Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 48: I Just Want You

“That’s right. Their conversation was unclear. I only know that one was running, while the other was chasing.”

“Oh God. My Goddess! If Ye Yuan dares to do anything, I will definitely kill him!”

“That’s right. We must find out what happened! If Ye Yuan really did something that angers men, even God, then we must eliminate that hateful fellow!”

Only Ye Yuan and Feng Ruoqing knew what their conversation was all about, which drove everyone crazy.

Under this circumstance, the ‘Protect Ruoqing Alliance’ was officially established.

There were two primary missions in this alliance. The first was to figure out what happened between Ye Yuan and Feng Ruoqing.

The second was a priority over the first mission. The moment they discovered that Ye Yuan really did something, they will beat Ye Yuan half to death. Then afterward, they will beat him up every time they saw him! That would make him regret what he did for the rest of his life!

Regardless of how powerful Ye Yuan was, he just became an Earth Rank student. One could casually grab a bunch of Earth Rank students who were stronger than Ye Yuan.

Of course, there were some who linked it to the medicinal theory class that day. But Teacher Feng only asked Ye Yuan to be an assistant. It should not have caused such a ruckus, right?

Furthermore, it was a wonderful thing to be Teacher Feng’s assistant. How did it turn into a public pursuit?

After understanding the situation, the ‘Protect Ruoqing Alliance’ filtered out that possibility. They felt something else must have happened between the two of them.

At the same time, multiple speculations about what happened between Feng Ruoqing and Ye Yuan started to spread among the students and even among the teachers in the Dan Wu Academy.

Of course, this was all for later. Currently, all Ye Yuan was thinking about was how to get rid of this pestering Feng Ruoqing as soon as possible.

Ye Yuan could tell at a glance that Feng Ruoqing truly loved alchemy. That was because she was exactly the same as the past him.

Dealing with this sort of people was tough. She would become like a curious baby whenever she encountered something interesting related to Alchemy Dao and would only let it go after she understood it.

Presently, Feng Ruoqing was like that. She was fixated on Ye Yuan because she felt that Ye Yuan could help her refine the Tier 2 Qi Returning Pill, helping her to successfully breakthrough to the high-rank Alchemy Master!

However, Ye Yuan really did not want to waste too much time on this.

On the one hand, Feng Ruoqing might go from bad to worse if Ye Yuan taught her.

On the other hand, it was a little outrageous for a student to teach a teacher, possibly causing some unnecessary trouble.

Ye Yuan walked in front while Feng Ruoqing followed behind, keeping a close eye on Ye Yuan’s every move to prevent him from running.

Ye Yuan felt a headache coming on and realized that he could not escape today.

“Teacher Feng? What a coincidence.” At this moment, a man dressed in yellow blocked their path, greeting Feng Ruoqing with zeal.

Ye Yuan did not recognize this person, but looking from his clothing, he should be a teacher in the Dan Wu Academy.

“I have seen Senior Apprentice Brother Song Qian.” Feng Ruoqing frowned lightly, but she still returned the greeting.

Ye Yuan sneered secretly by the side. This Song Qian’s eyes shone when he saw Feng Ruoqing and never even looked at him. He was clearly one of Feng Ruoqing’s fanatical pursuers.

However, this Song Qian was around 25 to 26 years old. He should be considered young and talented among the academy’s teachers.

But sadly, judging from her reaction, Feng Ruoqing did not seem to be interested in this fellow.

A woman like this who was infatuated with Alchemy Dao probably could not be subdued by any ordinary man.

Looking at Song Qian’s appearance, he seemed to be prepared to enter the pill refinement chamber as well.

Ye Yuan speculated could it be that this Song Qian knew that Feng Ruoqing was coming, so he waited here since long ago?

“Teacher Feng is going to the pill refinement chamber again?” Song Qian asked a pointless question.

“Yes,” Feng Ruoqing replied indifferently.

