The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 24: Being Single Serves You Right

His partner shot him a glare and silently cursed, “Idiot!”

The man was aggrieved. Wasn’t he just trying to help relieve Qiao Yanjue’s burden?

His partner was speechless. How could someone be so stupid? How could he not see what was really going on?

1Looking at Qiao Yanjue, who was holding Xia Xibei in his arms, he seemed completely different from his usual ruthless self!

Besides, this was the first time a girl had ever gotten so close to him.

Although Qiao Yanjue was good-looking and was the idol of many girls, there weren’t many who dared go near him.

He wouldn’t be nice just because they were girls.

Quite opposite to that, his cold attitude and violence had made lots of girls cry.

Worse still, he was a clean freak!

3He would despise girls just because they wore perfume!

That was why he was still single at the age of twenty-four!

Even Huo Zijun was looking at Qiao Yanjue. “Have you fallen in love?”

1They had been good friends for many years. Sure enough, he knew Qiao Yanjue’s character much better than his subordinates.

He was a guy that was destined to be alone!

However, he was holding a little girl and refusing to let her go right now. That was very surprising.

He had never even treated Li Weiyun that way, a friend whom they grew up with.

Qiao Yanjue glowered at him. “What nonsense are you talking about? Save the patient first!”

Xia Xibei was so pained that she stopped being self-conscioushad lost her consciousness;, she had forgotten about being in Qiao Yanjue’s arms. All she could do was try her best to fight the pain.

It had been many years since she last experienced such pain; she had forgotten all about it.

She was devastated to be experiencing this all over again now.

“Bring her in then,” Huo Zijun instructed while pointing at the back.

The next moment, he saw a scene that made his jaw drop in awe.

Qiao Yanjue lifted Xia Xibei off her feet and carried her!

—As though she was a princess!

“Hold on!”

Huo Zijun shouted, but he then the next found, he noticed a streak of redness on Qiao Yanjue’s abdomen.

“Goodness!” Huo Zijun slapped his forehead. Speechless, he asked, “Have you any idea about your own condition?”

Qiao Yanjue was shot previously. Although the bullet had been removed and his life wasn’t at risk, he still shouldn’t be using much force for the time being!

And look, his wound had just been torn open!


The others panicked right away; one by one, they stepped forth.

“Get out of my way!”

Qiao Yanjue said with a stern, cold face. He forgot about his own injury indeed, but it was a critical time. Did they expect him to hand Xia Xibei over?

They exchanged puzzled glances, but made way for him as ordered.

Qiao Yanjue walked off in wide strides with Xia Xibei in his arms.

Huo Zijun followed behind him; he couldn’t help but shake his head and mumble softly, “Yet you said you have fallen in love, being single serves you right!”

1However, he didn’t plan to keep dwelling on the problem.

So what if Qiao Yanjue had fallen in love? Xia Xibei was just an ordinary girl; how long could his feelings last?

1Even if they really got together, it wouldn’t last long.

The difference between them was like the Great Rift Valley.

There was a room behind the herb store, and there was a bed in the room.

Qiao Yanjue placed Xia Xibei on the bed. “Go ahead.”

“Let me help you with your wound first…”

“No need, it’s no big deal. Treat her first!” Qiao Yanjue refused.

Huo Zijun shot him a glare and had no choice but to treat Xia Xibei first.

Right when he was about to prescribe medications, he saw Xia Xibei opening her eyes.

“Help me… cook some herbs.”

Then, she listed the names of all the herbs that were needed.

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