“The Third Miss Feng is truly kind. Feng Tianlan ruined her face, yet she’s still sparing a thought for her.”

“I finally understand why some women are called ‘callous beauties.’ Feng Tianlan is one of them. She whipped her biological sister so brutally that day and even destroyed her face with hot soup at the Fragrance Restaurant. How evil.”

“Third Miss Feng, don’t give them to her. Torture her thoroughly during the battle, and you’ll be carrying out justice on behalf of the heavens.”

“Such an evil and vicious good-for-nothing deserves to die. If you kill her, you will be carrying out heaven’s justice by exterminating evil. There’s no need to be so kind to her.”

“Exactly. Such people are a waste simply by being alive.”

“… …”

When they saw that Feng Xiuyu had won the bid for the Marrow Cleansing Pill, they were convinced that her prowess would far surpass her current abilities. Furthermore, to advance to a First-stage Spiritualist at the age of fourteen was a huge deal. Once the marrow cleansing succeeded, she could advance further than a First-stage Spiritualist and even reach the level of a Spiritual Master.

A fourteen-year-old Spiritual Master was more exceptional than a supergenius. Feng Xiuyu could very well be the youngest and strongest female Spiritual Master in South Winds Nation. It was a no-brainer that they sucked up to her. They’d all forgotten who had turned the tables on Feng Xiuyu just a few days earlier. They only remembered that Feng Tianlan was still a good-for-nothing and stepped on her to please Feng Xiuyu.

Feng Tianlan looked at them indifferently and quickly took the pills from Feng Xiuyu’s hands. Her lips curved into a slight smile as she said, “Thanks, I guess.”

“Tianlan.” Luo Yunzhu glared at Feng Xiuyu.

“Let’s go.”

Feng Tianlan was nonchalant. She got up from her seat and left Ruyi Trade House with Luo Yunzhu. Once they exited Ruyi Trade House, Luo Yunzhu immediately blew her top.

“Tianlan, how could you take her pills? Don’t you know that she’s humiliating you?”

“Should we throw the pills in her face then?” Feng Tianlan asked, without any sign of unease or disturbance. If Feng Xiuyu was willing to fork out that kind of money, why should she turn her down?

“You should have.” Luo Yunzhu squeezed those words through her gritted teeth. That would have vented her anger!

“How wasteful would that be?” Feng Tianlan stopped in her tracks. She raised her eyes and saw Feng Xiang and Feng Xiuyu surrounded by people as they emerged from the Trade House. She smirked slightly, then squatted in front of a beggar. The beggar wore nothing but rags and emitted a foul smell. His dirty vagrant hair had covered his face, and his appearance was hidden. Feng Tianlan put the Qi Fostering Pill and the Spirit Boosting Pill in front of him. Without a word, she got up and left.

“Tianlan.” Luo Yunzhu was taken aback, then quickly caught up while laughing loudly. She praised her candidly, “Haha! That’ll make the little sl*t Feng Xiuyu so angry that she’ll burst!”

By giving her pills to a beggar, Feng Xiuyu would be fuming so much that she’d go to her grave. It was a loud, hard slap in the face. It was as if Feng Tianlan had declared that she, Feng Xiuyu, was even less than a beggar. Feng Xiuyu, who was surrounded by admirers, contorted her face with anger the moment she saw what Feng Tianlan had done.

She snarled furiously, “Feng Tianlan!” That darned sl*t! How dare Feng Tianlan gift the pills she’d used to humiliate her to a beggar! She was obviously insulting her. It was too infuriating.

Under that mop of dirty, messy hair, the filthy beggar fixed his gaze on Feng Tianlan with orbs as dark as ink. He stared intently at Feng Tianlan’s back in the distance and closed his grip tightly over the two pill medicines.

He murmured, “Feng Tianlan?”

He carved that name into his memory! From this day on, his life would be hers! The beggar gripped the pills tightly and slowly left with staggering steps. Feng Tianlan could never have guessed that an unintentional, small gesture like this would result in someone fighting for her in the future. He would give up everything for her, including his life!

Night fell. Feng Tianlan donned the cloak and put on the rabbit mask and went to the Ruyi Trade House.

“Master Shen.” Elder Chen put three Spiritual Crystals and a stack of Bank Bills on the table. He said, “These are the earnings from today’s auction. They all belong to you, Master Shen.”

“Since when did I become the master of Ruyi Trade House?” Feng Tianlan raised her eyes and asked, her voice low and stern. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.