Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 33: You Really Have Guts

This whip punishment was naturally different from the mortals’ whipping punishment. It was carried out using a low-grade Spirit Artifact. Each whip will scatter the student’s protective essence energy, causing bone piercing pain.

The average student who committed a mistake would receive around 30-50 whips. After that, they basically had to lie on a bed for ten days.

Now that Wan Yuan had to receive 100 whips, he would not be able to walk for at least twenty days no matter what.

Wan Yuan also knew that he had incurred public wrath, so he did not dare to talk back to Huyan Yong. Glaringly fiercely at Ye Yuan, he said, “Hmph! In a while, we will come and collect your corpse!”

Ye Yuan did not show any weaknesses and said loudly, “Many thanks then. But I think you better collect the corpse of your family’s dog. I won’t see you off.”

Finishing by drawing aggro, Ye Yuan sent Wan Yuan off with a wave of his hands.

If it was not a deathmatch, Wan Yuan wished he could immediately rush down and tear Ye Yuan apart.

After Wan Yuan left, Huyan Yong announced with a scowl, “Deathmatch resumes!”

Currently, Fei Qingping had already recovered. There was hatred in his eyes as if he wanted to tear Ye Yuan apart alive.

“Ye Yuan, you despicable man! To actually use such a contemptible method to execute sneak attacks on me!” Fei Qingping gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Ye Yuan stared at him like he was an idiot. “Hey, you were the one who said that you will allow me three moves. Now you turn around and blame me for being despicable? Did you really become a pig’s head?”

“Little bastard! You are dead!!” Fei Qingping was practically foaming at the mouth from anger and started cursing again.

As his voice fell, Ye Yuan’s figure once again executed Instant Flash, appearing in front of Fei Qingping.


Fei Qingping was sent flying once again.

This time around, the audience on the grandstand finally noticed something wrong.

If previously, Fei Qingping were sent flying because he underestimated the enemy right at the start, then what about now?

Fei Qingping could not possibly be unprepared when facing Ye Yuan in his towering rage. Yet, he was still sent flying with a single palm by Ye Yuan.

Those with a good judgment already discovered that this time around, even though Fei Qingping was prepared to counterattack, he was still slower by half a beat.

“This . . . Is Instant Flash supposed to be this quick?” Zuo Bugui felt that there were too many things happening today that overturned his understanding.

Long Tang looked at him and said, “Looks like we were both wrong. Ye Yuan’s Instant Flash had already reached the great circle stage.”

Zuo Bugui sucked in a cold breath involuntarily. “Siii . . . Great circle stage. . . Do you also know Instant Flash?”

Long Tang seemed to know what Zuo Bugui was asking, so he nodded his head and said, “I still cannot find the crux to step into the Great Circle Realm.”

Zuo Bugui muttered, “This Ye Yuan . . . is truly monstrous! Looks like in the future, we will have another terrifying opponent.”

Hearing Zuo Bugui’s words, Long Tang’s face did not become grim, but instead, it overflowed with fighting intent.

“If he can rise up, he would be a pretty good opponent.” Long Tang’s domineering air continued to soar as if he had already been lonely in the Dan Wu Academy for too long.

Zuo Bugui rolled his eyes and said, “You are indeed a sicko! Even though I don’t know what happened to Ye Yuan, most likely he can’t cause any threat to you. After all, your cultivation realm is much higher than his.”

“It may not necessarily be so! Don’t tell me you still believe that Ye Yuan rising two minor cultivation realms in a row was the result of his father pulling the shoot to help it grow?”

Zhu Bugui shook his head and said, “Even though I don’t know how he did it, he is definitely not those sort of Third Level Essence Qi Realm with superficial foundation! From the start until now, he had continuously used over a dozen Instant Flashes and Stacking Wave Layered Palms. All these no longer support the principle where his foundation is superficial. But looking at him, he doesn’t seem to be under strain. Instead, he seems to be doing it with ease. But the question is . . . how does he do it?”

