“I’m back. You’ve waited so long!” said Si Mobai.

The dungeon was dark and damp. The stench of rotten bodies hung in the air. Chains clanked in the wind, crying out for someone to shackle. Ah! Ah! Ah! cried the chains, sending shivers down your spine like a vengeful ghost seeking souls.

A bloodied figure sat in a dimly lit corner. With her limbs chained and head hanging low, her face was not visible. Only a skinless, bloody chin. Blood dripped to the ground, drop by drop.

A handsome man stood in front of her in lavish clothes. Beside him, an unrivaled beauty in a white dress held a piece of bloody human skin, a stark and ironic contrast to her pure, fairy-like aura.

“Why?” asked the bloodied figure hoarsely, her tone indistinguishable.

Why did he deceive her? Why did he drain her blood? Why did he dig up her bones and peel off her skin? Why?!

“It’s because Ya’er is the one I love. Because of your exceptional talent for enlightenment, your blood is medicine for her illness. You’re a good-for-nothing, and your existence is a stumbling block to her future.”

“Jiang Ying!” the bloodied figure raised her head and shrieked harrowingly. His words broke her heart.

“Jiang Ying, I have something to say to Shen Qingdai,” said the fairy-like Shen Yunya, her voice clear as crystalline streams.

Jiang Ying glanced with disgust at the bloodied figure, then looked at Shen Yunya with eyes as gentle as water. “Be careful of her. Mad dogs bite, and their bites are poisonous.”

Shen Yunya nodded slightly, and Jiang Ying left. Now, only Shen Yunya and the bloody chained-up Shen Qingdai remained in the dungeon. She raised her head to look at the bloodied figure and lifted her lips into her usual innocent smile. She shook the human skin in her hands and asked, “Shen Qingdai, how do you feel about being deboned and skinned alive by the man you love?”

“Shen Yunya, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Shen Yunya ignored Shen Qingdai’s threats. She replied with her sweet, clear voice, “You and your brother Jiang Ying are merely my steppingstones. Your beloved Jiang Ying will give his life for me, like the lowest of lowlifes. And Jin, who loves you the most, will marry me. We will have children of our own.”

“It’s all thanks to you that I reached the Earth Supreme stage. My father would also like to thank you for handing over the Shen Clan Seal, as well as the Shen Clan’s treasures.”

“I almost forgot to tell you. My father’s an accomplice in your Uncle and Aunt’s murders. All this while, you thought your father was the killer. Qingdai, how can you still face Uncle and Aunt in the afterlife?”

Upon hearing the truth of her parents’ deaths, Shen Qingdai couldn’t even scream. She widened her eyes and stared at Shen Yunya in disbelief.

Shen Yunya fingered the piece of human skin in her hands, peeled from Shen Qingdai’s face, and examined her bloody, mushy, and skinless face. She flashed an innocent smile and said, “Big brother Jin loves you, his sister, the most. To fulfill his wishes, I will brew a soup with the bone from your kneecaps, and use your porcelain skin as dumpling skin, and…”

Shen Yunya suddenly stabbed a finger into each of Shen Qingdai’s eyes, and with a slight hook, gouged out both her eyeballs.

Arghh! Shen Qingdai screamed excruciatingly, and the metal chains clanked louder as she struggled.

“…and your eyes, so full of spirit, I’ll make dumpling filling with them. When the bowl of piping hot dumplings is ready, I’ll serve it to your brother, Jin…” Shen Yunya wrapped the two eyeballs in the skin she’d cut from Shen Qingdai’s face. “Jin will lose all ability to love you in this life.”

“I will never let the two of you go, even as a ghost. I’ll haunt you in my next life, and every life after. You will both die a horrible death in every reincarnation.” At that moment, Shen Qingdai forgot about all the pain and only felt the vengeance growing deep within her soul.

“Don’t worry. I will not let you become a vengeful ghost, and I won’t let you go to the afterlife with a spirit full of hatred.” Shen Yunya moved her finger slightly and slashed Shen Qingdai’s throat. “Instead, I’ll watch your soul dissipate into nothingness.”

Fresh blood spurted out of her slit throat. Shen Qingdai glared at Shen Yunya with the two bloody pits where her eyes had been. She was a fierce ghost intent on dragging Shen Yunya and the rest of her enemies into the pits of hell. “Your lives are mine.” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.