Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 37: Assistant

The reason why she taught medicinal theory was naturally that her attainments in medicinal theory were very high.

But even the current Feng Ruoqing did not dare to say that she had a thorough grasp on the ‘Herbal Essentials,’ let alone its full version, ‘Herbal Compendium.’ That was the syllabus that even an Alchemy King needed to devote all his attention to study.

And now, this punk in front of her who was not even an Alchemy Apprentice actually said that ‘Herbal Essentials’ was simple. This was simply humiliating all her years of hard work.

Ye Yuan did not seem to hear the meaning inside Feng Ruoqing’s words and casually said, “Yeah, it’s too simple. The person who wrote the book didn’t observe and study properly.”

Everyone was gloating over Ye Yuan’s misfortunate currently. They wanted to see just how Teacher Feng would punish this fool.

Many among them were cheated out of Essence Qi Pills by Ye Yuan. Now that they saw Ye Yuan being beaten, they naturally welcomed it.

During the deathmatch, the shock that Ye Yuan gave them was too great, making them feel that the current Ye Yuan was no longer the man he was. But looking at things today, Ye Yuan was indeed still that Ye Yuan of the past.

Ignorant and fearless!

“Good! Good!” Feng Ruoqing said two ‘good’ in a row. It was clear that she was extremely angry. “I want to see just how ‘Herbal Essentials’ is easy. I will ask a question. If you can answer it, then in future medicinal theory classes, you can sleep however you like. But, if you can’t answer, I want you to copy the ‘Herbal Essentials’ one hundred times!”

The way other people saw it, Ye Yuan was definitely dead.

Even though Ye Yuan’s combat prowess was abnormally strong now, he was not even an Alchemy Apprentice. So how could he possibly answer the questions from the middle-tier Alchemy Master, Teacher Feng?

But Ye Yuan himself let out a sigh of relief. Answering questions were much better. He did not want to copy that stupid ‘Herbal Essentials’ ten times.

In terms of medicinal theory, who dared to compete with him?

“That’s great. Teacher Feng, please ask your question.”

Looking at how impatient Ye Yuan was, Feng Ruoqing was incensed and thought to herself that he would cry later.

Feng Ruoqing pulled a long face and said, “What medicinal herbs are used in refining Qi Returning Pill? What are the steps involved in the refinement?”

Feng Ruoqing asked this in a single breath and stared coldly at Ye Yuan.

The other students also stared at Ye Yuan, gloating at his misfortune. They knew that Ye Yuan was definitely going to make a fool of himself.

A Qi Returning Pill was a high-grade Tier 1 medicinal pill, something that martial artists used to recover their essence energy. Refining it required at least the power of a high-tier Alchemy Apprentice. To the Ye Yuan who was not even an Alchemy Apprentice, it was absolutely a highly challenging question.

Among the students, there were only a few who could refine this sort of medicinal pill.

Since nobody could refine it, there would obviously be no one who would pay attention to the pill formula of the Qi Returning Pill. Let alone paying any attention to its theory and points to take note of.

Hence, nobody thought that Ye Yuan could answer the question.

Ye Yuan touched his chin and said, “Oh, Qi Returning Pill? Simple. The core ingredients are the Jade Toad’s inner core and Crimson Sun Sword Toothed Flower. The secondary ingredients are Four Seasons Azure, Wind-Tail Grass, Sky Southern Star, and etc. One has to pay some attention to the procedure. Separate the secondary ingredients into two portions to temper; one of it with Jade Toad’s Inner core, and the other with Crimson Sun Sword Toothed Flower; in order to extract two portions of the medicinal essence. Then, refine it in the furnace at the same time, and finally, merge it into one.”

After Ye Yuan said finished, everybody started laughing.

They did not know the pill formula, but this refinement technique was complete rubbish. Splitting the ingredients into two portions, then extracting and refining two portions of the medicinal essence, and finally into the furnace? How does one control it? And also, how would one merge it?

This sort of refinement technique was unheard of. One could only say that this Ye Yuan knew nothing about it and was trying to hoodwink Feng Ruoqing!

To dare play tricks on Teacher Feng, this fellow was going to suffer for it.

A hundred times, oh , one hundred times!

Who asked you to scam our Essence Qi pills! You deserved it!

After a series of laughter, everyone still did not hear Teacher Feng’s exasperated reprimanding.

