Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 31: Abilities Astounding Everyone

Listening to how Fei Qingping allowed three moves so arrogantly during the match, Wan Yuan who was in the audience gnashed his teeth in anger.

These past few days, he warned that fellow countless times to not let down his guard. And yet, the result was that his strength indeed increased, but his habit of taking the enemy lightly surfaced once again.

Wan Yuan was different from Fei Qingping. He also looked down greatly on Ye Yuan, but if he were the one up there, he definitely would not say something like ‘allow you three moves.’ Instead, he would beat down Ye Yuan with full power.

Liu Ruoshui who was by the side covered her mouth as she laughed and said, “Don’t get mad, Senior Apprentice Brother Wan. Fei Qingping might be a little arrogant, but right now he does have the capital to be arrogant. Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm versus Third Level Essence Qi Realm; no matter how you look at it, he wouldn’t lose, don’t you think? Even if he allows three moves, it has no bearing on the overall situation.”

Since Liu Ruoshui already said all that, Wan Yuan did not feel it was nice to go into it seriously. But in his mind, he was thinking that after they return, he would definitely show him some colors.

“I’ve incurred Junior Apprentice Sister Liu’s ridicule. It’s just that this is a deathmatch. Fei Qingping shouldn’t be so careless. But I don’t think that Ye Yuan would be able to do anything.” Wan Yuan shook his head and smiled.

“That’s obvious. Senior Apprentice Brother Wan spent the past few days to help with Junior Apprentice Brother Fei’s bitter closed-seclusion training. Furthermore, he has an overwhelming advantage in terms of cultivation realm. Nothing is going to happen. What’s funny is that just now, Ye Yuan was still showing off as if so many senior apprentice brothers’ Essence Qi Pills were already his. Looking at this point, he isn’t any different from the past Ye Yuan,” Liu Ruoshui’s words carried a faint enmity as she replied.

“Oh? That’s true now that you mentioned it! Perhaps I was overly cautious. But this way, it does seem more like Ye Yuan’s personality.”

After Ruoshui said that, Wan Yuan also came around. Thinking back to Ye Yuan’s actions just now, it was like how he used to act recklessly and blindly in the past.

But, this was going to be the last time . . .

. . . . . .

In the arena, a middle-aged man dressed in black walked in step by step. He was the instructor who was hosting this deathmatch, Huyan Yong.

Huyan Yong glanced at the two people without any emotion. It was as if not at all caring the slightest about this deathmatch.

“Since the two of you are here, the deathmatch will begin now. In a deathmatch, each person is responsible for their own life and death.”


Finishing his words, Huyan Yong directly left.

Presently, Ye Yuan was wearing a white martial outfit, standing there with a somewhat valiant and heroic bearing.

Except that this valiant and heroic appearance did not match his strength, leaving everyone with an inexpressible strange feeling.

“Hey, you said three moves. After I hit you, you mustn’t retaliate!” Ye Yuan suddenly grinned and exclaimed.

Fei Qingping smiled coldly. “Just relying on you?”

“Hehe. Won’t you know after trying? Here I come!”

Right after he finished talking, Ye Yuan’s figure already arrived in front of Fei Qingping.

“Stacking Waves Layered Palm, First Layer Wave!”


Fei Qingping’s body flew out like a cannonball, crashing heavily onto the ground.

Silence . . .

Dead silence!

Everyone looked at Ye Yuan standing in the arena with an unbelievable expression, not knowing what happened just now.

No, to be exact, they could not believe the truth that they just witnessed with their own eyes!

How could he be so fast?

Stacking Waves Layered Palm?

H-he really mastered it?

How is this possible?!

“Just now, that was . . . Stacking Waves Layered Palm?” On the secret viewing platform, Zuo Bugui’s laidback attitude already disappeared from his face, and what replaced it was astonishment.

It sounded like he was asking Long Tang, and at the same time as if he was talking to himself.

Shocked was written all over Long Tang’s face, but he still replied, “That’s right. It’s Stacking Waves Layered Palm, First Layer Wave!”

