The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

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After Fu Zhi and Lu Jingqing got the medicine, they returned to the ward. The moment they pushed the door open, they heard Bai Yao shouting angrily at Xu Wei, “Don’t you know that our mom has high blood sugar and blood pressure? She just came out of the operating room, yet you gave her candy?! What are you up to?”

As she was talking, she snatched the vial from Xu Wei’s hand.

Fu Zhi stopped in her tracks as her eyes fell on Bai Yao. Her delicate face turned dark, and her smile disappeared as though a storm was brewing inside of her.

Bai Yao noticed the changes in Fu Zhi’s expression and involuntarily swallowed a big gulp of saliva when she met Fu Zhi’s gaze. However, she straightened her neck and shouted, “What are you playing at, you muddle-headed, incompetent bungler?”


Upon seeing that a fight was about to break out between her second son and her eldest daughter-in-law, Madam Lu swallowed the candy and shouted, “That’s enough! This is a hospital. Are you not ashamed of your behavior? If you still want to fight, then get out of here. Stop acting devoted in front of me!”

Things would not be good if Madam Lu got angry. She was still holding the company’s shares, so if any of them made her unhappy…

Bai Yao thought for a moment and fell silent instantly.

Lu Jingqing handed the medicine to Madam Lu and said, “The doctor said you shouldn’t get angry, as it’s bad for your health. I have already gotten in touch with the doctor in the Capitol, and they’ve started to schedule you for operation next month.”

Madam Lu did not know whether this was an illusion or the medicine was really effective, but after taking the medicine, she could feel her chest pain subsiding and her energy returning to her.

She turned to Lu Jingqing and admonished him, “I’ll be fine as long as your daughter and your wife behave themselves. Besides, since you have sent Fu Zhi to school, make sure that she learns some manners. How could she argue with a doctor? If anything like this happens again in the future, I’ll send her back to the countryside so that she won’t bring shame to the Lu Family.”

Lu Jingqing’s face turned grim.

Fu Zhi looked at the Chinese medicine that Bai Yao had put on the table but did not say anything.

Madam Lu had to stay in the hospital, so to prevent anything from happening, everyone decided to keep her company for the night.

The ward was quiet, but around midnight, Dr. Li came to the ward with a group of resident doctors. After he took Madam Lu’s blood pressure, he realized something was wrong and his expression changed. He could not help clicking his tongue, making the atmosphere tense up again.

With a worried frown, Bai Yao asked, “Is everything alright, Dr. Li? Is my mom’s condition getting worse?”

Holding the stethoscope, Dr. Li glanced at Madam Lu’s blood pressure and said in confusion, “Madam Lu’s condition hasn’t gotten worse. Instead, it has gotten better…”

“Isn’t that a good thing? It means that your medicine is very effective!”

Lu Chuwan let out a sigh. She suppressed the urge to shoot a furtive glance at Fu Zhi before saying, “Thank you, Dr. Li. I’m sure my grandmother will recover very soon with you as her doctor.”

Dr. Li frowned. “Madam Lu is one of the most serious cases I’ve seen so far, and by right, my prescription should not have worked so soon. Besides, judging from the report, she will recover in no time if she keeps this up… Did you give her any other medication?”

He sounded hesitant, but his question reminded Xu Wei of something. She raised her arms in the air and said excitedly, “The candy… was Chinese medicine! Zhizhi brought her grandmother a vial of Chinese medicine!”

She pointed at the vial beside Bai Yao.

Bai Yao’s expression changed. “What Chinese medicine? What did you feed mom?”

Fu Zhi glanced at her and realized that Bao Yao was going to make a fuss again. Dr. Li crushed the pill inside the vial with his fingers and took a sniff. Then, he said, “It’s just a normal supplement, so there’s nothing to be worried about. This Chinese medicine is harmless, and of course, wouldn’t have any effect on Madam Lu.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.