K: “Pal, you’re really arrogant.”

Ji Zhiyao: “Not that bad, I feel that I’m just carrying out my duties as a jungler.”

Xiao: “How have I sinned to be blind enough to see you as my fan at the start?”

Few of them were mocking each other to their heart’s content and suddenly heard a cold voice. “The automatic countdown is almost ending, and you guys are still not entering the match? Each of you waiting to be banned from rank games?”

Nuo: “… Captain, I was wronged. I didn’t say anything.”

Mo Huaifeng: “Shut up.”

Due to the team dictator, Mo Huaifeng’s flaunting his power, the remaining four people sealed their mouths tight. In the tens of seconds before they entered the match, they fully portrayed what was known as ‘deathly silent.’

However, that broke down once the match began.

Nuo: “Hey, let me take a look at the opponents… these alternate accounts look quite familiar, do they belong to the Tall Boots battleteam?”

Mo Huaifeng: “The entire team of Tall Boots.”

K: “We’re doomed, we’re doomed. I somehow have an ominous feeling. I’m afraid we might lose this.”

Xiao: “There’s no way out. The jungler is too unprofessional. 99% chance we will lose this, and the remaining 1% is considering that the opponents may be amazing friends and decide to specially send us some warmth.”

Ji Zhiyao: “Forget it. At least I know how to play a jungle, what position are you, as jungler and part-time mid-laner, in to comment on me?”

Nuo: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m f*cking dying of laughter, I can laugh at this part-time joke for a year.”

Xiao: “Screw you!”

Ji Zhiyao was grinning as he finished off the blue buff, calling out before he headed for the right half of the jungle. “Fi-god.”

Mo Huaifeng looked to him. “?”

“Look at my champion.”

Mo Huaifeng turned to look at the assassin in black flying between bushes on the screen, and after a little while, he seemed to understand. “Handling is not bad, very smooth.”

“Not that. I wanted to tell you, today I chose the assassin in black, so you should not use the ‘almost transparent’ excuse to take my red buff anymore. I won’t believe it.”


Ji Zhiyao, after warning Mo Huaifeng, was in an exceptionally good mood. Especially after taking a wave of the red buff, he was in his happiest mood.

Yet, he did not expect that the moment he turned back, he was killed by the Tall Boots jungler hiding in the bushes.

While not too far away from him, Mo Huaifeng was peacefully killing minions the whole time, pretending he hadn’t seen anything.

Ji Zhiyao: “Wait, Fi-god, why did you not warn me that the opponents came to counter-jungle?”

Mo Huaifeng’s reply was succinct. “Blind.”

Ji Zhiyao: “… Screw you.”

In such a merry atmosphere, they lived up to expectations and lost the match after holding up for an hour.

Xiao rubbed his wrist. “I guessed we would lose. I said to surrender much earlier, but you guys wouldn’t. My hand hurts so much.”

Ji Zhiyao leaned closer to look at his wrist, and it was indeed very red and swollen. It was a rather startling sight, and he became a little worried. “Brother Xiao, are you okay?”

“Acts up a lot recently. In a while, there will be a physiotherapist coming to the base to help support my treatment, so it’s not a big problem.”

“That’s good.”

Meanwhile, Mo Huaifeng brought back six bottles of yogurt drinks from the refrigerator and placed it on the table, one for each person. Xiao and the rest just grabbed and drank just like they were used to it. Ji Zhiyao picked up the yogurt drink and said, “Thanks, Fi-god.”

Mo Huaifeng paused in his action of twisting the cap with unusually good-looking eyebrows. “You don’t have to call me Fi-god.”

“Huh?” Ji Zhiyao looked up and asked, “Then what do I call you?”

Nuo interrupted. “Call him Captain!”

“I don’t belong to Mix battleteam, so it’s not appropriate to call him Captain.” Ji Zhiyao smiled, and the two moderate-size eyebags under his eyes became very obvious.

Mo Huaifeng placed his gaze on his eyebags and then looked away after a moment. “You can just call me by my name.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.