The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!

Chapter 16: “What do you mean by ‘explain what’s going on between you and Fi-god?’”

Swinging back and forth his arm that was sore from being dragged, Ji Zhiyao spoke with slight sarcasm, first squinting towards the direction where the mid-laner, then looking back at the W.J. battleteam who was obviously gloating in their misfortune. “Let’s end it here. Let them leave with the regret of a draw.”


“No objections.”

“Nothing much to say.” The top-laner had a bitter smile. “I haven’t even had the chance to fight, yet I was immediately sentenced to death. But it’s for the better too. Now I can lie to myself that I am someone who had a 50:50 chance of winning against a professional battleteam.”

Ji Zhiyao laughed and clapped his shoulder.

Four of them stood up together, and in the face of W.J.’s battleteam’s complicated expressions, they simply summarized the situation for the emcee and then left without looking back.

Behind their backs, they could vaguely hear someone calling out for them exasperatedly, but none of them paid any attention.

It was almost 1 pm when he reached home. Ji Zhiyao had not eaten, already starving until he could feel his chest touch his back.

His parents were both at work, and Ji Qingge, preparing to be a slow sparrow making an early start, had signed up for tuition classes for next year’s national exams. Other than instant noodles, there was nothing much to eat at home.

Ji Zhiyao ordered a portion of takeaway and then turned on the electric kettle, tearing open a bowl of instant noodles.

In the few minutes of waiting for the water to boil, he found two turkey sausages inside the refrigerator and ate one while cutting the other. Throwing the cut-up sausages into the bowl, he saw that the water was boiling.

Ji Zhiyao cooked the noodles. In just a few minutes, he had scarfed down a bowl of noodles that were neither soft nor hard.

By the time he finished cleaning up, the takeaway had arrived too.

Facing a container of fresh and aromatic spicy crayfish, Ji Zhiyao put his phone on a stand and opened the livestream app before putting on a pair of plastic gloves.

He was shocked when he first entered the app.

There was actually a full thirty thousand audiences waiting in the streaming room.

Turning on the livestream was a spur-of-the-moment decision for him. Meant to just accumulate some time, he did not announce it on Weibo either.

“I’m not playing games today, doing an eating livestream to just pass time.” Finishing his sentence, Ji Zhiyao realized that the number of people online did not drop but instead continued to increase, and he was naturally dazed. “You guys like to watch me eat?”

[QAQ Whatever MelonRind does I like it all! You’re the cutest when you do an eating livestream and chatting~]

[Eat eat eat, all you know to do is eat.]

[I quietly glanced at my ten dollar lunchbox before me, finding it a little dull and tasteless.]

[This place’s spicy crayfish looks good.]

“Of course it’s good. It’s the place with the best food in this entire area.”

Ji Zhiyao savored the crayfish while picking out some comments to reply to. He was more than happy, and the fans also enjoyed looking at his lips that had turned dark red from the spices.

With something so attractive right before the screen, how could one bear to not look?

Yet, Ji Zhiyao was completely unaware. He quickly threw the shells he had peeled into the trash bin, and when he looked up again, his eyes caught a comment very different from the rest.

“What do you mean ‘explain what is going on between you and Fi-god~ I’m itching to know?’ Me and Fi-god? Just the relationship of once being gaming opponents. What else could there be?”

Ji Zhiyao frowned slightly and ate another crayfish in confusion.

Was his Weibo post this morning unclear?

In the next second, he almost jumped out of his seat.

[Stop speaking nonsense. If there was nothing, why would Fi-god repost and reply to your Weibo post?]

[MelonRind, did you not realize that you have another new fan called ‘Mix.FiV’ on your Weibo?]

[Just silently watching you act.]


Ji Zhiyao dropped the crayfish in his hand and even caused the sauce to splatter onto his screen because he was too agitated. Right after that, the livestream status changed directly to ‘the broadcaster is not home.’ If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.