and still didn’t obtain food. In the end, he took out Mario’s hat, obtained three garbage items from the underground kingdom and exchanged one for a sweet potato.

Tang Mo walked to the table, grabbed one of the seven plates, put the sweet potato on it and walked out to the hamster holes.

He first checked the nine hamster holes and confirmed there were no abnormalities. At 5:55 p.m., Tang Mo held the sweet potato and walked past the first hole, the second hole…and finally arrived at the ninth hole.

He raised his wrist and looked at the time. 5:59 p.m.

Tang Mo took a deep breath and slowly released it. The moment the second hand pointed to the ‘12’, Tang Mo stepped into the hole and placed the sweet potato on the ground. He stood in the middle of the hole and looked calmly at the depths of the dark tunnel.

The sun in Monster Valley suddenly disappeared at 6 o’clock. The cool moonlight shone down on Tang Mo’s hair, making him seem alone and resolute. Tang Mo turned to the left and a big match appeared in his hand. He stared into the depths of the hole, body tense as he waited for something to happen.

No one know how long it took before he heard a dull sound. There seemed to be something huge running from the depths of the tunnel. It slammed against the ground and made the hole shake.

The thing was getting closer and closer.

Tang Mo saw a black shadow. The moonlight only shone three metres into the mean, meaning Tang Mo couldn’t see the colour of the creature.

It could be gold or it could be black.

Tang Mo’s fingers tightened on the big match. Once the creature was about to run into the moonlight, Tang Mo swung the big match, intending to smash the hamster. The match was just about to hit the hamster’s head when Tang Mo stopped his actions.

In the moonlight, a huge hamster shone gold. It looked at Tang Mo in a stupid way. Once it saw that Tang Mo wasn’t going to swing the big match, it moved its small feet and ran to the plate, directly burying its face in the sweet potato. The oil from the sweet potato stuck to the golden hamster’s fur. But it kept using its face to eat the sweet potato as it shook its short tail like a rabbit. It seemed really happy.

Tang Mo looked at the golden hamster constantly eating the sweet potato.

In just a minute, the huge sweet potato was entirely eaten. Once it finished putting the last bit of sweet potato in its mouth, Tang Mo suddenly heard the sound of breaking glass.

The golden hamster and sweet potato residue in front of him became fixed like a picture. The picture started from the centre and there was a small crack. The crack became bigger and bigger, like a spider web spreading over the entire picture. Once the cracks reached a certain level, the whole picture collapsed and the scene hidden behind it was revealed.

Nothing in front of Tang Mo had changed, except for the fact that the giant golden hamster had disappeared and a small hamster with a rounded belly was lying on the ground.

It seemed to sense that something was wrong. The golden hamster moved its paws and ran back into the hole. Tang Mo didn’t let it run. He took out a big pocket he had already prepared and covered the little guy.

The small golden hamster jumped up and down, trying to escape. Tang Mo ruthlessly tied the bag with a rope, placed it in his pocket and walked out of the ninth hole. Before leaving the hole, he turned his head and looked at the sweet potato residue on the ground. Then he went to the other eight holes and examined them one by one.

There was some white powder in the soil of the first hole. Tang Mo hadn’t found this powder when he checked the hole earlier. He knelt on the ground, touch the powder with his fingers and came to a conclusion. “It is powder from the plate.”

He looked back again.

There was plate powder at almost every hole. In the third day, there was a small hole where the dirt was dug up and the fifth hole even had two holes.

After seeing these familiar things, Tang Mo recalled the scene of the golden hamster eating the sweet potato. He pulled out the bag containing the small hamster and said helplessly, “Why do I feel like you are to blame for this mischief?”

The golden hamster started angrily hitting the pouch.

The moment that the picture had broken in front of Tang Mo’s eyes, he obtained all the previous information and memories.

From the moment Grandmother Wolf told him to remember the time and left the cabin, Tang Mo’s time had been controlled. It might’ve been controlled by the black tower or it might’ve been the golden hamster. Tang Mo was inclined to think that all of this was due to the golden hamster.

