The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

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Yu City, Third Hospital.

There were not many people in the hospital at night, and a group of cardiologists was in front of Madam Lu in the intensive care unit.

The atmosphere changed when Lu Jingqing appeared.

They all looked at them as if a load had been lifted off their shoulders.

There was nothing Bai Yao and Lu Chuwan could do, as they did not have any decision-making power.

Fu Zhi stood beside Xu Wei and looked at them.

As though she had found her pillar, Lu Chuwan approached Xu Wei and wrapped her arm around hers. “You guys are finally here!”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” Xu Wei patted Lu Chuwan’s arm.

Lu Jingqing looked at the doctor with solemn eyes. “How’s my mother?”

Li Funian was the best cardiologist in the Third Hospital. He glanced across the report before saying seriously, “Your mother has awakened, but she is not in good shape. I should also let you know that since your mother’s coronary artery bypass graft surgery was done by the hospital in the Capitol, they would know better than us what post-operative care and treatment she received.”

Lu Jingqing’s expression turned grim. “So are you suggesting that we should transfer my mother to the hospital in the Capitol?”

Another doctor waved his hand and chimed in, “Madam Lu is too old for this process. She might not be able to make it.”

Dr. Li added, “It would be best if you could invite the doctor that performed the surgery over to Yu City, Mr. Lu. If you cannot, we can try our best to help Madam Lu, but I can’t guarantee the outcome.”

All the doctors looked at each other with a serious expression etched on their faces.

Older people tended to be plagued by all sorts of diseases. Madam Lu had a heart problem, not to mention that she was emotionally unstable. The hospital could only try to increase her long-term survival rate, as she would never fully recover.

Bai Yao looked at Lu Jingqing.

After a short bout of contemplation, Lu Jingqing nodded. “I’ll get in touch with the hospital in the Capitol. Meanwhile, I’ll leave my mother in your care, Dr. Li.”

Li Funian nodded and proceeded to issue a prescription for Madam Lu.

The nurse outside the room took the prescription and went to prepare the medicine for Madam Lu.

Fu Zhi was standing outside the room, studying Madam Lu through the window. Initially, there was no expression on her face. However, the moment she heard about the prescription, her brows furrowed and she said, “Considering the patient’s condition, you should be aiming to prevent the coronary arteries from narrowing further. Your treatment plan is too conservative and won’t have any substantive effect.”

The crowd was stunned. They all turned toward the source of the voice and saw a pretty young girl.

Li Funian’s face became severe when he realized he had been questioned by a young girl. He asked in a sharp voice, “Are you doubting me, little girl? Do you know how long I have been a doctor? Do you know how many people I have saved with my medical skills? How could Madam Lu get better if she doesn’t follow my treatment plan?”

He sized up Fu Zhi from head to toe with sharp eyes. The young girl looked pretty but she was rude.

‘Does she think that she can question my treatment plan just because she’s read a few medical books?’

Fu Zhi’s eyes were cold. Just as she was about to say something, Bai Yao interrupted her. “That’s enough, Fu Zhi! Are you a doctor, or is Dr. Li one? You’re just an uneducated and uncivilized kid who came from an orphanage. If you don’t know anything, just keep your mouth shut!”

After saying that, she turned back to Dr. Li and apologized. “Dr. Li, kids from the countryside are all the same. They are a bunch of useless brats who have an exaggerated idea of their own importance. You’re a man with broad horizons, so please don’t mind her and don’t get angry. I’ll leave my mother in your care!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.