Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 45: Scared Me Shitless

The dream tapir was at a complete loss. Ye Yuan actually wanted to challenge the Earth Rank Advancement test?

Oh please, did he make a mistake?

The Black Rank Advancement test was already so forced, yet he still wanted to challenge the Earth Rank Advancement test?

Could it be that this brat was a fool and didn’t know the difference between the Spirit Condensation Realm and the Essence Qi Realm?

This was a major realm!

Ye Yuan gnashed his teeth in pain and sucked in a cold breath, crying out, “F*CK! Quickly heal me! What are you stoning there for?! If you still don’t heal me, I’m going to suicide and complain to the dean about you!”

Black lines appeared on the Dream Tapir’s head. This brat was a masterpiece.

He really did not know if Ye Yuan was a genius or a fool. Why were his words always full of foolishness?

The Dream Tapir was even more senior than the dean. Would the dean dare to bother with him?

He was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh because of Ye Yuan. But he still helped to treat his injuries.

The dream tapir lightly tapped, and Ye Yuan was instantly full of vitality.

Feeling the surging essence energy in his body, Ye Yuan gave a sly smile and said, “Hehe. The dream world is the best. No matter how heavy the injuries, I can also revive.”

At this moment, the dream tapir already recollected himself and looked at Ye Yuan with a smile that wasn’t a smile. He asked, “How did you know this is the dream world? I don’t recall saying that we are in the dream world. Also, do you know what I am?”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and played possum. “Oh please. You are insulting my intelligence! If this isn’t a dream, then why would I suddenly have a sword out of nowhere? If this isn’t a dream, then why did those martial artists disappear after dying? As for you, aren’t you the examiner? You are still insulting my intelligence! And also, why did you use an underhanded trick just now?! I want to report you!”

The dream tapir knew that Ye Yuan was not being truthful, but he could not be bothered to argue.

No matter what, it was a good thing for the Dan Wu Academy to have one more genius student.

“You really want to challenge the Earth Rank Advancement test?”

“Do you think I’m joking with you?” Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and asked back.

“Good. You have courage. You also felt it just now, the pain that you feel is linked to reality. Although you dying in here doesn’t mean true death, it wouldn’t be pleasant.”

“I say, Lord Examiner, can you stop wasting my time? I’m very busy!” Ye Yuan replied impatiently.

“Fine. As you wish!”

The Dream Tapir gave a faint smile and summoned five black-clothed martial artists once more. Except for this time around, these five black-clothed martial artists were shockingly all at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

. . . . . .

Outside the Illusionary Spirit Tower, the crowd was currently seething with excitement.

“How is that possible? Ye Yuan, he really did it!”

“Am I seeing things? Just now, he was clearly on his dying breath. How did he suddenly finish off his opponents?”

“Ye Yuan really created a miracle! He should be the Earth Rank student with the lowest cultivation realm since the establishment of the Dan Wu Academy!”

“And also the one with the greatest talent!”

“Just what on earth happened to that fellow? Could it be that he pretended to be so useless in the past? Unbelievable!”

Many students felt honored to have witnessed a historical moment.

But no matter how they racked their brains, they just could not understand how Ye Yuan improved so quickly. Previously, he was clearly the last place in the academy. But now, he soared to the skies in one move, rising to become an Earth Rank student.

The miracle that happened on Ye Yuan’s body was simply a paragon counterattack!

A change like this would strike a sympathetic chord among many students.

If these students were in the outside world, they would naturally be geniuses. But in the Dan Wu Academy, the vast majority of them were just average people.

Ye Yuan’s result no doubt stirred up their fighting spirit.

Huyan Yong looked at the light screen and cursed in his heart.  This brat dares to mess with me?! He actually waited until the last moment before advancing successfully! It looks like he didn’t even use 30% of his power during his deathmatch with Fei Qingping!

Although he scolded, Huyan Yong was actually thrilled in his heart.

