The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

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There were a few neatly-arranged comprehensive science papers on the desk in the office of the director of senior students of No.1 High School.

Sitting next to the papers was a spectacled middle-aged man in a well-pressed suit and leather shoes.

Not far away from him stood a woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties. She was dressed nicely and she looked sharp and professional.

She was the physics teacher and the class teacher of senior year class 1, Qian Wenrui.

“You called me, Director Liu?” She did not beat around the bush. She cut to the chase the moment she stepped into the office.

Director Liu pointed at Fu Zhi, who was beside him, and said, “Mrs. Qian, I couldn’t inform you in time, as this was a little unexpected. Anyway, let me introduce you to the new transfer student. Her name is Fu Zhi. I’d like to put her in your class so that you can help look after her.”

Qian Wenrui followed Director Liu’s finger and assessed Fu Zhi’s personality with a single glance.

‘Colored contact lenses, pierced ears, short skirt. Not a good student.’

She raised one of her brows slightly and said calmly, “Where are the tests that she took during the admission examination?”

“Ah, about that… We made an exemption for Fu Zhi so she hasn’t taken the admission examination yet. However, I assure you that she is a good girl. We shouldn’t give up on any potential students that are worth nurturing…”

Director Liu scratched his head with some guilty haste as he shot a significant look at Fu Zhi. “Mrs. Qian is the best physics teacher at our school. Hurry up and say hello to her.”

Fu Zhi was standing right behind Director Liu. Director Liu weighed more than 160 pounds and looked just like a human meat wall in front of Fu Zhi.

“No matter how good a teacher is, his or her reputation can be spoiled by bad students. I can’t gauge her academic performance if she doesn’t take the examination, so I don’t know if she will fit into my class or not,” said Qian Wenrui indifferently. Then, without waiting for Fu Zhi to say anything, she picked up a comprehensive science paper from Director Liu’s table.

“However, since Director Liu has already made this decision, there is nothing I can do about it. Nevertheless, as the class teacher, I need to roughly estimate my student’s academic performance.”

Qian Wenrui did not make the situation too awkward, and her attitude was within sensible limits. “You try and finish this physics paper. I’ll take a look at it afterward. Is that okay with you?”

Director Liu let out a sigh, as Qian Wenrui had not outright declined to let Fu Zhi join her class. He hastily went forward and assented, “No problem! Come over here, Fu Zhi. You can fill in the paper in my seat.”

This paper was the latest national examination paper sample, and No.1 High School usually used it as a test paper for the admission examination.

Since the questions were tougher, Qian Wenrui gave Fu Zhi 40 minutes to focus on the physics part of the test.

She took a seat on the bench and rubbed her upset stomach. As she talked to Director Liu, she observed Fu Zhi out of the corner of her eyes.

Even though she did not have a good impression of her, as a good teacher, she was trying not to judge a student based on their appearance.

However, Fu Zhi kept flipping through the paper back and forth…

Just as Qian Wenrui, who was frowning, was about to say something, she saw Fu Zhi put her pen down and stand up from the chair. She handed the paper to her and said, “I’m done.” This announcement stunned both Qian Wenrui and Director Liu.

‘Hold on a second. What did she say? She… She is done with the paper?’

Director Liu was so shocked that he forgot about the tea in his hand. He knew Fu Zhi did not do very well academically, but he had not expected her mindset to be this bad.

“You are done? Are you not going to try any more?”

Even though her eldest brother had always cheated in his exams, he at the very least tried. Little had Director Liu expected that she would be even worse than her eldest brother.

Fu Zhi nodded. “No. I’m done.”

‘Alright, that’s it. I guess I was right about her.’

Qian Wenrui snorted. She flipped the paper and the first question that appeared before her eyes was a biology question.

All the biology questions and chemistry questions had been answered with a black pen.

‘She didn’t know the answer, so she tried to make up the numbers?’

Qian Wenrui smacked her lips. Just as she was about to throw the paper back at Fu Zhi, she noticed something. As far as the physics section was concerned, Fu Zhi had answered all the multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions correctly… If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.