Si Rong’s eyes narrowed sinisterly, like the irises of a snake. He clenched his teeth and snarled, “She loved me for years. Everything she did today was to pique my interest, so she will come for sure.”

Si Rong recalled Feng Tianlan’s declaration that she wouldn’t want to eat with dogs. His cheeks burned as if someone had slapped him, and his eyes blazed spitfire like he wanted to burn Feng Tianlan to a crisp with one look.

“Big Brother Rong, have you got an idea?” Feng Xiuyu asked, heeding his fury. This time, Feng Tianlan surely shot herself in the foot. How stupid, trying to attract Big Brother Rong’s attention with this idiotic plan!

Si Rong hummed byway of confirmation then said, “Get some rest. I’ll bring you to the show later, once I’ve finished all the preparations.”

“Okay,” she answered docilely.

Feng Xiuyu’s complacency pleased Si Rong. He liked this side of her the most: arrogant and overbearing in front of outsiders, but sweet and mild as a little sparrow in private with him.

Meanwhile, at the Fragrance Restaurant…

What had happened earlier that day at the battle ring had spread like wildfire all over South Peace City. That haughty, genius young lady had been whipped over and over again by Miss Good-for-nothing. Anyway, this matter generated much heat and hype. Everyone looked at her in awe and pointed to her as a role model for their kids. It’s okay if you’re hopeless now, you can make a comeback someday.

At the same time, everyone was most concerned about Feng Tianlan’s dinner with the Third Prince that night. They wanted to see if the Third Prince would change his mind and give up on the annulment, and how the new Feng Tianlan would treat the Third Prince after her comeback. All in all, they simply felt that this dinner would be filled with drama. As a result, not only was the Fragrance Restaurant fully booked, the restaurant directly opposite was also packed to the rafters. Even the food stalls in the streets were jammed.

Within a hundred-mile radius, the area was packed with idlers who couldn’t wait for the drama and buffoonery. On New Year’s Eve, the streets were less crowded. Anticipating the cataclysm, someone in the crowd shouted, “The Third Prince is here!”

Word quickly spread, and the people, who had been pushing into each other, automatically made way. Everyone peered expectantly at the luxurious horse carriage, guessing if Feng Tianlan would emerge. Too many people had come, so their bodies squished heavily into each other, essentially blocking off the route. The carriage could not enter, so they stopped about a hundred miles away.

Feng Xiuyu lifted the curtain and frowned slightly when she heard the commotion outside. “So many?” she murmured. It’s only a dinner, yet so many people came. Has my influence grown this much? This doesn’t seem like good news.

Si Rong looked at the sea of people outside and scoffed coldly, “These were my instructions. Feng Tianlan’s gonna embarrass herself. So, of course, the larger the audience, the better.” He’d ordered his servants to rouse the people. At least half of the crowd had come at his instigation, all to watch this rare show, which might not happen again, even in one hundred years.

Feng Xiuyu couldn’t help but feel excited. “Oh?” She was also curious about Si Rong’s plan to shame Feng Tianlan.

“To make the event hotter, I’ve invited many more. A dinner date? Nothing of that sort.”

Most importantly, all these witnesses ensured that the news about what was about to happen would spread far and wide. By then, Si Rong could foresee Feng Tianlan being so ashamed that she’d destroyed her reputation that she lost her will to live. Who knows? he thought. She might even hang herself with her belt. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.