At noon on December 1st, Grandmother Wolf left the cabin and went to the circus. Tang Mo’s time started to diverge. Just like being saved, someone pressed the save button at this time. Since then, Tang Mo started to unconsciously load the file.

On December 1st, there was only one Tang Mo and he could be called Tang Mo 1. Tang Mo 1 didn’t plan to capture the hamster on the first day. He chose to check the situation from outside the hole in order to learn more information. He casually placed the sweet potato at the fifth hole and saw the black hamster come out to eat the sweet potato.

The first day was over.

The next day, Tang Mo 1 was ready to capture the golden hamster but he didn’t know that Tang Mo 2 appeared. Everything about Tang Mo 2 was exactly the same as Tang Mo 1 a day ago, except that his timeline became December 2nd. He thought that he was the same as Tang Mo 1 and this was the first day to catch the hamster. Thus, he decided to check the situation from outside the hole and put the sweet potato at the third hole.

At 6 o’clock, Tang Mo 1 was attacked by the black hamster at the fifth hole while at the third hole, Tang Mo 2 saw the black hamster come out to eat the sweet potato.

They couldn’t see each other or the other hamster. But once they checked the holes afterwards, they found that there was white powder from the plate at another hole.

At 6 o’clock, the hamster holes were refreshed and the hamster holes of the two Tang Mos were synchronized.

Tang Mo 1 immediately noticed the existence of another player. Tang Mo 2 made the same judgment.

As he thought of this, Tang Mo couldn’t help poking the pouch containing the golden hamster. “I was almost killed by you at that time. What is your ability? Is it related to time? Before 6 o’clock, the holes aren’t synchronized and we can’t see traces of the white powder. But after 6 o’clock, these traces appear… but I know it is useless. You can’t talk about your ability.”

The golden hamster cried out, as if it was expressing its pride.

Yes, every day at noon, a new Tang Mo would appear the moment Grandmother Wolf left the house. The new Tang Mo would think this was the first day to catch the hamster. He would be cautious and choose to not catch the hamster directly. He would certainly observe from outside the hole. After 6 o’clock, he would walk to the holes and discover that other holes also had white power. By then, everything was too late.

Once the memories of all seven Tang Mos combined into one, he walked into Grandmother Wolf’s house and thought, “All of us thought that the other person catching the hamster is myself. This is mainly based on two points. First, this is a single player game. The black tower might conceal information or deliberately have misleading behaviour, but it has never lied to players. Second, all my abilities with a cooldown couldn’t be used. I thought it was because another me had used it and the ability went into cooldown, but it shouldn’t be that simple.”

Tang Mo walked through Grandmother Wolf’s vegetable garden and looked down at the ground. He thought for a long time before coming up with one word. “Priority.”

“On the 1st, I couldn’t use my abilities after 6 o’clock, But I didn’t find out until I noticed the existence of a second person and then I discovered I couldn’t use my abilities. But after from the first me, all other versions of me discovered the existence of a second person on their first day and that we could no longer use abilities. It isn’t because the ability was used and went into cooldown. It is because of the priority.”

Tang Mo frowned and recalled how he entered Monster Valley seven days ago.

“…Did I enter Monster Valley around 6 o’clock in the evening? Well, it is 6 o’clock. So after 6 o’clock, the next me entered the game and is regarded as the latest Tang Mo. They will enjoy the highest priority.”

According to Tang Mo’s analysis, the most likely situation should be that after 6 o’clock, the Tang Mo observing the black hamster lost his priority.

For example, Tang Mo 2. He appeared on December 2nd and placed a plate at the third hole at 6 o’clock. After 6 o’clock, he found the traces of Tang Mo 1’s plate at the fifth hole but was unable to use his abilities at this time. It was because his priority was replaced by Tang Mo 3.

This so-called priority was so that the low priority Tang Mo couldn’t affect the high priority Tang Mo’s actions.

