The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!

Chapter 33: Ji Zhiyao plays very well, don’t be fooled by him.

Ji Zhiyao loosened his fists that were tightly clenched from being excited earlier and sent a string of words on the open chat.

[IHaveABigDarling: Master, did I play well just now?]

He replied: [Well played! Excellent!]

[IHaveABigDarling: Yesterday, I watched my uncle play. He told me that it was too dangerous to move right in in such situations and that I should learn to make use of techniques and the help of my teammates. I tried to do that, and it turned out to be pretty useful.]

Taught by Fi-god?

Ji Zhiyao’s hands that were on the keyboard were slightly lifted and placed below his chin.

Perhaps, the next time he encountered such a situation, he could also consider…

A match ended, the little disciple went to bed. Ji Zhiyao turned off the game and also closed the livestream room that was still filling with comments. Resting with a hand beneath his chin and his eyes lazily drooping down, it was very obvious that he was pondering over a question.

He was thinking of the possibility of changing something like the little details of handling.

Although Fi-god and he did not play the same position, things such as teamwork did not have anything to do with what position one played in the first place.

Ji Zhiyao maintained the position for over ten minutes with Yang Bing behind him. Hearing that it was all quiet on his side, he finally dared to move over. “Old Ji, I haven’t asked you. You said you were a gaming broadcaster. What game? Is it Heroes?”

Ji Zhiyao came back to his senses. “Yes.”

“Let’s play together someday. When I first played Heroes, I’d always wanted to be a professional player. Unfortunately, I’m too lousy, and even till now, I’m only at Master rank. Since you are able to livestream, you must play well. Help me help me.”

Ji Zhiyao saw Yang Bing’s hands rubbing together in excitement and said intentionally, “Being a gaming broadcaster doesn’t mean I am very good. I have more females fans than male fans, probably because I’m quite good-looking.”

Yang Bing’s face was a deep purplish-red, similar to broiled eggplant, from holding back. “… Sorry for disturbing.”

The other two people in the dorm followed with laughter. Wen Heng could not help and said quietly, “Ji Zhiyao plays very well, don’t let him fool you.”

“Old Ji!”

“I was just joking, joking.” Ji Zhiyao patted Yang Bing’s shoulder. “Let me know whenever you want to play, I’ll fly with you anytime.”

Yang Bing was then satisfied.

As they had been unpacking the whole day, everyone was rather exhausted and stopped playing around, took turns to wash up in the bathroom, and prepared to go to sleep.

Mix battleteam’s base.

Mo Huaifeng logged out of his alternate account. His expression was lazy as he walked to the refrigerator to grab a drink.

The only thing left out of all the things that the domestic lady had sent this morning was carbonated drinks, causing Mo Huaifeng to feel a little troubled when he opened the refrigerator and saw the last can of Coke. He silently looked at the drinks section, then picked up the Coke, closed the refrigerator, and sat back before the computer as he drank.

The support, Nuo, looked up from his game, curiously gazing at Mo Huaifeng’s other hand that was empty. “Captain, where’s my drink? Your support is very overwhelmed right now, and he is in dire need of a bottle of iced cola to sustain his life.”

“This is the last one. If you want to drink, go out and get it yourself.” Mo Huaifeng placed the half-drunk can in front, put on his ear-mic with a whole ‘I am going to start playing and whoever disturbs me is looking for death’ manner, totally inhumane. Nuo did not dare to vocalize his anger and was too lazy to head out. Thus, he opened the takeaway app and ordered twenty cups of iced Coke.”

The time was already 11 pm, and to professional players like that, the night life had just begun.

K, Xiao, and Heng in a team formed a 3v3 combination, gaming while livestreaming, having a merry time. Whenever it came to the end of the month, Mix battleteam was always so. Whoever made it so that they had signed a contract with the livestream app and had to reach a fixed 30 hours of livestream duration each month, if the duration was not fulfilled, their pay would be deducted. Yet, usually everyone would be very relaxed, and no one would be willing to log into the livestream room if it was not the end of the month. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.