The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Li Nanli slowly and leisurely rolled up his sleeve. His deep gaze swept across the bright red mole on her collarbone and then shifted to her face with a thoughtful expression.

After a short while, an idea popped into his mind and he licked his lips. He pitched his voice low and said, assaulting Fu Zhi’s ears with his deep, gentle voice, “I’ve been wondering… Is there shyness in the genetic sequence they gave you? Do you feel shy when I look at you like this?”

Lu Nanli was Old Master Li’s grandson. He was also the president of Li Corporation, so Fu Zhi was not surprised that he knew about her identity.

Fu Zhi lifted her eyes and studied Lu Nanli from head to toe.

Then, she opened her mouth and said, emphasizing every syllable that rolled off her tongue, “From a microscopic perspective, you’re made up of different elements, such as hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. From a macroscopic perspective, you consist of different organs such as bone, blood, and skin…”

She paused for a while before frowning and asking hesitantly, “Would you feel shy when facing a pile of organs?”

Li Nanli was stumped.

Fu Zhi picked up her bag from the couch and said sternly, “Your aunt still has class to attend, so she has to go back to school now. Take care of yourself and don’t think so much. You should rest now. Don’t make your grandpa worry about you.”

Li Nanli did not know how to reply.

After saying that, Fu Zhi put her bag on her back and walked toward the door without turning her head back. The white fluffy bunny bag was pressed tightly against her back. The bunny ears would hop up and down with every step she took. It looked adorable.

Li Nanli looked at her back. Just before she exited the room, he unconsciously reached out for the bunny ears.

Fu Zhi felt a tug and stopped in her tracks. She turned her head around and looked at the culprit with a frown.

None of them spoke as they stared at each other in abysmal silence. After a short while, Li Nanli gave in first and shattered the silence. “Zhizhi.”

“You’re grabbing my bunny ears,” Fu Zhi said, pulling a long face. She pulled the bag strap and then corrected Li Nanli. “And please call me Aunt.”

The man’s eyes turned black. He tightened his fingers and clutched at the bunny ears. Then, he chuckled. “When will you come to visit me again, Zhizhi?”

Fu Zhi was left speechless for a bit before she replied, “When there’s an emergency again.”

This time, Li Nanli was left speechless.


The moment Fu Zhi exited the Li Mansion and entered the car, her phone rang.

Old Master Li was calling.

As if he knew they wanted to talk about something, Secretary Liu put the panel down and sectioned the car into two parts.

Fu Zhi leaned comfortably against the seat before answering the call. “Grandpa Li.”


Old Master Li waved his hand at Fu Zhi. There was a big smile on his face as he said, “It’s all thanks to you that Nanli got through this, Zhizhi. I’m indebted to you again.”

“You’re welcome,” Fu Zhi replied in a flat voice.

Even though Fu Zhi appeared to be unenthusiastic, Old Master Li was not affected. He made a few cold jokes and only stopped when Fu Zhi’s face turned even colder. He swallowed a gulp of saliva and went back to the main topic. “What is going on with Nanli? Is it gastrointestinal bleeding?”

“Nope,” Fu Zhi replied coldly. “It has nothing to do with bleeding. He just took the wrong medicine. Do you know about the latest batch of capsules invented by the laboratory?”

Old Master Li nodded.

That batch of capsules had been made from two newly-cultivated Chinese herbs. They were extremely poisonous, and no country had been able to come out with an antidote that could neutralize the poison so far.

Old Master Li’s expression changed. “You mean your Brother Nanli took a capsule by mistake? But I didn’t hear anything about missing capsules in the laboratory…”

“We should take stock again.” Fu Zhi then comforted him. “You don’t have to worry so much. I have extracted some of the toxins in Xiao Li’s body with acupuncture. He should be fine for now, but—” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.