The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 39: Shame On Them

Looking at his wife’s fierce, unbridled countenance, he had to fight back the urge to pass out right where he was!

This was just too embarrassing!

“You’d better let go of our student!” the dean shouted, anxious and furious. “Who on earth are you?!”

Their school was quite a strict one, outsiders not allowed to enter the premises, especially during classes.

Teacher Zhang stepped forward and looked at Mr. Yang with an awkward look on his face. “She is the parent of a student from my class,” he answered, “and the wife of Mr. Yang here.”

Everyone turned to Mr. Yang at once, all their eyes shooting him looks that made him feel rather helpless.

“Let go of her! What are you even trying to do!”

Mr. Yang couldn’t put up with it any longer, starting to yell at Mrs. Yang. He had never felt so embarrassed before, but he was utterly ashamed today!

“It was all this little b*tch’s fault! She seduced our Xuan Xuan, and even asked him to borrow money for her! 20,000 yuan!”

When she mentioned the sum of money, Mrs. Yang became even more agitated.

“I did not!” Jin Yazhen grappled with Mrs. Yang’s hand, which was clutching her hair, and screamed, “Let go of me!”

As they looked on at Jin Yazhen’s pathetic, battered countenance, all the students of Third Class were shocked and baffled. The nearby students couldn’t help but inquire about the details of the situation, and soon, they all got to understand what had happened.

Everyone looked at Jin Yazhen with complicated feelings in their eyes.

“You’d better let go of her!”

Mr. Yang couldn’t stand it anymore, dashing forward in an attempt to drag his wife away.

“I’m not letting go! She has to return the money! It was her who spent the money, of course she’s the one who has to pay it back!” Mrs. Yang refused to budge on the topic.

If she let her go, Jin Yazhen would run away! It was 20,000 yuan that they were owed! Her heart ached at the mere thought of it!

“I said let go!” Mr. Yang was even more furious now, slapping Mrs. Yang’s face in an attempt to make her see reason. “Are you insane?!”

With a pow, Mrs. Yang was startled for a moment, then completely stupefied.

“How dare you hit me?! I’m all out for a fight!”

3Mrs. Yang finally loosened her grip on Jin Yazhen, pouncing towards Mr. Yang instead, appearing extremely furious.

Very soon, both husband and wife were caught up in a scuffle.

Jin Yazhen finally escaped the grip of the demon’s claws, in a completely wretched state as fat tears fell from her eyes.

As they watched the fight continue between the husband and wife, the looks on the faces of both the dean and the teachers turned worse and worse.

5Very soon, squad cars arrived. Only then did the couple come to their senses.

Shame on them!

3The pair were taken away by the police but talk regarding the matter was far from over.

Especially for Jin Yazhen, who was wishing she could bury herself deep in the ground!

Mrs. Yang was a mad woman! Why would Yang Xuan even have a mother like her?

Other students were trying to comfort her, but they were more curious about the secrets of the matter and couldn’t wait to gossip about it.

It was all too exciting!

Meanwhile, Yang Xuan was finally spotted.

“Yang Xuan, was that your parents who were fighting just now?”

His face turned flushed upon hearing that, all of his blood rushing to her face. He had to grind his teeth to keep from doing something he’d regret.

“Your parents were incredible, having the guts to fight on school grounds! But is it true that you are in a relationship with Jin Yazhen? And you even borrowed 20,000 yuan? Didn’t you say that your family was rich? Why would you even need to borrow 20,000? You…”

“Shut the hell up!” Yang Xuan screamed with rage, his face hideous and his eyes ferocious.

His schoolmates were frightened, watching in a mixture of fear and confusion as he dashed out.

Soon enough, Yang Xuan found Xia Xibei. His boiling rage had cooled down by the time he saw her.

He took in a deep breath and started the voice recorder on his phone, only then walking up to Xia Xibei.

“Come over here! I need to talk to you about something!”

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