Liu Zhijing’s rage increased uncontrollably when she saw Xia Xibei’s calm expression.

How could a person whose parents didn’t care for or love her be this proud? So what if she had a pretty face? Did she have the talent? Did she have strength? Could she handle all the pressure and corruption of the entertainment industry?

Xia Xibei clearly wasn’t angered by Liu Zhijing’s vicious smile.

In fact, they were connected in a way.

Liu Zhijing’s father was the older brother of Xia Xibei’s father’s current wife, which meant Xia Songhai was Liu Zhijing’s uncle.

The two of them had seen each other at Xia Songhai’s wedding. Back then, they were both young. They didn’t make contact again until high school, but Liu Zhijing had never liked Xia Xibei.

In the past, Liu Zhijing felt that Xia Xibei was timid and easy to bully. Her aunt had always hated Xia Xibei’s existence, so Liu Zhijing hated her too.

And there was another unknown connection between them.

Considering all of this, Liu Zhijing was very upset at seeing Xia Xibei being favored by Pan Yan.

“Some people have been treated like a burden by their parents ever since they were young. I don’t even know what to say about this kind of person!”

Tao Yueying agreed, echoing, “A burden? What do you mean?”

“Just unliked and unloved. Almost tossed into the garbage recycling bin as garbage!” Liu Zhijing crowed, showing a malevolent smile.

“Really? Like garbage?”

“Of course! She was treated like a jinx! Her parents divorced because of her!”

“Whoa, a jinx?!” Tao Yueying was adding fuel to the fire, paving the way for Liu Zhijing to reveal more details about Xia Xibei.

“Yes, otherwise her parents wouldn’t have divorced! Neither of them wanted her after the divorce either…”

Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying continued to talk back and forth, looking at Xia Xibei as if she was garbage.

Xia Qinghan’s heart surged with pride as she listened to their words. Even if Xia Xibei was favored by Pan Yan, how could she compare to her? They were on completely different levels.

Her parents despised her, and she was treated like a jinx… How dare she be a star?!


Song Jiaren was angered by their words.

How could these people be so shameless!

Could an innocent child like Xia Xibei control something like a divorce?

Song Jiaren didn’t know much about Xia Xibei’s life story until now, but she couldn’t help feeling sorry for her.

Before she could speak up, however, she was stopped by Xia Xibei.

Song Jiaren turned around to look back at her, shaking a little bit. Xia Xibei’s gaze was calm, but it made one feel cold inside.

Liu Zhijing was smug, seeing that Xia Xibei was about to talk. She hadn’t said anything wrong, so had nothing to worry about!

Xia Xibei showed a wicked smile, slowly speaking, “According to Article X of our country’s Law on the Protection of Minors, abandoning a young, ill, or incapable minor is a crime of abandonment. Those who committed such a heinous crime shall be sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of no more than two years…”

Xia Xibei’s words made Liu Zhijing’s eyes get bigger and bigger, just as she was beginning to feel a little flustered.

What could she possibly mean?

“When I was eight years old, my parents gave up on raising me. If I were to sue them, they would be in jail now.” Xia Xibei’s smile deepened, “I used to think that no matter what had happened, they were my parents, so i should forgive and forget. I didn’t want to make such a big fuss. But now that you’ve reminded me, I should ask them for alimony!”

“Who… who reminded you! What are you going on about!” Liu Zhijing widened her eyes in fear.

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