Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 43: Dream Tapir’s Extra Ingredient

To be able to instantly kill five Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm opponents, Ye Yuan might already have the strength to enter the Earth ranking!

Even if he did not succeed, he probably would not be far off.

Strength like that already approached Wan Yuan’s.

His movement technique was already inferior to Ye Yuan, and now, his combat prowess was not any better. What capital did he still have to challenge Ye Yuan?

During the Endless Trials, I must definitely let Senior Apprentice Brother Su finish off Ye Yuan. Otherwise, there will be endless troubles!  Wan Yuan made his decision.

“I say, do you think Ye Yuan will enter the Earth ranking?” After the shock, somebody suddenly thought of that possibility.

The moment that was said, everyone became silent.

They all knew that Ye Yuan was very strong, but wasn’t it too much of an exaggeration for a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm to face off with five Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artists?

It was not uncommon to see a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm jumped ranks to battle with a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm. But the Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm was an entire four minor cultivation realms higher than the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Furthermore, there was a minor stage in between them.

That minor stage was not easy to cross!

However, Ye Yuan challenged the Yellow Rank Advancement test and passed too easily. It was so quick that it was basically effortless, making them feel a trace of possibility.

“Quickly look! Ye Yuan really went on to challenge the Black Rank Advancement test!”

This shout broke the silence, as everyone’s gaze once again concentrated on the light screen.

“This is too crazy! Consecutively challenging three tests during his first time! I’m afraid this made into the Dan Wu Academy’s history!”

“Do you guys think that Ye Yuan can successfully pass this?” The person who made everyone fall silent earlier, once again made everybody pondered on this.

. . . . . .

Facing five Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm opponents, Ye Yuan did not take things lightly like before, and he burst forth in an instant.

Even so, Ye Yuan was still in perilous danger facing the joint attack from these five opponents.

“F*ck! You actually dare to sneak attack me! These five people actually know how to form a sword array?!” Ye Yuan shouted as he dodged.

“. . . . . .”

The Dream Tapir was speechless.

When the Black Rank Advancement test started, the dream tapir secretly added an ‘extra ingredient,’ making the five Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artists to attack Ye Yuan with a sword array.

After the five black-clothed martial artists used a sword array, their combined might was no weaker than a powerful Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Ye Yuan himself was an array master. The moment these five moved out, he discovered it.

It naturally was not difficult for him to break the array with his mastery in array formations. But the combined power of these five people was too great. This sort of crushing advantage left Ye Yuan unable to do anything else, let alone break the array.

The enormous difference in power was not something that insights could compensate for. Even if these five people’s sword array were full of holes in Ye Yuan’s eyes, he could not make a counterattack.

Everything was a blur in front of Ye Yuan’s eyes, as sword shadows permeated the surroundings.

Luckily, Instant Flash was a small radius movement technique; it was perfect for this sort of group battle. Otherwise, even if Ye Yuan had ten lives, he would have long died.

Even so, Ye Yuan would still be grazed by sword qi every now and then, leaving him covered with wounds.

Although he was in a dream world, the sensation of pain was unbelievably realistic. The Dream Tapir Tribe’s Nightmare Skill was truly powerful.

Before long, Ye Yuan’s clothes were already tattered.

As the Dream Tapir looked at Ye Yuan who was trying to cope with the situation, he had a hint of a smile on his face. It was as if satisfied with his revenge.

Although Dream Tapirs were born in dream worlds, they also had emotions such as pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy.

He did not know why, but from the start when Ye Yuan was unperturbed by everything, it left him very displeased.

All these while, he had always been mysterious and haughty. But today, in front of Ye Yuan, he felt like he was stripped naked without any secrets left.

Who among the students participating in the test was not full of respect towards him? It only had to be Ye Yuan with his indifferent attitude. He even postured with instant kills twice, making him feel that he had no face left.

Hence, when the Black Rank Advancement test was starting, he secretly added a sword array for those five black-clothed martial artists, increasing their power.

