The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 22: Who’s the Feng Clan’s Real Master?

Chuling’s legs turned to jelly. She almost bowed to kneel again, but Feng Tianlan propped her up so tightly that she couldn’t. Panic filled her face as she comprehended how furious the Master truly was.

Feng Xiang saw Feng Tianlan’s rigid and tall stature, like unbending bamboo. The air of arrogance and indifference she exuded, the flash of contempt and mockery in her gaze, all of it pierced his eyes like needles. She looks just like his late wife! Fear rose in Feng Xiang’s heart.

He ordered coldly, “Begin the clan punishment!” The moment he gave the order, a servant came in with an iron rod. He raised it, then brought it down toward Feng Tianlan’s calf, skillfully and without hesitation. It was obviously not his first time. He clearly did not regard Feng Tianlan as his Master.

Chuling tried to push her lady away and block the blow with her own body. However, before she could move, Feng Tianlan pulled her aside and managed to dodge the rod.

Instantly, the iron rod came at them again. Feng Tianlan loosened Chuling. She raised her hand, pulled out her whip, and wrapped it around the iron bar. With a loud clank, the iron bar was flung away and landed at Feng Xiang’s feet.

Feng Xiang stared wide-eyed at Feng Tianlan wielding the soft, red whip. He watched as she wrapped it around the servant’s neck. There was a forceful tug, then a crack was heard…

The severed head fell to the floor and rolled forward. It moved straight toward Xu Jiayi before finally stopping at her feet. The lifeless eyes, grievous and vengeful, bore into Xu Jiayi, chilling her to the bones. She raised her feet and kicked the head away. The headless body collapsed to the ground with a crash. Bright red blood seeped into the cracks of the bricks and stones. Xu Jiayi pointed her finger, and her bright red nails shone.

“Men! Capture her. I’d like to see just how powerful this good-for-nothing can be!” she commanded angrily.

It was the same whip Feng Tianlan had used to injure her Yu’er. That d*mned b*tch!

Around seven or eight servants, who’d been stationed outside, all poured in. With iron rods in their hands, they began to attack Feng Tianlan.

Chuling paled at the horde of attackers but stepped forward without thinking and exclaimed, “Run quickly, Miss! I can hold them back.”

“Stay behind me and don’t stray far.”

Feng Tianlan pulled Chuling over to the side. She raised the soft whip in her hand, wrapping it around another servant’s neck. A forceful tug and second head rolled before the poor fool could say a word.

“Today, I’ll make sure that you guys know who the Feng Clan’s real Master is.”

Crack! Crack! Crack! Again and again, the soft red whip cut through the air. With each fall of the whip, a head rolled off its neck. Soon, all the servants were dead except one. Looking at the decapitated bodies all around him, he tried to flee in horror. But just as he reached the door, something tightened around his neck. Snap! His head was severed before he could even scream.

Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi were stunned. Within a blink of an eye, the small, soft whip harvested seven or eight lives like the Grim Reaper’s scythe. She’d chopped off their heads like they were cabbages.

Feng Tianlan watched the last man fall. Then, she turned around and shot an icy glare at Xu Jiayi. She raised the soft whip in her hand and swept it toward Xu Jiayi…


Feng Xiang snapped awake at the clear, sharp crack of the whip. He pushed out his palm, and out came a fierce, ruthless force.

“Miss!” Chuling threw herself in front of Feng Tianlan. “Ah!”

Bam! Feng Tianlan and Chuling flew from the impact of the forceful palm wind. They crashed heavily into the wall and fell on the ground. Puu! Puu! They both coughed up mouthfuls of blood. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.