Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 44: Black Rank Advancement Test, Passed!

As the light representing Ye Yuan on the light screen became increasingly faint, Huyan Yong could not help but feel sorry.

However, immediately afterward, he found himself funny. The power that Ye Yuan displayed was already shocking enough. To let him challenge the Black Rank Advancement test with his Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm was truly a little too forced.

After passing the test this time around, Huyan Yong believed that as long as Ye Yuan broke through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, no, just the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm was enough to pass the Black Rank Advancement test!

“Aiya. It’s over, it’s over. Ye Yuan can’t hold on anymore!”

“Sigh. He doesn’t have a chance anymore. Right now, he probably already suffered heavy injuries, right? It was already good enough that he could last until now.”

“Miracles really aren’t so easy to create! However, Ye Yuan is already very impressive. Back then, Senior Apprentice Brother Long Tang only passed the Black Rank Advancement test when he was just about to break through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm. Ye Yuan is only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm presently!”

“Damn his sister! Your father spent half the day watching, but he still ended up losing.”

As the glow symbolizing Ye Yuan slowly became fainter, the surrounding students started talking about it. Quite a few people felt pity for Ye Yuan’s failure.

Wan Yuan watched the light screen as a trace of a sneer flashed across his mouth. Right here, the one who hoped Ye Yuan would fail the advancement test most of all was him.

“Overestimating himself! To actually dare challenge the Black Rank Advancement test when you just broke through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Do you think that these tests were just ornamental?”

After watching for so long, Wan Yuan was already aware that Ye Yuan broke through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. A deep sense of crisis followed the shock.

Now that he saw Ye Yuan was about to fail, that constriction in Wan Yuan’s chest eased up a little.

. . . . . .

At the Illusionary Spirit Tower, the Dream Tapir felt that something was not quite right as he looked at the group battle over there.

Right! Ye Yuan’s defensive radius seemed to have not shrunk for a while now!

What was going on?

Ye Yuan was clearly covered in injuries, but why did not his last line of defensive collapse, and how was he still holding on?

En? He used the sword!

The Dream Tapir suddenly discovered something abnormal. Ever since the Entry Advancement test begun, Ye Yuan had never used that lousy sword!

But now, Ye Yuan actually used the sword!

The Dream Tapir recalled back to the beginning where Ye Yuan chose his weapon leisurely like it did not matter. He thought the sword was just an accessory, and that his true killing move was the Stacking Waves Layered Palm!

The Dream Tapir naturally knew about the Stacking Waves Layered Palm. Ye Yuan was already very heaven-defying to be able to comprehend the Second Layer Wave.

It was precisely because Ye Yuan had comprehended the Second Layer Wave that he could easily pass through the Yellow Rank Advancement Test.

Hence, the Dream Tapir thought that the Stacking Waves Layered Palm was Ye Yuan’s greatest trump card. He never expected Ye Yuan’s sword art to be so superb.

Currently, Ye Yuan was still on the defensive; like a tiny sailboat in a storm. But he still stubbornly held on, and his boat just would not overturn!

The dream tapir even realized that ever since Ye Yuan used the sword, he had not been struck once by the black-clothed martial artists.

The initially flawless sword array was currently showing signs of instability.

Ye Yuan seemed to be able to see through the weakness of the sword array. Although he was forced to be on the defensive, each stance and each strike started to make the entire sword array unstable.

Could it be that this Ye Yuan was also an array expert?

The Dream Tapir felt that his brain was a little incompetent to process this notion.

Ye Yuan naturally would not randomly choose his weapon. He was indeed a sword expert in his past life.

Of course, this so-called expert was only when comparing to the Lower Realms. In the Divine Realm, there were plenty of people who could mutilate him as they liked.

The sword art that Ye Yuan currently using was something that he created during his leisure time while in the Divine Realm. The name of the sword art was Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword.

There was one time when he was talking and drinking with a few friends in a sacred sakura forest. As the skies filled with the falling petals of the sacred sakura flowers, it formed a falling flower rain.

