Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 36: The Price of Sleeping

The medicinal theory lesson’s teacher was Feng Ruoqing, the youngest teacher in the entire Dan Wu Academy. She was also a ridiculously beautiful teacher with countless pursuers.

Fen Ruoqing’s medicinal theory classes were always fully packed. Even if the other instructors whipped their horses, they also could not catch up. Furthermore, every student would be thoroughly engrossed and kept their gaze fixed on Feng Ruoqing.

The initially dry and boring medicinal theory class even appeared to be interesting.

However, Ye Yuan did not seem to have too much enthusiasm for it. Currently, he was snoring away. Yesterday night, he expended a tremendous amount of essence energy to extract and refine transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills and was currently completely exhausted.

Every high-tier alchemist was also an array master. Someone at the Alchemy Emperor level like Ye Yuan naturally was not an exception.

High-tier medicinal pills required the inscription of arrays in order to attain the best medicinal effects. Hence, array formations were compulsory lessons for high-tier alchemists.

Although the Six Astral Array was not some high-tier array, extracting and refining tens of thousands of Essence Qi Pills still drained Ye Yuan completely. Even so, Ye Yuan still had yet not finished extracting and refining. Tonight will be another long night, so how could he not catch up on his sleep?

By the time all of the pills were extracted and refined completely, Ye Yuan would have several thousand of transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills. This amount would definitely shock anyone.

The difference between transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills and high-grade Essence Qi Pills was basically that there were prices, but no sellers.

How could something that even Alchemy Grandmasters could refine only when they were lucky to circulate freely on the market?

The moment a medicinal pill reached the transcendent-grade, there would be a qualitative change.

With regards to medicinal efficacy, a transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pill was already no longer inferior to a low-grade Explosive Yuan Pill. Furthermore, transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills had no side-effects at all. Even if one used it all the way to the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm, their body would not develop any resistance to it!

Of course, the pre-requisite was that one had to have a lot of transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills in the first place.

Who would dare to eat transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills like jelly beans?

Except for Ye Yuan . . .

Although the Explosive Yuan Pill might be good, firstly, its tier was a little high. Secondly, with Ye Yuan’s current strength, he could not guarantee that every pill refined will be high-grade or superior-grade, let alone transcendent-grade.

Even though Explosive Yuan Pill used only Tier 1 ingredients, it was still much more expensive than Essence Qi Pill. Even Ye Hang would not be able to provide it endlessly.

Under these circumstances, transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills were without a doubt the most suitable medicinal pills for Ye Yuan.

However, even though transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills were good, it was so damn tiring!

“The Seven Star Lotus’s attribute is water, and it is a yin attribute. Commonly found within a spirit lake, it’s suitable for refining . . .” Feng Ruoqing threw the ‘Herbal Essentials’ book on the table, as her words continued to flow easily. Clearly, she already knew all these medicinal herbs’ attributes like the back of her hand.

Feng Ruoqing was young and already a middle-rank Alchemy Master. This made many seniors perspire in embarrassment.

One had to know that even though Master Qian employed by the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion was a high-rank Alchemy Master, his age was even greater than Feng Ruoqing by half a sixty-year cycle. That was the disparity in talent!

Feng Ruoqing walked lightly while talking about the subject with great familiarity, and the students’ gaze swayed along with her body.

All of a sudden, Feng Ruoqing frowned lightly and stopped the lesson.

Everybody could tell that Feng Ruoqing was unhappy.

Everyone followed her gaze only see someone bent over the desk fast asleep, while drool was coming out of his mouth.

In a moment, many scornful eyes shot towards Ye Yuan.

How could there be someone who was so daring as to sleep during Teacher Feng’s class? So offensive to a beauty!

However, Ye Yuan was currently in dreamland, and could not feel everyone’s eyes filled with enmity.

Feng Ruoqing lifted her hand and casually shot out two wind blades.