For example, Tang Mo 2 couldn’t use the ‘return my grandfather’ ability because the ability could only be used once a day. Once used, Tang Mo 3 wouldn’t be able to use it. Therefore, the priority prohibited Tang Mo 2 from using it. Earthworm’s Tears was the same. This was a consumable prop. If Tang Mo 2 used it, Tang Mo 3 would be affected.

However, props and abilities like Mario’s hat and the big match had no effect on the priority. It wouldn’t affect the high priority Tang Mo’s use, so it could still be used.

Tang Mo walked into Grandmother Wolf’s house. He placed the golden hamster’s pouch on the sofa and walked to the coffee table. He picked up a piece of advertisement and a newspaper.

Once all seven time and space were merged, the memories of the seven Tang Mos were unified and everything that Tang Mo obtained was restored to the same time and space.

For example, on the 3rd, Tang Mo used Mario’s hat and received a newspaper from the Underground Kingdom. This was written in it.

“The Strange Circus has lost a treasure. The night of surprise is suspected to end early.” Tang Mo read this news headline.

Due to this newspaper, Tang Mo 3 decided to take a risk and catch the golden hamster on the third day. He didn’t know when Grandmother Wolf would come back and had to hurry. Therefore, he told Fu Wenduo he was ‘90% sure the mission would end early’ and opened the archiver.

It was a pity that at 6:01, the priority of the archiver was taken away by Tang Mo 4. The save function failed and Tang Mo 3 came back and discovered there was another person in the game.

The 4th and 5th Tang Mos didn’t find any abnormalities. At 6 o’clock, they observed the black hamster outside the holes. At 6:01, all the holes were synchronized and they found the marks left by the other Tang Mos. They knew there was a problem was this task but they couldn’t use their abilities and couldn’t do anything.

Then on the 6th, Tang Mo got the ‘Invisible Person’s Pocket Watch’ and the Strange Circus advertisement.

The advertisement made him realize this circus might be the big earthworm circus. He didn’t know if the big earthworm fleeing would have an impact on the circus’ activities. At the same time, the ‘Invisible Man’s Pocket Watch’ allowed him to be invisible in the hole. If he really encountered the black hamster, he could survive. Thus, Tang Mo decided to catch the golden hamster on the first day. To be on the safe side, he chose to use the save function.

Then he made contact with Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo claimed that he lost contact with Tang Mo 3 at 6 o’clock and couldn’t contact him afterwards. Tang Mo 6 was worried he would encounter the same problem as Tang Mo 3 after 6 o’clock so he only had 10 minutes to think of a countermeasure.

He decided to use the ‘your father or your father’ ability.

In such an urgent situation, Tang Mo 6 came up with two possibilities. The first was that Tang Mo’s memories were being hidden and there was only one Tang Mo from beginning to end. Once the seventh day arrived, Tang Mo would discover he was renamed and would definitely go to Fu Wenduo. He would get the information that he must catch the hamster from Fu Wenduo.

If it was the second case and there were many Tang Mos in this time and space, they wouldn’t be able to see each other or contact each other. Then using the ‘your father or your father’ ability would change the names of all the Tang Mos. All the Tang Mos would perceive the existence of this ability and discover that there was another Tang Mo using the ability. Then they would realize the secret buried in their heart: Tang Mo has secretly loved Victor for a long time.

Seven days passed. On the 1st, Tang Mo waited for seven days in time and space. On the 2nd, Tang Mo waited for six days….until the 6th, where Tang Mo passed on a last message to Tang Mo 7. Tang Mo 7, who was intertwined in time and space, stood at the 9th hole and didn’t meet the 20% chance of failure. He completed the game.

“I believe in myself.” Tang Mo sat on the sofa and poured himself a cup of tea. “Apart from the me on the 7th, I should’ve discovered the existence of another me. They will find ways to put food in the same hole and stand in it. The problem is knowing which hole to choose.”

