Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 436: ‘MoTang’ Marriage on the Rocks

“Things aren’t going to go the way that you planned,” Tangning gave a gentle laugh as she spoke to Gu Heng without a trace of panic or anger. Seeing this, Gu Heng started to feel doubtful of herself.

“Tell me, why are you always so calm, no matter what happens?”

“That’s because I know that evil will never prevail,” Tangning laughed in ridicule. “At least, in my world, I have yet to come across anyone that’s done something bad successfully.”

Gu Heng could not see through Tangning, but she knew that Tangning had already seen through her.

When it came to intelligence, she would never beat Tangning; not even in her next life. But, she refused to believe that Tangning could overcome all obstacles. Everyone was bound to have bad luck at some point in their lives.

“I know Qiusheng’s actions aren’t beneficial to any of us. But, I will still give my all to protect him.” After speaking, Gu Heng left and Tangning returned to her room.

It seemed, Gu Heng had not found out that Bai Qiusheng was getting replaced yet.

Tangning wondered: what was the point of challenging her, when in the end, they would be left with nothing?

That night, Long Jie made a phone call to check on the situation, “What happened this time? What’s up with the old man? You’re such a magnet for gossip; as soon as something can’t be explained, you’re up there on the hottest searches.”

“Someone did all this on purpose…” Tangning explained helplessly before she recapped everything that had happened on set. After hearing the whole story, Long Jie was in an uproar.

“What’s wrong with your luck? Since the male lead and supporting actress are a couple, they will definitely try to kick you out of the cast. Why hasn’t anyone considered who would benefit after you leave?” Long Jie sighed, “However, I’m already used to seeing you come across obstacles in everything you do. If nothing goes wrong, then you wouldn’t be Tangning.”

“What has the director said about this issue?”

“They are looking for a replacement,” Tangning replied.

“Are they replacing you?”

“They are replacing Bai Qiusheng,” Tangning laughed at Long Jie’s high pitched response.

“Good…” Long Jie breathed a sigh of relief. “If I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, I would be following by your side every day. What kind of assistant did Boss hire for you? She doesn’t seem to be handling matters seriously.”

“Just focus on getting pregnant. Don’t worry about my problems.”

“Since nothing is actually wrong, then I’m of course not worried. It’s just, continuously hearing rumors about you and Boss getting a divorce, is really firing me up.”

Tangning understood that Long Jie truly cared about her, so she let her continue nagging for a while before she finally hung up.

Afterwards, she received a phone call from Mo Ting. The first thing he said as she picked up the phone was, “Who were you talking to for so long? I kept trying to call, but it couldn’t get through…”

“Guess,” Tangning replied in a cheeky tone.

“Long Man,” Mo Ting assumed, “I was only teasing.”

“Regarding the rumor, we originally suppressed it, but then Bai Qiusheng stepped out again to say a few words, reigniting the flame.”

“I’m prepared for the backlash,” Tangning replied calmly. “Hubby…if Bai Qiusheng didn’t have bad intentions, I would have enjoyed seeing his relationship with Gu Heng. Gu Heng is the type of woman that is willing to do anything for Bai Qiusheng. I can tell how helpless she must feel.”

“I don’t enjoy seeing anything, I simply want to destroy those that bully you,” Mo Ting replied in seriousness. “Wei An already knows how to handle this matter, so you don’t need to do anything. Hai Rui will also deal with everything PR related.”

If Bai Qiusheng wanted to cause a stir, they were going to let him do as he liked.

So, when the media interviewed Bai Qiusheng, he directly told them that he wasn’t sure why Elder Hei kept picking on Tangning and explained that Tangning was following him around because she wanted to cooperate with him. As for anything else that might be happening, he wasn’t sure.

The way he spoke, hinted that Tangning was indeed being treated indecently.

The entertainment industry had always been an industry of groundless accusations. Bai Qiusheng simply provoked them a little and the media’s imagination immediately went wild.

[Confirmed: Tangning’s been treated indecently!]

[Actor from same cast proves that Tangning has been treated indecently! What is the future of the ‘MoTang’ marriage?]

[‘MoTang’ marriage on the rocks. Mo Ting locks himself in office after revelation of incident.]

Facing the aggravated media, Hai Rui stopped trying to suppress the rumor and instead sent Bai Qiusheng a warning, “The first step to being a good actor is learning how to be an honest person.”

This was Hai Rui’s method of hinting that Bai Qiusheng was a liar. In an instant, the public could no longer determine what was true and what was false.

However, Mo Ting and Elder Mo weren’t in a hurry. Bai Qiusheng’s actions weren’t reason enough for him to be replaced yet. So, they waited to see if he would do something worse. After all, faceslap-inducing incidents like this were always more enjoyable when it hit the climax.

Logically, with the crew in a mess, Wei An was expected to focus on managing the film’s PR. After all, the involvement of any indecent act was damaging for the film.

But, Wei An remained calm and did nothing. In fact, he took a few days off work, claiming to be sick, and handed filming over to the assistant director. While he wasn’t around, he asked the assistant director to give everyone a bit of a break and to only film a few unimportant scenes.

In reality, he had flown to the US to meet with the actor that Mo Ting had helped him scout. The man had heard that Wei An would be directing and was excited to open up to the Asian market, so he agreed to see him.

Wei An felt, everything that had happened, was a blessing in disguise.

But, someone was going to end up quite pitiful…

How dare he make up rumors about Elder Mo!

Wei An tried to imagine the expression on Bai Qiusheng’s face once Elder Mo’s identity was revealed. Just the thought of it was satisfying.

Meanwhile, because of Mo Ting’s calmness towards the issue, Tangning was unaffected by the rumors. She continued to take care of Elder Mo and learned a lot from his years of experience.

Song Yanshu tried to convince Tangning to hide out for a bit, but Tangning shook her head and refused, “I have been innocent from the start. If I am to hide, then it would prove that what they are saying is the truth. Plus, there’s nothing for me to be afraid of.”

She had the entire crew and Mo Ting backing her up…

If Bai Qiusheng was to benefit from this incident, not only Mo Ting, but also Wei An would be humiliated​.

“OK. Your fans have also expressed that they will believe whatever you say.”

Tangning nodded her head as she smiled. It seemed her fans had already developed a heart as strong as a diamond. They must have realized by now that they couldn’t trust any words that did not come directly from her mouth.

“Tell them to remain patient. The truth will eventually be revealed.”

“OK.” Seeing Tangning’s confidence, Song Yanshu felt she no longer had reason to be worried. So, she did as Tangning instructed and relayed her message to her fans.

After hearing from Song Yanshu, the fans minds were at ease. Although Tangning was being torn apart in multiple discussions, the pride that Tangning brought them, outweighed all this negativity. They all knew how good Tangning was. So, even if the rumors continued to spread to the ends of the earth, they refused to believe it.

After all, their idol did not handle matters the typical way.

So, they decided to sit and wait for Bai Qiusheng to be taught a lesson.

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