The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

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Lu Chuwan nodded. She took the vial from Dr. Li’s hand and began studying it meticulously. However, she could not find the manufacture date, address, or the manufacturer’s name.

She knew Fu Zhi was looking at her. Therefore, she walked to the corner of the room and threw the vial into the dustbin. “Grandma’s disease requires an immediate solution, and she will only recover by following the doctor’s treatment plan. This is a brandless product. Not only is it unhygienic, but we also don’t know what it’s made of. Who should be held responsible if grandma’s condition worsens after she consumes your so-called supplement?”

Xu Wei was startled by Lu Wanchu’s actions. “Wanwan!”

“Aunty, I did this for Zhizhi and grandma’s sake,” Lu Chuwan replied sternly. “We should focus on the treatment plan suggested by Dr. Li. After all, he is the top cardiologist at the Third Hospital, and the effect of his treatment plan on grandma stands out from a mile away. I’m sure that grandma will get back on her feet very soon under his care, so I won’t allow anyone to get in his way!”

Compared to Lu Chuwan, Bai Yao was more straightforward. Turning to face Madam Lu, she said, “See, mom? The two of them are the same age. Why are there so many differences between them?”


Lu Chuwan was Madam Lu’s favorite granddaughter. She had nurtured her since a young age with her own hands, so how was there any chance that she would be just like a bumpkin from the countryside?

Madam Lu gave Fu Zhi a sharp look and said, “Did you hear what your cousin said? If you want me to get well soon, then stop giving things like that to me.”

Fu Zhi looked at the vial in the dustbin for a long while before averting her gaze.

She then licked her lips and said plainly, “Sure.”

Even though she sounded as if she had not taken this to heart, Xu Wei could capture the hint of disappointment in her daughter’s voice.

She grabbed Fu Zhi’s hand in a protective gesture. She remembered that there was another vial inside her purse, so she explained, “Mom, Zhizhi was just trying to be helpful…”

However, before she could finish her sentence, Bai Yao interrupted her. “She actually isn’t being helpful at all! She’s just messing things up!”

“We can understand that you feel insecure since you just came from the countryside and you want to prove your worth, but something like this…”

Lu Chuwan said slowly, “It’s fine if you consume it, but grandma is different. She is much more delicate. In any case, you should focus on your studies. Grandma will be fine in the care of a professional doctor.”

Lu Chuwan was about to add something, but Fu Zhi had run out of patience. She looked back at Lu Chuwan, holding her gaze firmly as she said word for word, “I didn’t say anything when you threw the vial into the dustbin because I am not grandma’s doctor. However, you can’t deny the fact that my medication is the reason she’s gotten better.”

Lu Chuwan was tickled pink by Fu Zhi. “We can all judge what is good for grandma. If you want grandma to appreciate your effort, then you’ve got to show what you’re made of instead of trying to fool us all with an ordinary supplement that got exposed in the end. That will bring you nothing but shame.”

“Regardless of whether this is an ordinary supplement or not, it’s a little something from Zhizhi.” Lu Jingqing rose to his feet. He pinched the spot between his brows and pulled Fu Zhi behind him. “Mom, Zhizhi has to go to school tomorrow. Since there’s nothing for her to do here, Weiwei and I will take her home now. We will come to visit you later.”

Before Madam Lu could say anything, Lu Yushen, who had stayed silent the entire time, hastily followed his father and went out of the ward.

Madam Lu felt like she was going to have another heart attack.

The silver lining was that the children of her eldest son were sensible. Lu Chuwan told her, “Don’t get angry, grandma. Don’t worry, if all the doctors in Yu City can’t cure you, I’ll send you to the Capitol or overseas. I’m certain that there is a doctor out there who can nurse you back to health!”

Bai Yao added, “There are quite a lot of famous doctors in the Capitol. I remember that Professor He’s research is all about medicine. If Wanwan’s father can’t find a good doctor, we can have Wanwan ask Professor He to introduce a few famous doctors to us. I’m confident that they can cure your disease!”

Madam Lu believed that Bai Yao was right. She sighed and said, “At the end of the day, your husband is the most devoted amongst his brothers.”

A surge of exhilaration welled in Bai Yao’s heart. She grasped this opportunity and ordered Lu Chuwan, “Wanwan, hurry up and see your uncle and his family off. Make sure you tell him that it was all my fault. I shouldn’t have admonished Zhizhi so much, but he must not resent your grandmother!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.