The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

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Li Nanli and Fu Zhi were the only ones left in the ward.

Li Nanli did not say anything else. He slowly got up from his bed, and it was only then that Fu Zhi had a chance to see his full size. He was tall, and his legs were long. After he got out of bed, he sauntered toward the window.

The window frame divided his slender figure into numerous pieces. As he kept his head low, his gaze scanned Fu Zhi and stopped at the red mole on her collarbone.

He raised his brows.

There was no expression on the young girl’s face. Her face was so small that he believed he could hold it with one palm. Even though she was not wearing any make-up, her beauty was breathtaking.

Her almond-shaped eyes were watery, and her skin was fair.

It matched perfectly the soft white ball in his memory.

There was an emotion in his eyes that Fu Zhi could not recognize while he was staring at her. After a few seconds, he curled his lips up and said, drawing out his vowels affectionately, “Zhizhi.”

The two of them were half a meter apart.

As she held Li Nanli’s gaze, Fu Zhi frowned.

He was half-leaning against the window and he was wearing a white shirt that Fu Zhi believed was tailor-made. The buttons were buttoned all the way up to his neck. His appearance was clean, and there was an air of elegance about him.


Fu Zhi pressed her lips together and said, “Call me Aunt.”

She was not taking advantage of him or anything. It was just that Old Master Li’s identity was special. He had given his genetic sequence to Laboratory 927 for them to merge it into the first three generations of test products.

However, the first three generations of test products had all been defective.

Thus, the country had prohibited Old Master Li from providing his genetic sequence during Fu Zhi’s creation.

Old Master Li had not been happy about that. He had thrown a tantrum in Laboratory 927, but nobody had cared about him. In the end, he had come up with an idea and taken a back seat.

He would not provide his genetic sequence anymore, but he would join the research.

He had worked with a group of professors and created Fu Zhi. Therefore, in Fu Zhi’s mind, Old Master Li was her half-father.

After a few seconds, she added in a cold voice, “You shouldn’t call me that. You’re too rude.”

Li Nanli fell silent. He stared at her for a couple of seconds straight as an indescribable feeling flashed across his dark, deep-set eyes.

Then, he remembered Laboratory 927. Pressing his lips into a fine line, he asked, “How do you address my grandfather?”

Fu Zhi replied, “Grandpa Li.”

Li Nanli glanced across her serious face out of the corners of his eyes and said in a low voice, “Zhizhi, I call him grandpa too—”

“It’s not the same.” Fu Zhi interrupted him.

Old Master Li was getting on in years and was not good-looking. Even though Fu Zhi refused to call him, she still respected him in her heart.

She said, “Never mind how I address him. It’s not important. I have my own way of addressing him. As for you, you should do your part and treat me respectfully.”

Li Nanli did not know how to reply.

After a short while, he licked his lips and looked at Fu Zhi with twinkling eyes. “Zhizhi, how do you want me to show you my respect?”

Fu Zhi replied seriously, stressing each of her words, “First, you shouldn’t call me by my name. Second, you should call me Aunt.”

He nodded and chuckled before saying, “Alright. I’ll listen to everything you say, Zhizhi.”

Fu Zhi pulled a long face. “Aunt.”

Li Nanli replied, “Alright, Zhizhi.”

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