Looking again, Teacher Feng’s face showed a thoughtful expression. Everyone could not help but question the situation. Could it be that this fellow actually managed to fool Teacher Feng?

“Ooo? You are saying Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique?” Feng Ruoqing asked.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Teacher Feng is indeed well-read, to even know Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique.”

Ye Yuan did some research on the Dan Wu Academy’s refinement techniques. This Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique was a rather obscure refinement technique which the average person would not know.

Saying it was obscure was because it was too difficult to learn. The average person could not grasp it at all.

Controlling two separate medicinal essences in a furnace of medicinal pills and not letting the two medicinal essences touch at all required one to split their focus. Furthermore, the control over essence energy had to be extremely even. The difficulty involved could not be imagined.

It was impossible to control without going through severe training and being repeatedly tempered with experience.

However, this was not even hard for Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan had perfect command over refinement techniques that were even a hundred times, a thousand times more complex.

“If one uses Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique, is it also appropriate for Duo-Cycle Qi Returning Pill?” The initially cold and prideful Feng Ruoqing looked like a student thirsting for knowledge currently, making everyone’s glasses dropped in shock.

Could it be that Ye Yuan was also a genius in alchemy? The things that he said completely exceeded the understanding of all the students here.

“Of course, it’s appropriate. It’s just that the ingredients for the Duo-Cycle Qi Returning Pill are a little more complex, and the refinement process is also a bit more complicated. But the principle still applies. Using the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique is naturally fitting.”

Ye Yuan’s words flowed with ease as if he was the teacher now, and the well-read Feng Ruoqing had become the student.

Feng Ruoqing’s eyes lit up, and she muttered to herself, “That’s right. Why didn’t I think of using the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique?”

A Duo-Cycle Qi Returning Pill was a high-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill. Currently, Feng Ruoqing was a middle-tier Alchemy Master; her soul strength was between middle-tier Alchemy Master and high-tier Alchemy Master. Being slightly inadequate, the refinement was obviously very taxing.

But this Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique could avoid the weakness of insufficient soul strength, as tempering two smaller portions of medicinal essence separately would be much easier than controlling one large portion of the medicinal essence. It was just that the requirement for an alchemist’s control ability was too demanding.

In addition, the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique had another advantage, which was separating the core ingredients allowed their medicinal efficacy to be preserved to the highest degree, resulting in an even higher quality pill after refinement!

If an alchemist was highly proficient in using the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique, the quality of the medicinal pill that he refined would be higher than other alchemists of the same level.

Having said that, conventional refinement techniques were already more than enough for alchemists to study. To also study an obscure technique like the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique was simply asking for trouble.

Hence, even though the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique was powerful, little to nobody knew it.

“Uh. Teacher Feng, since I already answered, can I go back to sleep now? You just look at my table . . .” Ye Yuan said with an innocent face.

“You!” Feng Ruoqing never expected that this fellow was still concerned about his sleep right now. Her originally subsided wrath surged once again.

“Teacher Feng, you were the one who said it just now. If I could answer your question, then I can sleep however I want. Uh. Even though it isn’t very polite, but I’m really very tired right now . . .” Ye Yuan had a troubled face.

Feng Ruoqing looked at Ye Yuan’s pair of panda eyes and knew that Ye Yuan was not lying. But what did this fellow do yesterday? Even if he went through a deathmatch yesterday, he should not be so tired today, right?

“Did I say anything?” Feng Ruoqing blinked her eyes, and gave every student a threatening glance, asking, “Did I say anything just now?”

Being unreasonable was the privilege of a woman, especially it was this unparalleled beauty, Teacher Feng Ruoqing.

All the students were petrified, and many revealed embarrassed expressions.“Ah? S-said what? D-didn’t say anything. That’s right. How could Teacher Feng possibly say something like that?”

Ye Yuan was thoroughly defeated. Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was to sleep . . .

“T-teacher Feng . . .”

“Oh? It’s not impossible to go back to sleep, but you have to promise me one thing!”

So it turns out the reason was here! But right now . . .

“Let alone one thing, even ten things will do.”

“Good. I need a student to be my assistant. You will be my assistant.”

Everyone was petrified once more. . .

Why did not such a wonderful chore happen to them?!

Whoosh . . .

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