“Brat, this is the result of slighting this seat. 1 Thinking about passing the Black Rank Advancement test? Go back and train first!” The Dream Tapir was secretly pleased.

He had been watching the battle, and he knew that Ye Yuan’s defensive radius was shrinking. His injuries were also increasing, so he would be defeated sooner or later.

However, the Dream Tapir was shocked in his heart at how tenacious Ye Yuan was. To be able to fight with five Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm opponents until now with his Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm strength. It was simply unthinkable.

The Dream Tapir had seen countless geniuses before, but he had never seen a genius who was able to perform to such an extent.

But . . . it should end here.

. . . . . .

Lin Tiancheng was sent out in dismal. He had failed once again. This was already the fifth time he failed to impact through the Heaven ranking!

Thinking about the musing looks and those eyes filled with mockery outside, Lin Tiancheng became frustrated.

Lin Tiancheng was already at the half-step Spirit Condensation Realm. Facing five First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists was truly a little too forced.

It was not that Lin Tiancheng wasn’t talented enough and was unable to take that final step. But it was because he had been suppressing his cultivation realm at half-step Spirit Condensation Realm.

In the Dan Wu Academy, the lower one’s cultivation realm was when passing the test and the smaller the age, showed that one’s potential was greater. The importance attached to you would naturally be different as well.

If he broke through to the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm, it would obviously be a cinch for him to defeat the five martial artists. But that way, it would be acknowledging that his talent could only go so far.

Hence, he had always been tolerating other people’s contemptuous look, wishing to pass the Earth Rank Advancement test with half-step Spirit Condensation Realm strength.

The top figures on the Martial Roll of Honor such as Long Tang, Zuo Bugui, and Su Yishan, without exception, all of them passed the Earth Rank Advancement test when they were at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm.

That was to say, these top geniuses already had a battle power surpassing the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm when they were at the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!

But he, Lin Tiancheng, was already at the half-step Spirit Condensation Realm, yet he still could not pass the Earth Rank Advancement test. The difference was clear at a glance.

Lin Tiancheng walked out of the Illusionary Spirit Tower looking incomparably dispirited.

He already made the decision that as long as there was the slightest bit of scorn in anyone’s eyes, he would rush over and violently beat him up.

The moment he stepped out of the Illusionary Spirit Tower, Lin Tiancheng swept his fierce gaze over and suddenly became stunned.

There was actually no one looking at him. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on the light screen, with some people watching nervously.

‘ What happened? ‘

Lin Tiancheng also followed everyone’s gaze and looked over at the light screen as well, but he failed to see anything. The light curtain did not have fighting scenes within the Illusionary Spirit Tower. It could only roughly display the conditions of everybody inside.

“What are you all looking at?” Lin Tiancheng casually grabbed someone and asked.

“Ah? It’s Senior Apprentice Brother Lin? Are you already out? We are looking at Ye Yuan. He is taking the Black Rank Advancement Test right now, but it looks like he can’t hold on any longer.” The student did not seem to have too big a reaction to Lin Tiancheng being out.

“What? Black Rank Advancement test? Isn’t that fellow overestimating himself? With his strength, even passing the Yellow Rank Advancement test would be a little forceful. He actually went to take on the Black Rank Advancement test?” Lin Tiancheng was stunned initially, followed by a mocking smile.

That student gave Lin Tiancheng a look, and the expression in his eyes made Lin Tiancheng feel extremely uneasy. Before he reacted, that student opened his mouth again and said, “I’m afraid Senior Apprentice Brother Lin doesn’t know yet, right? Ye Yuan already long passed the Yellow Rank Advancement test! During his Entry Advancement test and Yellow Rank Advancement test, he instantly killed his opponents! Even right now, during his Black Rank Advancement test, he already held on for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn!”

“In-instant kill?”

Lin Tiancheng suspected that he heard wrongly. However, that student no longer bothered with him and turned his head back to the light screen. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.