“Teacher Feng is so diligent! But this is the teachers’ pill refinement area. Teacher Feng brought this student over for?”

Hearing Song Qian, Ye Yuan rolled his eyes involuntarily. So this guy actually noticed him. Ye Yuan thought that he was air in his eyes.

“Ye Yuan is the assistant I found.”

“Assistant?” Only now did Song Qian take a look at Ye Yuan. With a frown, he said, “If I’m not wrong, he isn’t even an Alchemy Apprentice. This Song is incapable, but I dare say that I’m capable enough to be Teacher Feng’s assistant.”

Song Qian could tell at a glance that Ye Yuan was not even an Alchemy Apprentice. That was because alchemists who were ranked would display the badge issued by the Alchemist Association on their chests. It was a symbol of one’s status as an alchemist!

Song Qian and Feng Ruoqing both displayed a badge on their chest with two blinding stars on it. This represented the identity of a Tier 2 Alchemist!

The Alchemist Associate also existed in the Divine Realm, but in his previous life, both Zhengyang Zi and Qingyun Zi didn’t have this sort of badge. That was because the two of them had never taken part in the Alchemist Association’s tests.

However, nobody in the Divine Realm dared to take the father-son pair lightly, because their attainments in Alchemy Dao was not inferior to the president of the Alchemist Association, Ou Yezi.

But right now, Ye Yuan did not have the time to reminisce his past life. Song Qian’s words made his eyes light up!

Just as Feng Ruoqing was about to speak, Ye Yuan interrupted, “That’s right! That’s right! Teacher Feng, I’m not even an Alchemy Apprentice. How can I possibly help you? Teacher Song is a fine gentleman who is also an Alchemy Master. With his help, what medicinal pills can’t be refined? Since that’s the case, then I have no more business here. I will be making a move first.”

While Ye Yuan was talking, Song Qian looked at him approvingly. He thought to himself that this punk really knew what to do. He could give him guidance in the future.

“Teacher Feng, you see . . .”

Feng Ruoqing did not even look at Song Qian. She suddenly clawed at Ye Yuan, and an indistinct essence energy thread immediately coiled around Ye Yuan’s ankle.

If the students who watched Ye Yuan’s deathmatch were here, they would see that Feng Ruoqing’s move was precisely the Lesser Capturing Hand that Fei Qingping used before!

Except that the power of the exact same move, when displayed by Feng Ruoqing could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Ye Yuan was about to sneak away after he finished talking when he felt as if his legs were suddenly filled with lead, and he face-planted the ground from the inertia.


Ye Yuan wailed in pain on the ground. The difference between the two was too great. Feng Ruoqing did not even move, and she could knock him down.

After knocking him down, Feng Ruoqing took two steps forward. As she walked by Song Qian, she did not even bother to look at him.

Walking in front of Ye Yuan, Feng Ruoqing frowned as she said, “Are you a man? How can you go back on your word? I don’t need other people to be my assistant. I only want you! If you run again, I don’t mind reporting you to the dean to get you expelled from the academy. I believe my words will have some standing.”

After she said that, Ye Yuan could not muster up any temper.

In the cultivation world, it was an undeniable fact that disciples from sects were stronger that loose cultivators.

As the outer sect of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, the Dan Wu Academy gathered virtually every single top geniuses. There was no better place than here to temper himself.

Ye Yuan did not have any interest in the Dan Wu Academy’s resources, but he had some interest in the geniuses here.

Seeing Ye Yuan finally yielded, Feng Ruoqing felt delighted from subjugating him. She finally caught this punk.

Turning to Song Qian, she said, “Many thanks for Teacher Song’s good intentions, but it’s enough for Ye Yuan to be my assistant. Teacher Song definitely has many things to do as the Dan Wu Academy’s rising star. I won’t delay your time.”

“Ye Yuan, let’s go.”

Ye Yuan sighed and obediently followed behind Feng Ruoqing.

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