The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

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With a pen in hand, Su Xing slowly pushed the milk tea to Fu Zhi’s table.

She had bought a rose tapioca pudding not long ago, so it was still cold. Therefore, she had decided to give the milk tea to Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi noticed her action and cocked her head slightly.

However, Su Xing kept her head low and said, “It tastes very good. Try it!”

When she noticed that Fu Zhi did not take the milk tea, she gripped the hem of her cloth nervously and stammered, “I… I will put on a mask tomorrow, so don’t be afraid of me.”

Fu Zhi put her phone on the table and said softly, “What did you say?”

Su Xing’s face turned scarlet. When she raised her head, her eyes were so red they reminded Fu Zhi of a frightened rabbit.

The two of them stared at each other.

The girl had beautiful features. However, a scar ran from the tip of her nose to the roof of her lips, raising the corner of her mouth permanently in a crooked arc. Her face looked just like a badly-photoshopped picture.

Su Xing had been born with a cleft lip. She had undergone several surgeries, yet her condition had not gotten better.

“There is nothing to be afraid of.”

Su Xing was stunned.

Fu Zhi’s voice was as gentle as always. “Let’s pay attention to the class.”

Throughout the entire lesson, the other students still could not recover from the shock caused by Fu Zhi’s appearance.

All of them suffered through the lesson and began discussing this after the class ended.

“Does everyone from the countryside look like her? Fu Zhi’s skin is fair, and she is prettier than Zhou Tingting!”

“Not just Zhou Tingting. She’s got real class. Her face is flawless, and her waist is really thin! She could easily trounce all the girls in the school if they all participated in a beauty pageant!”

Many people were staring at Fu Zhi, who was playing with her phone.

She took a sip of the milk tea and her eyes lit up. Before she could ask Su Xing where she had bought the milk tea, a girl walked past her and suddenly exclaimed in a dramatic manner, “Fu Zhi, you’re wearing the same shoes as Zhou Tingting!”

Everyone turned and looked at Fu Zhi and Zhou Tingting.

Zhou Tingting was the most beautiful girl in Class 21. She had a pretty face and was also a popular figure in the school, second only to Lu Chuwan.

Zhou Tingting turned to look at Fu Zhi’s shoes with her brows slightly furrowed.

Most of the girls wanted their belongings to be unique.

Her best friend, Tian Nuo, saw Zhou Tingting’s expression. As if she could read her mind, she raised her voice and said, “Are you blind, Yin Xirui? Tingting’s shoes were given to her by Lu Yumo. They were custom-fitted by Kimorty, so there is no way a local girl like Fu Zhi would have the same shoes.

“Bumpkins will always be bumpkins. After seeing how beautiful the world is, she has forgotten who she truly is. She thought that she could become a city dweller by buying counterfeit shoes. Hah, what a narcissist.”

“She should just look at herself in a mirror. Doesn’t she know that not every peasant that puts on the feathers of a peacock can become a phoenix?”

Tian Nuo raised her voice, drawing everyone’s attention to Fu Zhi’s feet. A custom-fitted piece from Kimorty was not cheap. Even though Fu Zhi’s shoes had the Kimorty logo on them, aside from the design, the color and texture were slightly different from the ones Zhou Tingting was wearing.

Everyone began to see Fu Zhi’s true colors.

“Country bumpkins are all the same. They are disappointing. There is no way she can be compared to Zhou Tingting.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. She deliberately went to buy counterfeit shoes, thinking that she could stand on the same level as us. Didn’t she know that it would only make her stoop even lower?”

“She only has good looks, but she lacks real worth. Not only is she a vain person, but she also suffers from self-delusion. I wonder who allowed her to join our class?”

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