Kacha! The table legs broke into two, and the table fell to the ground with a crash.

The area under Ye Yuan’s hands became empty space, and he was stunned awake; nearly falling to the ground.

Fortunately, his movement technique was already at the acme of perfection, so he managed to stabilize his figure.

“What happened?” Ye Yuan obviously still was not aware of the situation.

But he immediately discovered something was off, because all the students were staring at him, and the beautiful teacher in front of him had a fierce expression. He quickly realized what happened.

“Ah . . . Haha . . . Teacher Feng, you know this; I just experienced a deathmatch yesterday, and I exhausted too much essence energy. I still haven’t recovered after one night so I couldn’t help myself from falling asleep. Haha . . .” Ye Yuan tried to laugh and smoke his way through.

Feng Ruoqing did not recognize Ye Yuan, but she had indeed heard about the deathmatch yesterday that caused a huge commotion.

Hearing what Ye Yuan said, Feng Ruoqing’s expression became slightly better. But Feng Ruoqing felt that behavior like sleeping during class should not be tolerated.

“You are that Ye Yuan?”

“Haha. I’m that Ye Yuan”

“Don’t be cheeky during the lesson!”

“Ah. Yes yes, Teacher Feng is right. I will be serious!”

“En. If it’s because of the deathmatch, then it’s still understandable.” Ye Yuan thought that this was over, but who knew that Feng Ruoqing would change the subject. “However, in the Dan Wu Academy, the Alchemy Path is as equally important as the Martial Path. Medicinal theory class is also the foundation of Alchemy Dao. Someone like you who sleeps in class is delaying your future!”

Ye Yuan apologized with sincerity. “Teacher Feng, I was wrong. I won’t sleep during your lesson ever again.”

“Humph! Not just my lesson; you are not allowed to sleep in all lessons! Go back and copy the ‘Herbal Essentials’ ten times. I will check during the next lesson,” Feng Ruoqing said lightly.

“Ah? T-ten times?” Ye Yuan was stunned.

The ‘Herbal Essentials’ was a simplified version of the ‘Herbal Compendium’ written by an Alchemy Sovereign of his generation, Li Shizhen. It covered a systemic overview of all sorts of medicinal herbs.

Although it’s a simplified version, it was still a very thick book. Copying it ten times was too horrifying!

Ye Yuan had some impression of the name Li Shizhen; he came to apprentice himself to his father, Zhengyang Zi. Back then, Qingyun Zi happened to be at the scene.

That punk . . . after I return to the Divine Realm, I will definitely show him some colors! I should teach him what shouldn’t be written, to actually write such a thick book!

Since he already wrote such a thick book, then forget it. But there were so many things inside that were incorrect. Wasn’t this harming others?!

“That’s right, ten times! Any complaints?” Feng Ruoqing felt that she absolutely could not tolerate this matter, so as to serve as a warning to others.

“Yes, I have!” Ye Yuan cried out.

Ye Yuan’s words stunned Feng Ruoqing, along with all the other students.

In the students’ opinion, being punished by Teacher Feng who was as beautiful as a heavenly fairy was something wonderful. Why would there be any complaints?

The way Feng Ruoqing saw it, this was the first time that she was rebuffed in the academy. Furthermore, it was a man. Moreover, he was even a student!

“The things inside here are so simple. Isn’t copying it a waste of time? If there’s time, then it’s better off to just refine two furnaces of medicinal pills.” Ye Yuan refused to give in.

Right now, Ye Yuan’s time was very precious. He did not want to waste it on these trivial matters.

What a joke. Was there anyone who understood medicinal theories better than him in this world?

Even if Li Shizhen personally came back, he would not even be fit to carry his shoes!

“Simple? Haha . . .” Feng Ruoqing was so angered by Ye Yuan that she started laughing.

‘Herbal Essentials’ was not only one of the compulsory lessons for an alchemist but also a highly profound course. Even if Alchemy Kings were to come, they would not dare say that this course was simple.

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