With Ye Yuan’s potential, perhaps he would have the strength to pass through the Heaven Rank Advancement test in the future?

The two people who were the unhappiest were naturally Wan Yuan and Liu Ruoshui. The two of them had just passed the Black Rank Advancement test. That is to say that currently, Ye Yuan already had the strength to threaten them?

Impossible! Half a month ago, Ye Yuan was still a First Level Essence Qi Realm dreg. And now, half a month later, he could already threaten me?

Then what were all my years of hard work for?!

Ye Yuan that punk must have used some trick! His true strength shouldn’t be that strong!

That must be the case!

No matter what, I must quickly eliminate Ye Yuan.

Wan Yuan did not want to wait for even a second longer. He wished he could immediately call Su Yishan to kill Ye Yuan.

Thinking of which, he had already made the decision to kill Ye Yuan several times today. And this thought got stronger each time.

When Wan Yuan had just arrived, he paid not much attention to him. But now, he could sense deeply that Ye Yuan was already standing on the same level as him!

Recalling Ye Yuan’s moves, the great circle stage Instant Flash coupled with the Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Second Layer Wave’s colossal attack power; could he really escape unscathed?

Wan Yuan felt a cold shiver ran through his body.

To be able to defeat five Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm showed that Ye Yuan’s attack power could already threaten him!

Was there anything even scarier than that?

“Quickly look! Ye Yuan challenged the Earth Rank Advancement test! My God! Is he mad?”

“It’s true! That fellow is really a madman! No matter how heaven-defying he is, there’s no way he could defeat five First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists! He is only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm!”

“I’m already numbed by him. Let him play however he wants . . .”

Wan Yuan looked at the light screen as his heart involuntarily froze.

That fellow, could it be . . .

. . . . . .

The moment the five black-clothed martial artists appeared once more, Ye Yuan felt an overwhelming pressure hitting him head-on, making him feel short of breath.

In this sort of test, these five people would not have any sort of compassion. The moment they attacked, it was with piercing cold killing intent.

Even while facing opponents a major cultivation realm higher than him, moreover, five of them, Ye Yuan remained in full fighting spirit.

“Bring it on!”

Ye Yuan howled, his dangling pair of fists turning into palms.

All the essence energy in his body surged, creating a whirlwind which made Ye Yuan’s sleeves flapped wildly.

The Dream Tapir looked at this scene and involuntarily drew a cold breath. He muttered to himself, “This brat actually mastered the Eighth Layer Wave! Such terrifying talent!”

Ye Yuan’s hand posture right now was precisely the Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eighth Layer Wave!

During the deathmatch with Fei Qingping, everybody thought that Ye Yuan was bitterly training the Second Layer Wave, which was why he was late. In reality, he was practicing the Eighth Layer Wave back then!

And this Eighth Layer Wave was also the final move of the Stacking Waves Layered Palm. The fragmented martial technique recorded on the jade slip stopped there.

Even if it was only the Eighth Layer Wave, sixteen times the unleashed power was sufficient for Ye Yuan to traverse proudly through the Essence Qi Realm.

Sixteen times the unleashed power was on par with the great circle stage Absolute Yang Finger. And Ye Yuan’s Absolute Yang Finger was only trained to the small success stage.

Which was to say, this Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eighth Layer Wave was currently Ye Yuan’s greatest trump card!

Unlike being surrounded and assaulted by the previous five Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artists, these current five First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists did not seem to be in a rush to attack. Instead, they were waiting for Ye Yuan to make his move.

Ye Yuan knew that this was the Dream Tapir’s doing. In an actual life and death battle, who would give him such a long time to use a big move?

After he finished preparing his stance, the five black-clothed martial artists finally moved.

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s unleashed his palm strike.


Both parties collided heavily against each other, and Ye Yuan’s consciousness gradually blurred . . .

“Damn his sister, it scared me shitless. I thought he would even make it through the Earth Rank Advancement test. He was finally killed!”

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