The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 43: We’re Recruiting Trainees

Zhong Hong Street was at the heart of all the commerce. There were numerous large-scale companies in the vicinity, many of which were entertainment companies.

Events were held often here, and people went in droves, star scouts searching for suitable youngsters in the area to join the entertainment industry.

Previously, a boy from a neighboring school had been scouted, becoming a celebrity. He wasn’t very famous, but it was exciting enough for the students.

Song Jiaren was familiar with this gossip, and although she never had such unrealistic dreams herself, she was envious of those people, nonetheless.

And right now, the man standing before Xia Qinghan fit the bill of what the others had described a star scout to look like.

She took two steps closer to them, finally able to hear their conversation more clearly.

“Are you really a star scout?” the girl beside Xia Qinghan asked in shock and suspicion.

“Of course!” The man smiled confidently, continuing, “I am one of the top managers of SY Entertainment, Pan Yan. If you don’t believe me, you could always follow me to my company and have a look around.” As he spoke, he pointed in a specific direction.

“I believe you,” Xia Qinghan finally said slowly, “I know someone from SY Entertainment.”

The other two girls looked at her in envy and admiration. She was amazing, even having connections with people from an entertainment company!

Xia Qinghan wore a polite smile, but she enjoyed the looks that people were giving her, basking in their attention.

“Really?” Pan Yan voiced his surprise, “Who?”

“Bai Meixue.”

“You know Bai Meixue?!”

Before Pan Yan could get in a word, the two girls shrieked in delight, exclaiming in union, “My goodness! You know her!”

Bai Meixue was an actress who would be turning 40 soon, but looked as if she was just over 30, all thanks to her meticulous skincare routine.

Aside from that, she had pretty substantial popularity. She had been the main female lead of various modern dramas a few years back but had taken on the big screen in the past few years, both with pretty good results.

She was a well-known celebrity to the people of the nation, and a goddess in the eyes of many.

In the meantime, she was head of all the female celebrities in SY Entertainment.

“She’s an auntie of mine, she treats me well.”

Xia Qinghan responded in a reserved manner, but she couldn’t hide the delight and pride shining behind her eyes.

Pan Yan was taken aback as well, never having expected this little girl to know Bai Meixue.

“Why didn’t you talk about this before?” Liu Zhijing grumbled on her left, “Even we didn’t know that!”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Xia Qinghan replied calmly with a smile, “I can’t just go around telling people that we know each other, now can I? That would not be appropriate.”

“Aiya, that’s too low-key!” Liu Zhijing pouted. “If I knew a celebrity as big as her, I would be boasting about it left and right, to everyone I knew and everywhere I go!!”

“Right! Right!” On her other side, Tao Yueying joined in, “I’m so envious of you! You score well on all the exams, you have good looks, and you know such a famous celebrity… You’re good at whatever you do, and you have everything you could ask for. You’re winning in life! I’m dying of envy!”

As she took in the undisguised envy on their faces, Xia Qinghan felt joyful and rejuvenated, but masked it all behind serene words, “Aiya, it’s not something worth talking about. You shouldn’t tell anyone else either. I prefer to keep a low profile.”

“Aiya, we know that!” the two replied in girlish tones, clutching onto her hands.

Pan Yan kept a straight face as he watched the little girls boasting and flattering among themselves. It was okay for them to have a sense of pride and vanity, as long as they didn’t go overboard.

“Miss, I think you would fit within the entertainment industry very well. We are recruiting trainees now, if you are interested?”


“Why would our Qinghan even need any training? She could debut right away with her current capabilities!” Liu Zhijing retorted. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.