The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 23: You Don’t Deserve To Be Called “Father”

“Wicked daughter! To think that you would try to kill your mother. Today, I will deliver justice on behalf of the heavens and rid the world of your wickedness!” Feng Xiang exclaimed.

He stood up and walked over to Feng Tianlan. He raised his hand and swiftly brought his palm down toward her head. Feng Tianlan shot him an icy glare and snapped sharply, “I’d like to see you try!”

Feng Tianlan’s piercingly fierce gaze subdued Feng Xiang, and he stopped. His large palm hovered less than an inch from her; a few centimeters more, and her head would have been blown open.

“Sir, she tried to kill me. Don’t forget that she’s the one who disfigured Yu’er!” Xu Jiayi exclaimed. Seeing Feng Xiang halt, a flash of disappointment shot past Xu Jiayi’s eyes. Nevertheless, she continued to fan the flames.

Feng Tianlan held Chuling in her arms and sneered coldly at Feng Xiang, whose palm was still slightly twitching. “If you no longer need the Feng Clan,” she hissed, “then kill me.”

Feng Xiang looked at that face oh-so-similar to his late wife’s, although Feng Tianlan’s domineering aura was scarier, not to mention her words. All these things were holding him back from destroying her. The Feng Clan! Without Feng Tianlan, the sole direct descendant of the Feng bloodline, Feng Xiang would lose his current status as nobility, even if he still carried the Feng name. Furthermore, he would be stripped of the name Feng. Whatever he was his would be gone with the wind! The Feng Clan was vital to the South Winds Nation in unique ways unbeknownst to others.

Feng Tianlan suppressed the agonizing pain in her chest as she arduously hoisted Chuling into a bridal carry. She glared coldly with her phoenix-like eyes and said, “Remember this. You, Tu Xiang, have nothing to do with the Feng name and clan. I will snatch everything you stole from my mother, one by one, a thousand-fold!!”

“You…” Feng Xiang was stunned for a moment before exploding, “Atrocious! Is that how you talk to your father?”

His wicked daughter had called him directly by his real name, not Feng Xiang, but Tu Xiang. The Tu name was the thorn in his heart!

“You don’t deserve to be called ‘Father’!” Feng Tianlan exclaimed.

She looked scornfully at Feng Xiang, who was about to hit her but stopped his fist in mid-air. She sneered and held Chuling tightly in her arms. Even though every part of her body screamed in pain, she left with her backbone as straight and unbending as proud bamboo.

Feng Xiang put down his hand and looked at Feng Tianlan’s tall, lithe figure. Even though she looked like a gust of wind might break her, the mere view of her back struck fear in his heart. For some reason, he felt like his life would be destroyed at her hands.

“Sir.” Xu Jiayi walked around the severed heads and gently moved to Feng Xiang’s side. Her voice was indignant. “Are you letting her off just like that?”

“I still need her alive!” Feng Xiang snarled. As the Feng Clan’s only direct descendant, she was still useful. He could not allow her to die like this.

Xu Jiayi frowned and replied, scornfully, “Why do you care so much? It’s only the Feng Clan.”

“You know nothing.”

Feng Xiang glared at Xu Jiayi. The Feng Clan was not so simple as it seemed. There was something deeper waiting for him to uncover. He believed that, once he found it, he would advance to a higher level. Perhaps, he could become as powerful as the emperor—or even stronger!

“But then, wouldn’t Yu’er have suffered for nothing? Yu’er received more than a dozen whiplashes, and her face is still covered with blisters. Will the Third Prince still want her?”

Xu Jiayi’s heart panged painfully when she thought of the injuries to her daughter’s face. She could hardly contain her hatred for Feng Tianlan.

Feng Xiang snorted. “You can do whatever you want after she annuls her engagement with the Third Prince. As for now, just leave her be!” If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.