As Ye Yuan watched the flowery scenery, he gained enlightenment and created this sword art, naming it as Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword.

Back then, there was an Extreme Sword Divine King, Kuang Tianming, among his friends. He was a Divine King who used a sword to affirm his Dao; this person had extraordinary accomplishments in the Sword Dao.

After Ye Yuan finished performing the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword, the Extreme Sword Divine King praised it highly.

At that time, Kuang Tianming said, “Brother Qingyun is amazingly talented. Tianming is inferior to you! If this sword art were to be perfected, it would definitely dazzle the Divine Realm in the future. If Brother Qingyun would devote yourself to the Sword Dao, your future accomplishments won’t be inferior to your Alchemy Dao!”

Unfortunately, the Qingyun Zi back then had no interest in the Martial Dao. Creating the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was just because of a moment of interest. After creating it, he threw it aside and never used it again.

Kuang Tianming did not praise the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword because the sword art was really that powerful.

At that time, Qingyun Zi’s cultivation realm was high, but his development in the Martial Dao was very limited. Kuang Tianming meant that if Ye Yuan devoted his thoughts on the Martial Dao and continuously raised his comprehension of the Sword Dao, the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword would become a terrifying sword art.

The sword art was strong, but Ye Yuan current cultivation realm was too low. Without the support of essence energy, he could not even unleash half of the power.

However, the focus of the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was elegance and agility, which happened to pair very well with Ye Yuan’s modified Instant Flash. The power multiplied several times over after combining the two.

Using the Instant Flash together with the Falling Flower Floating Zero Sword was just enough to defend against the combined attacks of these five people.

These five people’s sword array appeared to be extremely powerful, but in reality, it was full of flaws in Ye Yuan’s eyes. What he needed right now was an opportunity!

And this opportunity finally appeared under the attack of his movement technique and sword art.

These five people did not have corporal forms, so their cooperation was flawless. However, this sword array was too simple. It was a weakness that could not be changed!

Under the sword array, these five people would have a combined attack every dozen moves or so, and the combined attack this time was incredibly powerful. Previously, even though Ye Yuan used his movement technique to avoid the combined attack by the skin of his teeth, he still suffered rather heavy injuries.

But this time around, because of Ye Yuan’s assault, one black-clothed martial artist’s movement slowed by a beat.

Ye Yuan would not let such a good chance slip by. Before the five people’s combined attack arrived, he pushed Instant Flash to the extreme and directly flashed out of the sword array!

These five black-clothed martial artists did not know exhaustion at all. Ye Yuan had just left the encirclement when they retracted their sword momentum, and once again formed the sword array wanting to attack.

Ye Yuan obviously would not give them the chance to enclose him again. At the same time he exited the encirclement, he gathered all the remaining essence energy left in his body and unleashed a palm strike before the five people attacked.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Fourth Layer Wave!

Eight times the power exploded out, bringing a palm wind like a fierce gale; sending the five black-clothed martial artists flying.

Ye Yuan knew that this was not over yet, and he gathered the tiny bit of essence energy he had left. With Instant Flash, he moved in front of a black-clothed martial artist and stabbed his heart with one sword strike. That black-clothed martial artist died and vanished after that.

The power of that one palm was indeed great, but the difference in cultivation realm between Ye Yuan and the black-clothed martial artists was too great. So he could only heavily injure them.

Repeating what he did, Ye Yuan gave the other four people one sword strike each, concluding the battle.

After making the final move, Ye Yuan threw the sword aside and dropped his knees on the ground, gasping for air.

The Dream Tapir stood there dumbstruck as he watched on, and he did not dare to believe what just happened in front of his eyes.

“Hey, after passing this round, are you not going to heal my injuries? At this rate, I will die from excessive blood loss. You can’t expect me to challenge the next round like this, right?” Ye Yuan caught his breath and shouted at the dream tapir. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.