Someone pushed Gu Qingjiu and this finally brought Gu Qingjiu back to her senses. She glanced at the boy who was queuing behind her and looking at her weirdly. She then softly said, “I’m sorry.”

With that, she walked into the classroom.

The room that was originally used as an experiment classroom had been decorated into a selection room. In the classroom, there were three soldiers from three respective military regions. They were the representatives from the military to select any suitable students this time.

The one sitting in the middle was a woman wearing spectacles. Although she looked ordinary, she still looked slightly cool and handsome in her military uniform. However, her expression looked a little stiff and cold. When she saw Gu Qingjiu walk in, her silent, yet stern gaze would, unfortunately, make normal students tense up in fear.

Gu Qingjiu was very calm.

The two sitting on each side of this female instructor were two young men. One of them was looking at the computer while the other had a stack of documents placed in front of him.


The female instructor spoke coldly. Gu Qingjiu calmed herself down and replied, “Gu Qingjiu.”

Hearing her reply, the soldier that was staring at the computer quickly opened her information document while the other found Gu Qingjiu’s information form from the stack of documents and gave it to the female instructor quickly.

They were very quick.

The female instructor merely glanced at Gu Qingjiu’s information before she asked, “Year Three fourth class?”

At this time, Gu Qingjiu noticed a very small movement from the female instructor. When she glanced at Gu Qingjiu’s separating form, a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes, as if there was something weird about it.

Gu Qingjiu froze.

However, very quickly, that female instructor’s expression returned to normal. She spoke in a cold tone, “Why do you want to join the military?”

It was as if every job interview had to ask the same type of questions.

However, Gu Qingjiu had already thought of an answer.

“Because it’s my dream, so I want to realize it.”

Because, at least to the current Gu Qingjiu, this was the only answer.

Her words caused a shock to appear on the stern and stiff expression of the female instructor.

She wasn’t merely surprised with Gu Qingjiu’s answer, for many students who came in said the same things.

However, while some of them were giggling and laughing like they didn’t care, others looked like they had said it ever so casually.

Only Gu Qingjiu said it so seriously.

The girl wasn’t like the others. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a jacket, making her look slightly plump.

Her skin was as fair as white porcelain. On her ordinary face, her eyes oozed with unprecedented seriousness.

The sparkle in her eyes exuded a different type of loneliness.

From her behavior, she was very composed and calm. It was a type of calmness that was rare on people her age.

No matter if her separating form had…

The female instructor blinked, her lips suddenly breaking into a smile as she pressed that separating form down. “Alright, you passed. Come and gather in school on the 3rd as per usual. You have to go to the hospital for a group check-up. If you can confirm that there is nothing wrong with your body, I will welcome you as a new soldier in advance!”

No matter what, the female instructor liked this girl a little.

She liked the calm and indifferent aura Gu Qingjiu had. This calm character was the best to train in the military.

Gu Qingjiu could not stop her lips from curling up right now after hearing the words ‘you passed’.

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