Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 31: A Mysterious Present

After a while, Mo Ting finished preparing dinner and went upstairs. He pushed open the door to find Tangning sitting in bed holding the bunch of red roses he had bought her – she was in the middle of counting them. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips opened and shut slightly, looking extremely beautiful…

“This is the first time I’ve received so many flowers!” Tangning exclaimed, “Mo Ting, I’m really surprised…”

Mo Ting looked at her satisfied expression as he crossed his arms and teased, “Why are you so easy to please? Just a few flowers are enough to make you this happy. There is so much I want to give to you, yet, you never tell me what you want. Why can’t you be like other women and ask for diamonds and jewels? Or even fame…and success?”

Tangning laughed gently. She lifted her head to reply to Mo Ting, “I already have your entire person, isn’t that greedy enough?”

“I have your marriage, I have the title of being your wife, I have half your assets and I even get to spend the rest of your life with you. Jewels? Success? All this, I can acquire myself. What is more important than you?”

Mo Ting’s heart lit up as he leaned over and kissed Tangning, “Your lips are too sweet, I can’t help but taste them.”

Tangning grabbed onto his shoulders and pulled herself in closer to return his passionate kiss. Amongst the mingling of lips and teeth, the couple uncontrollably found themselves in bed with Tangning laying pressed under Mo Ting’s body. Her top had already been removed and was strung across the floor – all in less than a minute.

Tangning couldn’t resist her urges as she mirrored Mo Ting’s moves and reached out her hands to unbutton his shirt. Seeing his glowing bronze skin revealed before her eyes, Tangning’s cheeks flushed a crimson red as she awkwardly turned to one side.

Mo Ting laughed gently, holding onto Tangning’s neck and turning her attention back to him, before asking softly, “Do you want it?”

“Do you?” Tangning threw the question back at him cleverly.

“You know what I’m waiting for. Tangning, if you say it, I will…” Mo Ting leaned into her ear as he whispered seductively, “Make you stay in bed all night.”

Tangning knew what he meant, so she nervously replied to Mo Ting, “I…still can’t be 100% certain of my heart, but, I know I want to be with you for the rest of my life, Mo Ting.”

The relationship between the two continued to improve; having their souls combine together, was only a matter of time, so…Mo Ting didn’t want to let her go this time. He wanted her to experience the ultimate in intimacy and for her to receive the happiness she deserved.

Sometimes…there were other methods to satisfy a partner…

After being intimate, the couple lay embraced in each other’s arms. Tangning pressed herself against Mo Ting’s chest as she spoke in an unsatisfied tone, “I saw you bought…that thing…I thought…”

“What thing?” Mo Ting’s right hand was holding up his head, while his left hand was gently stroking Tangning’s back.

Tangning reached under her pillow and pulled out the Durex. She handed it to Mo Ting, “This thing. I thought you were ready to have me…I even…specifically went and had a shower…how embarrassing!”

Mo Ting looked at the small package in his hand as his eyebrows scrunched up, “I’m not this small…”

That Lu Che…

“Stop talking about it!”

“No need to be embarrassed,” Mo Ting laughed. The corners of his lips were curved to an extremely handsome angle, “I’m completely drawn to your reaction.”

“No more…” Tangning hid herself under the blankets.

Mo Ting responded quickly by grabbing hold of his adorable wife and comforting her, “OK, let’s talk business instead. You’ve already accepted Secret Magazines photo shoot, right?”

“Why?” Tangning finally popped her head out, “Are you afraid I’ll lose to Mo Yurou?”

“If you need to go to the states for the shoot, once your itinerary is finalized, tell me immediately,” Mo Ting said in a mysterious manner.

“What do you want to do?” Tangning questioned curiously.

This was perfect, he had previously said he would buy insurance for her legs and the US was the best place to look for a good insurance company.

“Didn’t we already agree? After leaving this house, you are the boss of many and I am a model of a small company, we won’t interfere in each other’s personal issues.”

“Mrs. Mo, have I ever interfered with you?” Even though seeing Tangning being bullied by Tianyi made his heart break to the point where he wanted to tear them down, he never recklessly made a move, since Tangning didn’t like it. If not because of this, he could have easily destroyed a person like Han Yufan with the blink of an eye.

Tangning understood Mo Ting respected her completely.

This was the reason she cherished every day she spent with him.

“Han Yufan wants to take advantage of my popularity to boost Mo Yurou’s status, that’s why he put us together. At the same time, by doing this, he hopes it will prevent me from doing anything against Mo Yurou as it would have a negative impact on me too.”

“However…” Mo Ting finished off what she was going to say, “…with your abilities, even if you were both to appear on the same cover of a magazine, you are going make her into your prop.”

“You have so much faith in me?” Tangning asked.

“I believe in you.”

Tangning was satisfied. Huddling up to Mo Ting’s warm embrace, she slowly fell asleep. Meanwhile, Mo Ting made a phone call to Lu Che, “Find out Secret Magazine’s schedule, I need to know when Tangning will be going overseas. Plus, clear up my schedule for the same time frame…while you’re doing that, help me make an appointment with the best insurance company in America…”

Early the next morning, Tangning arrived at Tianyi accompanied by Lin Wei and Long Jie. At the same time, Mo Yurou and her assistant also walked in through the main entrance of Tianyi – her imposing manner was the same as usual. Upon seeing Mo Yurou, the staff greeted her with respect. However, towards Tangning they were extremely casual, some even chose to ignore her.

Mo Yurou looked at Tangning and then looked behind her at Lin Wei, “Tangning, towards a person that betrayed their previous owner, you better be careful.”

“I’ve even dealt with a mistress that stole someone’s fiancee, why would I be afraid of a manager that’s betrayed their previous owner?” Tangning smirked.

“I admit, your popularity is not bad right now, but…no matter how popular you are, you will still be a backdrop for me. Didn’t Han Yufan tell you? The whole purpose of Secret’s shoot is to help me gain support for the Top Ten Model Awards!”

“Then let me wish you all the best in advance.” After speaking, Tangning looked around her as she announced to the staff, “Yesterday, my lawyer has clarified my contract with Han Yufan. Tianyi has agreed to treat me the way that I deserve to be treated. Mo Yurou and I are both models of Tianyi, so when you all see me, you should do what you are suppose to do. From now on, if you respect me, I will respect you back!”

Tangning’s words were neither weak nor overbearing as she spoke strongly.

Those that previously treated Tangning as invisible immediately realized, this woman was not one to mess with…

So, they instantly reacted by greeting Tangning respectfully. This time around, their voices were even louder than when they greeted Mo Yurou.

After Tangning was satisfied, she lifted her legs and walked towards Mo Yurou…

Being Mo Yurou’s backdrop?

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