Since the start of the duel, Zuo Bugui felt that there were too many mysteries on Ye Yuan’s body. Many of the things that happened with Ye Yuan surpassed his understanding.

However, Zuo Bugui did not treat Ye Yuan as an opponent, because Ye Yuan’s realm was too low.

The accumulation of essence energy was a drawn-out process. No matter how talented someone was, this process cannot be made up for within a short period of time.

Zuo Bugui was older than Ye Yuan by two whole years. If he were a mediocre person like Fei Qingping, then there was nothing strange about being caught up by Ye Yuan.

However, Zuo Bugui himself was a genius among geniuses, the number two figure on the Martial Roll of Honor. He had his own pride. By the time Ye Yuan reached his current strength, he would definitely have taken another huge step forward.

“Looks like there are plenty of secrets on Ye Yuan. I have a feeling that before long, he will become a formidable adversary for us,” Long Tang said.

. . . . . .

Currently, Ye Yuan was looking at Fei Qingping who was on the ground. He said coldly, “I don’t care how you scold me, but if you scold my parents, I won’t stand for it. If you have the guts, try scolding another sentence. The next time I strike, it will no longer be light.”

Fei Qingping struggled up from the ground, shook his pig head, and gave a hideous smile, “Hahaha . . . Just relying on you? So what if you managed to learn the Stacking Waves Layered Palm? It’s just the First Layer Wave! Even if I let you hit me, can you even kill me? Once your essence energy is fully exhausted, you are dead! So what if I scold you?! Little bastard! Little bastard! Little bastard! Come on! Come hit me!”

This time, Fei Qingping was wiser. As he spoke, he was already on full alert and secretly revolved essence energy in preparation to use the Lesser Capturing Hand at any time.

He also knew that he could not compete in movement technique with Ye Yuan no matter what, so he simply went on the defensive.

As long as he thoroughly exhausted Ye Yuan’s essence energy, the latter would be dead!

However, this time around, Ye Yuan did not seem to have the intention of striking immediately. Instead, he looked at Fei Qingping and started smiling. Except, this smile revealed an icy intent, making the students on the grandstand shuddered involuntarily.

Huyan Yong narrowed his eyes. He knew that Ye Yuan really became angry. The next attack would definitely fall like a thunderbolt.

It was just that he could not imagine just how Ye Yuan would make up for the difference in cultivation realm.

Clearly, the Stacking Waves Layered Palm, First Layer Wave, had no use. Could it be that Ye Yuan still has a trump card that he has not used?

Huyan Yong began to faintly look forward to it. The Ye Yuan today had brought too many surprises for him.

“Haha! Very good. You really have balls. I’m coming. You better prepare your Lesser Capturing Hand properly.” Ye Yuan was full of smiles and even took special care to remind Fei Qingping.

The next instant, Fei Qingping discovered that Ye Yuan’s figure slowly started to blur. Immediately, he detected something was wrong, and Lesser Capturing Hand was executed without any hesitation in an attempt to slow Ye Yuan’s figure.

Yet, all of these were futile.

Ye Yuan’s figure once again appeared in front of him, and a palm was struck out immediately, almost the same as before.

“Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Second Layer Wave!”

Fei Qingping’s body flew out like a kite with a broken string.


The instant he landed, Fei Qingping vomited a large mouthful of blood. It was clear that he suffered heavy internal injuries.

“Second Layer Wave! He mastered the Second Layer Wave! H-how is that possible? I-it’s only been three days!” Zuo Bugui could not believe his eyes. This scene was just too shocking!

Although the attack power only increased by four times, the cultivation difficulty was not just an increment of four times!

Long Tang once estimated previously that in order to master the Second Layer Wave, he would need to spend at least three months!

Was this fellow Ye Yuan still a human?

Although Long Tang who was by the side never spoke, the shock in his heart was no less than Zuo Bugui’s.

Mastering Second Layer Wave in three days . . . This was something that he did not even dare to imagine!

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