The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 47: Red Flowers and Green Leaves

Song Jiaren was not the only one who noticed Pan Yan’s behavior. Xia Qinghan and others had also seen the scene play.

Despite her smile, Xia Qinghan was filled with hatred as she gritted her teeth.

Pan Yan had been so enthusiastic about Xia Xibei, even taking the initiative to add her contact information…When she compared this with his indifference to her, she felt as if her face had been stepped on!

Among the three girls, Liu Zhijing was the first to recognize Xia Xibei’s identity.

After the shock wore off, her eyes turned bloodthirsty.

Xia Xibei, who usually looked so pathetic and weak, had been discovered by a scout who promised to make her a star? Was this a joke?!

So, she made a sarcastic comment, even letting out a cold snort when Xia Xibei looked over.

“Don’t think that just because you have a cute face, you can be a star! You should wait and see if you have that blessing… It’d be awful if you failed very badly!”

Xia Qinghan’s eyes flickered with concern, tugging on Liu Zhijing’s hand to make her stop saying such things.

However, her effort was pretty weak, as she didn’t really want to stop those words from flowing out.

“Well, she’s gorgeous! When you’re pretty, you can do whatever you want!”

To their surprise, Song Jiaren had spoken up.

She looked at the three of them mockingly and said with disdain, “Whose fault is it that some people just aren’t pretty enough? Do you feel envy, jealousy, hatred?! It will only make you uglier! You can’t get these things with envy, no matter how hard you try!”


Song Jiaren had made Liu Zhijing really angry.

However, thinking of Jiaren Song’s reputation at school, Liu Zhijing didn’t dare confront her head-on. Who knew if this girl would go crazy?

“Hah! Some people are so stupid, they don’t know when they have become green leaves!” Liu Zhijing could only spit these words out with exasperation at the lack of someone’s failure.

Xia Xibei was already pretty. When Song Jiaren stood next to her, the contrast became even stronger.

“Aren’t you too confident in yourself?” Xia Xibei finally spoke, looking her up and down. “You are both green leaves, and green leaves with full marks at that. Where did you get the courage to say those words?”

Liu Zhijing’s expression changed as soon as she heard those words.

Green leaves with full marks? Was she really ugly?!

Xia Qinghan’s smile had also stiffened.

Liu Zhijing had an ordinary appearance. Her only advantage over Song Jiaren was that she was very thin.

But no matter how thin she was, when she stood beside Xia Qinghan, she was just a green leaf.

“Some girls have very good ideas. At least they know they need to find a few green leaves to make themselves seem better,” Xia Xibei said while looking at Xia Qinghan, dragging Tao Yueying into the argument too.

Xia Qinghan’s smile disappeared. “Hey classmate, did I offend you?”

Xia Xibei shrugged and smiled innocently, “What, did I say something?”

Turning to look at Song Jiaren, she asked, “Did I say something just now?”

“Yeah, did you say anything? I guess some dogs barked first.”

Song Jia knew which side to stand on. She had to stand by Xia Xibei’s side, at least before finding out if Xia Xibei had deceived her.

Moreover, she still liked Xia Xibei more than the fake Xia Qinghan. At least Xia Xibei looked soothing. The two of them had come out together, so she couldn’t let Xia Xibei be bullied.

Liu Zhijing’s face flushed when she heard herself being called a dog, but she did not dare to get angry at Song Jiaren, only able to turn her muzzle towards Xia Xibei.

“Some people only have a nice face, but their own parents don’t even like them. So how good can they really be?” Liu Zhijing’s hissed, eyes full of malice.

“Oh? Not liked by her parents?” Tao Yueying spoke up. Her face was full of curiosity. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.