Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 46: Arranging a Battle

“Was Ye Yuan messing with us? He could clearly leave unscathed, but he just had to exit in such a manner. It gave me such a huge fright!”

“Yeah. Although it’s in the dream world, the feeling of death isn’t pleasant. Every time I was killed, it made me feel like I was really about to die.”

“It pisses me off. I thought that he really had the strength to challenge the Earth Rank Advancement test. Who would have thought that he would be instantly killed right away. Isn’t that messing with us?”

. . . . . .

‘Scared me shitless’ was like a bomb that went off among the initially quiet onlookers.

The innocent Ye Yuan still did not know that his actions incurred the wrath of everybody, drawing everyone’s grievances.

The main issue was that he previously whetted everybody’s appetite too much, inevitably making everyone think that he had a probability of passing.

If Ye Yuan lost after a fierce battle, then the students’ reactions at least would not be this huge. But who would have thought that he would be instantly killed the moment he went up, making everyone drop their glasses in shock.

The difference between expectations and reality was too large. No wonder everyone felt like they were being made fun of.

Huyan Yong also stared blankly at the light curtain and could not help laughing.

He and the other students were the same. Ye Yuan stirred up their emotions, making them think that he really had some killing move to pass the Earth Rank Advancement test. Who knew that this fellow was just fearless because of ignorance; sending himself to his death.

“But . . . to be able to pass the Black Rank Advancement test, becoming the youngest student as well as the student with the lowest cultivation realm to enter the Dan Wu Academy’s Earth Rank . . . Ye Yuan’s strength has already surpassed my imagination.” Huyan Yong gave his approval.

He did not feel that Ye Yuan purposely tricked everyone. On the contrary, he felt that Ye Yuan’s martial heart was steadfast.

Most people would definitely choose to retreat when facing an opponent who was a major realm higher. But Ye Yuan decided to fight. His choice already highlighted a lot of problems.

Of course, if he knew what Ye Yuan did inside the Illusionary Spirit Tower, who knew what he would think?

Within the Illusionary Spirit Tower, Ye Yuan had already returned to reality. There were only the Dream Tapir and the other four black-clothed martial artists left in the combat arena.

The astonishment in the Dream Tapir’s eyes had yet to fade . . .

Just now, when Ye Yuan chose to fight the five black-clothed martial artists head-on, Ye Yuan naturally died from the other party’s powerful attack.

But at the last moment, Ye Yuan’s Eighth layer Wave struck one of the black-clothed martial artists, killing him!

Even though Ye Yuan would not really die inside the dream world, and there was suspicion of trickery involved, he really finished off a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm fighter!

That means that Ye Yuan already had the strength to threaten a Spirit Condensation Realm!

A Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm with the strength to threaten a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Was this a fantasy story?

The Dream Tapir swallowed hard as he thought about how unreal this world was.

. . . . . .

“Oh? I should have finished off one of them just now, right?”

Ye Yuan was lost in his thoughts as he walked out of the Illusionary Spirit Tower and did not notice everyone’s peculiar expressions. He was still thinking about just now when he faced off with the five black-clothed martial artists.

Lu-er was the first to rush up to Ye Yuan. She completed the Entry Advancement test long ago and already officially became a student of the Dan Wu Academy.

Passing the Entry Advancement test as a Third Level Essence Qi Realm, Lu-er’s strength naturally had no room for doubt. Huyan Yong also noticed this inconspicuous little girl.

Of course, Lu-er could pass the test because Ye Yuan passed her a rather powerful martial technique called the Profound Ice Nine Forms. This set of martial technique was precisely the martial technique that the Spirit Snow Divine King became famous for. It was incredibly powerful when paired with Lu-er’s cultivation law.

What Lu-er cultivated in were all top cultivation laws and martial techniques in the Divine Realm. Hence, it naturally was not much to jump ranks to defeat five Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm fighters.

