The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 14: Killing The Cobra. Her Unusualness


The dark grey cobra slid out of the bushes slowly and stood up in threat. Its hood expanded while it hissed.

Yun Jian squinted as she pulled Lu Feiyan behind her quietly.

The cobra’s head was up, it was prepared to attack.

“Xiao Jian! You… you…” Lu Feiyan was both touched and worried when she was pulled back; crying out, “Be careful…” Yun Jian became the one facing the cobra directly.

One must not run or at least run in a straight line when facing a snake because the snake would chase after you like that.

2Yuan Yingjun and his clique who were farther back were frozen in fright. They neither dared move in the pavilion nor breathe heavily, terrified that the cobra would notice them.

The majority of people innately feared snakes.

In addition, this was a cobra. An actual venomous snake! One would die once if bitten.

When Yuan Yingjun and the others saw how Yun Jian pulled Lu Feiyan behind to protect her, their eyes widened in astonishment. They then saw Yun Jian training her gaze on the cobra in full alertness.

Was she planning to fight the venomous cobra alone?

Just thinking about the possibility was enough to give one goosebumps.

The snake slithered, its head bobbing up and down. Even if it were professional snake catchers, they would require tools to be able to catch the snakes. How could a person catch one with just their bare hands?

1As Yuan Yingjun and his clique inspected the situation, they felt a looming sense of danger, imagining Yun Jian might be bitten in the next second. Then, the cobra suddenly moved toward Yun Jian.

Its coiled body stretched in the next moment and shot toward Yun Jian, attacking whoever was the nearest straight line target.

“No! Xiao Jian!”

Lu Feiyan screamed with a sob, witnessing Yun Jian replace her as the cobra’s target. Just as she was about to push Yun Jian away, instinctively wanting to take the strike for her friend, a baffling scene unfolded before them all…

1Yun Jian’s lips were tugged in an upward angle as she stood tall in front of the cobra watching it draw itself back before springing toward her.

She stretched her arms simultaneously.

It was like she knew the next direction of the cobra’s attack as her hands swung.

Yun Jian’s hand had precisely choked the cobra’s neck at a speed that the human eyes could not perceive. She prevented the snake from biting her while her other hand swiftly moved to the weakest point of the cobra, exactly seven inches down where its heart was and clenched it without mercy.

The cobra struggled in a frenzy before it was shortly squeezed to death by Yun Jian.

Yun Jian had just grabbed the venomous snake with her bare hands and clasped it to death!

Her movements were simple but they evoked various emotions in those watching.

That was a highly venomous snake! Yet it was killed by Yun Jian in a direct confrontation!

In addition, Yun Jian’s swift actions demonstrated she had undergone countless practice.

Even when she had killed a venomous serpent, her gaze showed no fear.

How could an ordinary student possess such skill and ability? – Even an adult would be shocked frozen in encountering a venomous snake.

Yun Jian, however, had killed it without batting an eye!

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