“The ability to change my name told the truth to the me on the 7th. On the other hand, it also told the other versions of me who couldn’t use their abilities to connect with each other…”

‘Tang Mo has secretly loved Victor for a long time.’

Tang Mo looked at the water in his cup.

It had been less than a month since the earth went online. But it felt as if many years had passed.

Tang Mo hadn’t thought of that name for a long time. Every day involved life and death and he didn’t have time to think about that person. He said it was a secret love but perhaps it wasn’t. He just knew there was a unique feeling.

Tang Mo didn’t have any secrets.

His parents died early and he had no relatives. He was out of the closet before his parents died and his good brothers knew his sexuality. He didn’t feel that his sexual orientation was a secret that must be kept.

The only secret he had was Victor.

“Victor’s birthday is September 9th…”

He believed in himself. No matter which one he was, all of them would discover the truth. Because he believed in himself, he decisively used the name change ability. In the end, because he believed in himself, he could definitely find out the correct answer from the secret ‘Tang Mo has loved Victor for a long time.’

And the truth was—

“I caught you.” Tang Mo poked the pouch.

The golden hamster was so angry that it tried to bit his finger.

Tang Mo looked at the advertisement and newspaper on the table. Then he took out the ‘Invisible Man’s Pocket Watch’ that had become an ordinary pocket watch. He looked at these three things and his lips curved.

The black tower wouldn’t give dead ends. Whether or not he had Mario’s hat, the black tower would certainly give him these three things through other means. Maybe it would let other monsters on the mountain to give him information or maybe the pocket watch would fall from Grandmother Wolf’s wardrobe. All in all, these three things were sure to appear or the game would almost have no solution.

Tang Mo 3 wouldn’t use the archiver, Tang Mo 6 wouldn’t know the correct time and wouldn’t remind Tang Mo 7.

All of this was inevitable.

Tang Mo drank the water. He was still thinking about the experiences all seven of him went through in the past seven days when he heard singing outside the house.

“The meat of the underground people, the flamingo wine. Eat the meat of the underground people, bite the leg of the underground people. The cumin of Monster Valley, best for roasting the head. My underground granddaughter, who is going to become my meal. Her meat is fragrant and tender, her head is sweet and savory…”

The song was harsh and Tang Mo frowned when he heard it.

The song was getting closer.


The door of the cabin was kicked open. Grandmother Wolf entered the house in a pink dress and holding a small parasol. She carried a pot of wine and a big bag of seasonings. Her green wolf eyes crossed the cabin and landed on Tang Mo. The moment she saw Tang Mo, her eyes filled with greed and hunger.

“My dear granddaughter, you didn’t catch…ahhhhh!!!”

Grandmother Wolf let out a sharp scream as she saw the hamster pouch on the table. She threw the small parasol to the ground, while the seasoning bottles fell down and the contents scattered.

Grandmother Wolf covered her pointed wolf’s mouth and said with disbelief, “How did you capture the golden hamster of time and space?”

Author’s note: Some readers still don’t understand. I promise that games in the future will be a little simpler. In the next chapter, I will reveal why Tang Tang’s game was so difficult.

From the 1st, a new Tang Tang will appear every day.

No. 1 actually has the easiest chance to catch the hamster, but Tang Tang is too cautious and won’t catch it. Every day, there will be a new Tang Tang. This Tang Tang won’t catch the hamster on their ‘first day.’ At 6 o’clock, the hamster hole will refresh and the new Tang Tang will discover the other Tang Tangs. But his priority has already been given to the next Tang Tang and he can’t use his abilities, thus he is unable to alert his next self.

It is impossible for the black tower to allow for no solutions. Thus, No. 3 and No. 6 got clues and it depended on what he does with them. The two Tang Tangs did what they could to catch the hamster and handed the baton to the last Tang Tang. No. 6 reminded all Tang Tangs: the number is 9.

Thus, the 7th Tang Tang was successful and all Tang Tangs blended into one.

Tang Tang believed in himself and every one of them made the best choice, therefore he could clear the game.~ If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.