“Young Master, you are amazing! You actually passed through three levels of tests at once!” Lu-er pulled Ye Yuan’s sleeve as she exclaimed with pride.

Watching Ye Yuan pass the test made Lu-er feel even happier than passing it herself.

Ye Yuan looked at Lu-er, and with a smile, he said, “It’s just the Black Rank Advancement test. It wasn’t even hard at all. If that damn examiner didn’t use underhanded tricks to mess with me, I would have passed it long ago.”

The surrounding students were stunned once again. This fellow’s ability to brag was even greater than his strength.

Just now, he was clearly being thoroughly wrecked. But now, he is out here bragging.

The Illusionary Spirit Tower’s examiner tested countless students and was always fair and just. How could he possibly use underhanded methods to mess with a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm student?

“Hehe. Anyway, Young Master is the most amazing! It’s a shame that Big Brother Tang is in a closed-door seclusion. Otherwise, he would also be happy for Young Master.”

After this period of accumulation, Tang Yu’s cultivation realm had already stabilized. He just happened to enter a closed-door seclusion training two days ago to break through to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Ye Yuan gave Tang Yu a batch of transcendent-grade Essence Qi Pills. Breaking through the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm was just a matter of time.

“Hahaha. After Tang Yu exits seclusion, he should come to participate in the Yellow Rank Advancement test. Looking at you, you should have also passed the test,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Lu-er smiled as she nodded her head and replied, “Isn’t it all thanks to Young Master?”

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “What does that has got to do with me? You were the one who cultivated out your essence energy.”

The master and servant stood side by side as they talked, making the onlookers envious.

Initially, everyone’s attention was attracted by the light screen and did not notice that there was such a pretty young lady in the crowd.

Now that she and Ye Yuan stood together, it immediately attracted many eyes.

The crowd just noticed, since when was there was such a pretty young lady among the students?

In terms of appearance, the yet-to-mature Lu-er was already much prettier than Liu Ruoshui. However, that pure and innocent air that Lu-er had was something which Liu Ruoshui was not equipped with.

Seeing everyone’s expression, Ye Yuan knew that Lu-er would most likely become the target of pursue by many students in the academy.

At this moment, a student walked in front of Ye Yuan. Those who saw him immediately recognized who he was.

“Quickly look! Isn’t that Senior Apprentice Brother Wu? He is famous in the academy for being infatuated with martial arts; he is a top figure ranked 15 on the Martial Roll of Honor! Could it be that he is already eyeing Ye Yuan? Then Ye Yuan is screwed!”

Wu Luochen cupped his hands towards Ye Yuan and said, “Congratulations to Junior Apprentice Brother Ye for advancing as an Earth Rank. I am Wu Luochen, Heaven Rank.”

Ye Yuan was not clear with what was going on, but he still returned a greeting. He then replied, “Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother Wu.”

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s talent stands above all others. I believe that before long, you will advance as a Heaven Rank. At that time, I wish to arrange with Junior Apprentice Brother Ye for us to spar. I hope that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye won’t decline.”

Even though it was expected, Wu Luochen’s words still caused a big stir among the crowd.

Wu Luochen was infatuated with martial arts and liked to go around the academy to challenge experts. The people on the Martial Roll of Honor all felt a headache whenever they saw him.

Because he pursued martial arts wholeheartedly, Wu Luochen’s improvement was also very fast. In half a year’s time, he fought his way from the bottom of the Heaven ranking to being ranked 15 on the Martial Roll of Honor.

Ye Yuan sized Wu Luochen up. He then suddenly smiled and said, “Since Senior Apprentice Brother Wu think highly of me. Why wouldn’t I dare fight?”

Wu Luochen was initially somewhat solemn looking, but now, he cracked a smile and replied, “Good! You are indeed the student with the greatest potential in the academy! If you encounter any problems in the academy from today onwards, you can look for me anytime!”

“Haha. Then many thanks to Senior Apprentice Brother Wu,” Ye Yuan laughed as he replied. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.