“Chuling, what happened?”

Chuling was the only maid Feng Tianlan had ever known. She’d bought Chuling as a child. Since then, Chuling had always protected Feng Tianlan whenever they were bullied, even if it meant being injured continuously. Chuling had been extremely loyal to her.

“Miss Luo’s fighting with Third Miss right now in the battle ring, the battle ring that leads to death!”

Chuling filled her in on the details as they ran. When Chuling saw Feng Tianlan beaten to the brink of death, she’d gone to Miss Luo for help. When Miss Luo arrived, Feng Tianlan had been lying unconscious on the bed. After they’d dressed her wounds, the enraged Miss Luo had charged out to settle the score with Feng Xiuyu, vowing that she would kill her future brother-in-law’s shameless seductress. All of these events had led them to today’s fight in the battle ring.

After hearing about what was going on, Feng Tianlan ignored the ache pulsing throughout her entire body and quickened her footsteps. Luo Yunzhu, the “Miss Luo” whom Chuling was talking about, was her former soul’s best friend. She’d been the only one who’d befriended Feng Tianlan while everyone else was bullying her, even if it meant offending others. She’d always protected her like an elder sister, despite being a year younger.

The moment they arrived at the Martial Training Square, Feng Tianlan saw a red-clad figure slammed onto the ground below the battle ring, sending spurs of dust into the air.

“Luo Yunzhu, for the Dean’s sake, I’ll only injure you this time. However, if you continue to run your mouth and smear my name, don’t blame me if, next time, I go all out.”

Feng Tianlan quickly rushed over and helped Luo Yunzhu up. “Yunzhu!”

“I’m sorry, Tianlan, I lost.”

Luo Yunzhu felt pained at the sight of the long scar on Feng Tianlan’s face. She had sworn to be Feng Tianlan’s guardian, but in the end, she couldn’t protect her. She was too weak.

Feng Tianlan consoled her, “Don’t worry, you’ll be strong enough to defeat her soon.”

“Feng Tianlan, you despicable trash. Why do you keep instigating Luo Yunzhu to kill me? Are you trying to pit the Fengs and the Luos against each other? Are you trying to destroy the Feng Family?” Feng Xiuyu stared down at Feng Tianlan as she stood on top of the battle ring, a desire to kill in her eyes.

“Chuling, take care of Yunzhu.” Feng Tianlan handed Luo Yunzhu to Chuling and picked up a long soft-skinned whip. She stood up and looked icily into Feng Xiuyu’s eyes. “The Feng Family is mine. What has it got to do with you? An outsider with a different name.”

“You…” Feng Xiuyu was taken aback by Feng Tianlan’s response. To think that this person, who was always weak and submissive, could have a voice so chilling! Even more shocking, while Feng Tianlan was clearly looking up at her, she felt a rush of inferiority.



Luo Yunzhu and Chuling shrieked together when they saw Feng Tianlan walk toward the battle ring. If she went into the ring, she would be surrendering all rights of death or survival. She alone would be responsible if she died.

“How boastful for a First-stage Spiritualist to call herself a young genius.” Feng Tianlan stood on top of the massive stage. Snap! The long whip cracked loudly in the air. She lifted her cold eyes and challenged, “Fight me, Tu Xiuyu!”

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