Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 479: When it Comes to Creating Hype, I Must Bow Down to Hai Rui

Braun didn’t like the way that Tangning hurt his pride, so he began to attack back, “If your country really had such great actors, would they look for a model to act?”

Tangning maintained her smile. Her tone was obviously gentle as she spoke…but she was firm and determined to defend her nation’s actors.

“That’s because our citizens are multitalented. I’m simply the least impressive type,” Tangning devalued herself but shocked the foreigners with her flawless method of attack.

When did Asians become so tricky?

When did a woman have the ability to make a bunch of men speechless?

“Bro, don’t treat Tangning this way, her acting is actually really good. You’ll know what I mean after you watch the film,” Taka tried to convince his brother after noticing everyone was getting a little awkward. “She is honestly a great actress. Don’t be rude to my friend.”

Braun looked at Tangning and then looked at his brother. In the end, he brushed his brother aside and walked off.

Taka sighed before smiling to Tangning apologetically, “I swear today was just a misunderstanding.”

“It’s OK,” Tangning replied in a forgiving manner. After all, she was on foreign territory, yet she already managed to be on the winning side of the argument. It wasn’t necessary for her to continue forcing them into a corner.

A while later, Taka also turned to leave and the atmosphere returned to normal. Meanwhile, Taka’s team resumed control over the event. However, they no longer underestimated Tangning after what she had said to Taka’s brother. So, for the rest of the event, they treated her with courtesy and politeness.

During this time, plenty of people approached Tangning to ask her about Mo Ting, “This man has good taste. He is…”

“He’s my manager,” Tangning replied politely.

“In that case…which agency does he belong to?”

Tangning could see through the woman’s intent, so she smiled and replied, “Sorry, apart from me, he won’t be anyone else’s manager. He is the CEO of Hai Rui – my husband.”

The woman was a little surprised as she lifted the glass in her hand apologetically.

This wasn’t originally a grand scale event, but Tangning’s winning battle ended up making her famous in the US.

This was because a paparazzi was hiding in the hotel and captured footage of Tangning and Braun’s argument. He then posted the footage on a popular American website.

How did an Asian woman manage to capture the attention of the Americans over and over again?

Apart from her Qipao, which represented the culture of her nation, her response to Braun was impressively powerful.

One year ago, she changed the American ideal of beauty. And today, she changed the American view on Asian actors.

Her words showed that the US wasn’t an accepting country and Braun’s insulting actions made it impossible for the Americans to deny this point.

It didn’t take long before news spread to China. Grandfather Mo followed this story intensely. Seeing Tangning standing before the Americans without any fear and saying words that made him proud, he felt all the embarrassment he once suffered was finally flushed down the drain.

He once felt that Tangning was still missing something. But, he didn’t figure out what it was.

It wasn’t until now that he finally realized; he wanted to see Tangning show the same strength in character as the Mo Family.

It goes without saying that after this incident, Tangning completely received acknowledgment from Elder Mo. A great granddaughter-in-law like this, deserved to be doted upon.

Of course, Tangning didn’t only walk out of this ordeal with Elder Mo’s adoration. The news of her battle with Braun ended up spreading throughout the whole of China.

Some people called Tangning stupid, because her actions were bound to obstruct her progression into the international market.

Whereas, some praised her for having the courage to speak her mind and for protecting the dignity of her country.

“Just as I finally saw an example of good acting, she decided to self destruct.”

“I find it so satisfying. This is the right way to deal with those shameless foreigners!”

“Tangning did the right thing and she did it in a way that suits her style. Right is right, wrong is wrong.”

“Exactly! Tangning has always been brave enough to love and to hate…”

The matter was published in all the major news headlines and helped Tangning’s status further increase in the hearts of the nation. She was indeed different from other actors and her most valuable asset was that she stuck to an ethical code. This was something that no one else could do.

Wei An also took this opportunity to phone Tangning and praise her for living up to expectations, “From now on, you can handle all events like this. Compared to being an actress or a model, I think you are better suited as an ambassador.”

“Why do I see a third career path opening up?” Tangning laughed.

“Tangning, I give you me blessings.”

Wei An spoke from his heart, because within the industry, he didn’t think anyone else could live the way that Tangning did.

Afterwards, Tangning was to prepare for her return to China. As she had caused quite a stir, her fans gathered to greet her at the airport…

No actress could attract as much attention as their male counterparts, but, Tangning somehow managed to do it…

But, because she was pregnant, she did not dare to take the public exit; she needed to protect her child.

So, to avoid the crowds, Mo Ting ended up booking a flight an entirely different flight altogether.

However, on the day that the fans went to the airport, Beijing airport was so crowded that people started treading on each other, causing multiple injuries…

The airport urgently deployed its security guards and sent the injured to the hospital. Luckily, they were only light injuries.

Regardless, that day in Beijing Airport, the fans did not see Tangning at all because her flight was scheduled for the next day.

Afterwards, the reporters discovered the actual time of Tangning’s flight. As usual, she changed her flight to avoid the crowds. At that time, many of her fans still expressed their understanding.

“If Tangning had actually come back on the day that we expected, she would have gotten​ hurt…”

“Luckily Tangning did not come back yet.”

However, some of the injured fans were angry, “I never expected her to treat us like this. Is it because her international status has increased that she thinks she can disregard her fans?”

This incident naturally caused an uproar. But, those that blamed Tangning were still in the minority. Until…

…an artist decided to post on her social media page, “When it comes to creating hype, I must bow down to Hai Rui. Just because their new film is about to be released, they no longer treat their fans as people.”

Following closely behind, another artist expressed their opinion, “The new film is about to be released. I look down at the Americans, yet when faced with a big offer, I’m sure Hai Rui can’t help but grovel at their feet…”

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