“But . . . didn’t he only train for three days?” Zuo Bugui felt that his brain was a little insufficient to process this.

Three days to learn Stacking Waves Layered Palm, First Layer Wave. Could it be that this Ye Yuan’s talent was even more monstrous than this Long Tang in front of him?

But . . .

Even if Ye Yuan was more monstrous than Long Tang, it could not be to the extent of learning it in three days . . . Right?

Long Tang used a month, and yet Ye Yuan only used three days. The time that Long Tang took was actually ten times of Ye Yuan’s?

Isn’t it too demoralizing?

Long Tang didn’t know what happened either. But among Dan Wu Academy’s students, nobody was more familiar with this martial technique than him.

What Ye Yuan used just now was the authentic First Layer Wave!

“If this was Ye Yuan’s first time looking at the jade piece, it means he really mastered it in three days!” Long Tang’s words revealed mixed feelings.

Zuo Bugui clearly became aware of that point as well and asked, “Do you mean that . . . he trained in it before? This time around, it’s just to deceive the public? If it’s like that, then it makes sense.”

The more Zuo Bugui thought about it, the more he felt that it was the case. That trademark smile once again appeared on his face, except it was still a little forced. “That’s what I said. How can there be someone even more monstrous than you? Furthermore, it’s monstrous to such an extent!”

Long Tang shook his head and said calmly, “I didn’t say that. It’s just an assumption. In reality, I’m more inclined to believe that this was his first time seeing that jade piece.”

“. . . . . .”

Zuo Bugui was speechless.

In the arena, a trace of light flashed across Huyan Yong’s eyes, whose expression had been indifferent all this while.

He was similarly shocked by Ye Yuan’s strike, but what he was astonished by was not the Stacking Waves Layered Palm, but Ye Yuan’s movement technique!

Previously, Ye Yuan revealed Instant Flash. So everyone was not a stranger to it. But everyone’s understanding of him remained at the large success stage.

But the Instant Flash that Ye Yuan displayed just now was undoubtedly at the great circle stage!

What Ye Yuan executed just now did not leave any afterimages. Hence, he deceived every student’s eyes and ears.

Afterimage was a mark of mastering Instant Flash to the great circle stage. But it did not mean that a great success stage of Instant Flash will definitely leave afterimages.

Ingenuity in varying tactics depends on mother wit.

That was the true meaning of a martial technique at the great circle stage!

Coincidentally, back in those days, Huyan Yong also spent a great deal of effort on Instant Flash. He was one of the few people who trained this technique to the great circle stage!

Although he went on to practice higher ranking movement techniques, he was still most familiar with Instant Flash.

Yet, just now, he clearly felt that the Instant Flash Ye Yuan executed was somewhat different. It was just that he could not say how exactly was it different.

But without any doubt, Ye Yuan’s understanding of this technique was beyond his!

This punk isn’t simple!

Huyan Yong who was originally indifferent towards this deathmatch started to feel a faint anticipation now.

“That fool! I already told him not to underestimate the enemy!” Looking at the arena, Wan Yuan gnashed his teeth angrily.

Wan Yuan never thought that Ye Yuan actually managed to master the Stacking Waves Layered Palm!

Just what on earth happened on this guy’s body?

Just three days!

Something that Senior Apprentice Brother Long Tang only accomplished using one month, Ye Yuan actually managed to use only three days!

Was this really still the Ye Yuan I know?

“Don’t worry, Senior Apprentice Brother Wan. Junior Apprentice Brother Fei only underestimated the enemy for a moment. Even if Ye Yuan mastered Stacking Waves Layered Palm, First Layer Wave, he can’t win against Junior Apprentice Brother Fei.” Liu Ruoshui remained fully confident.

Wan Yuan nodded his head. He obviously knew that this strike was not unable to cause Fei Qingping any actual harm.

“Underestimated the enemy? Even if he didn’t take the enemy lightly, he probably also couldn’t avoid that strike just now, right?” Huyan Yong was not far from Wan Yuan and heard Liu Ruoshui and their conversation, giving this evaluation in his heart. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.