The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

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The sky the next day was overcast, and a cold blast ravaged the entire city.

After the teacher went out of the classroom, Su Xing handed Fu Zhi another cup of milk tea with a bright smile etched on her face.

“This is matcha green milk tea. It tastes really nice,” she explained. Her voice was soothing to the ears. “I’ll bring you a strawberry slushie tomorrow.”

Fu Zhi’s eyes glowed when she saw the cup of milk tea.

A couple of students in the classroom were watching her.

She lowered her gaze, and her delicately-arranged eyelashes fluttered down to hide her eyes. After a short while, she said softly, “Thank you.”

Su Xing’s face blushed as she shook her head.

Soon, Fu Zhi pulled a vial out of her bag. “This is my gift to you.”

Su Xing asked, “What is this?”

Fu Zhi took a sip of milk tea. “It’s a Chinese medicine. It’s very effective in removing scars.”

“Can it remove the scar on my face?” Su Xing asked.

Fu Zhi nodded.

Su Xing’s eyes lit up. “Wow! This is so awesome! I’m resistant to anesthetics, so my mom made an appointment with Sun Sanzhen in the Capitol. She said acupuncture might help remove the scar on my face…”

Fu Zhi frowned and said, “There is no way acupuncture could help remove the scar on your face. Even though acupuncture could stimulate local blood circulation, it’s not very useful when it comes to removing scars.”

Tian Nuo had been eavesdropping on their conversation all along. The moment she heard what Fu Zhi said, she let out a cold sneer and said, “Hah! People nowadays really have an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities. Sun Sanzhen is one of the most famous veteran Chinese medicine practitioners in China. The Four Ways and Eight Acupuncture Manipulation that he created is so great that its competence is recognized even on a global level, yet you are saying that your medicine is more effective than his acupuncture skill? Why don’t you say you’re his master?”

Fu Zhi pressed her lips and nodded. “I’m really his master.” Sun Sanzhen and He Ming came from the same batch, and both of them were the worst students that she had ever had.

Tian Nuo was stumped. She looked at Fu Zhi as if she was looking at an idiot. Doctors had been in the Sun Family for many generations, and even though Chinese medicine had already gone downhill, the Sun Family was like the evergreen tree of the Chinese medicine sector. They were still standing even to this day.

Would Sun Sanzhen let Fu Zhi become his master?

‘Is she out of her mind?’

Tian Nuo rolled her eyes at Fu Zhi and sneered, “You’re such a clout chaser. Why don’t you say that you’re the one who invented the Four Ways and Eight Acupuncture Manipulation, you shameless rat?”

Fu Zhi replied, “Yeah, I’m the one who invented it.”

Su Xing cried out in surprise. She looked at Fu Zhi in admiration, like a fangirl that had just met her idol. “Zhizhi, you’re really awesome!”

Tian Nuo froze.

She was certain that Fu Zhi was making fun of her, but why would the girl beside her believe her to this extent?

‘Doesn’t she feel that she’s being a little too trusting?’

As Tian Nuo was immersed in her own thoughts, Su Xing added, “Zhizhi, your gift is too precious. I really don’t know how to pay you back… Ah, how about this? From this day onward, I’ll bring you a cup of milk tea every day. What do you think?”

Tian Nuo was left even more speechless.

‘Why would you still want to buy her milk tea? She’s just messing with you, you f*cking idiot!’

Just as Tian Nuo was about to say something, Ma Mingquan entered the classroom and waved at Fu Zhi. “Fu Zhi, please come out with me.”

Fu Zhi rose to her feet and followed Ma Mingquan.

Ma Mingquan looked at her and his eyes turned red around the rims. He handed a leave of absence letter to her and said, “Don’t be too sad, Fu Zhi. Everyone is destined to die. You can go home now and see your grandfather.”

No.1 High School had a lot of rules, and students were usually not allowed to go home in the middle of the class except for weddings or funerals.

Fu Zhi was confused when Ma Mingquan started crying, but the scale soon fell before her eyes.

The Li Family was there.

She nodded. She then looked at Ma Mingquan, who was busy wiping tears off his face while handing tissue paper to her and asking her to cry her heart out. She took the leave of absence letter from his hand expressionlessly. Just before she left, she patted Ma Mingquan’s shoulder and comforted him. “It’s not a big deal, so don’t cry anymore. Don’t take it to heart. We should let the deceased rest in peace while we move on.”

Ma Mingquan was confused.

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