Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!

Chapter 19: Unwilling to Part

Once Qi Yuefeng heard that Gu Qingjiu had passed the selection, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She hugged Gu Qingjiu and sadly said, “Why did you pass?”

Gu Qingjiu was speechless.

She knew that her mother didn’t want her to join the military, so she didn’t wish for her to pass the selection.

She felt a little guilty, but she could only say, “I’m sorry, Mother, but I really want to join the military.”

One day, when she was powerful enough, she wouldn’t leave her family for too long anymore.

Hearing that Gu Qingjiu was so determined, Qi Yuefeng couldn’t do anything anymore. She wiped her tears, and with a hint of slight sadness in her tone of voice, she said, “Your brother adores you so much. He definitely wouldn’t bear to see you join the military. Wait ’till I tell him about it when he comes back!”

Gu Qingjiu’s older brother, Gu Qingmo, doted on Gu Qingjiu a lot as well.

The entire family never treated the youngest girl badly even though she had been picked up from the streets. Since they were young, Gu Qingmo always liked to protect Gu Qingjiu.

It was because his younger sister always looked like she was in a daze. She was so obedient ever since she was young that others could not help but dote on her. When she grew older, others felt even more heartache for her.

However, he had gone on to university and needed to leave home. That was why Gu Qingjiu rarely saw her older brother now.

She remembered clearly that after Gu Qingmo came home during the new year, Gu Qingjiu had been found and returned to the Yu family. From then on, she never saw her older brother again.

Gu Qingmo went to the Yu family to find her once, but he was hit and thrown out by the Yu family. Later, when she received the news of her parents passing away and she had been sentenced to jail soon after, Gu Qingjiu never knew what exactly had happened to her older brother. She could describe the second half of her life as her being imprisoned by the Yu family.

At this thought, Gu Qingjiu felt her heart throbbing in pain. A dark bloodthirstiness even started to exude from her eyes. However, Qi Yuefeng didn’t notice it for she was still sad and overwhelmed by the news of Gu Qingjiu joining the military. By the time Qi Yuefeng recollected herself, she glanced towards Gu Qingjiu who, by that time, had already kept her raging emotions in check.

“Never mind. Since you’ve passed the selection, I cannot stop you from going. I’ll say what your father said again. You can just come back if you cannot take it. None of us will say anything, so please don’t suffer and torture yourself.”

With that said, worry appeared on Qi Yuefeng’s gentle expression. “I’m talking to you. Qingjiu, do you remember all of them?”

Gu Qingjiu nodded in obedience. “Mom, I memorized them.”

In front of the Gu family members, she was terribly obedient.

With such an obedient daughter, Qi Yuefeng was really afraid that she would suffer at the military camp. Everyone, even the commoners, knew how tough and strict the training inside was. They had a lot of rules as well. With Gu Qingjiu’s soft personality, she might suffer terribly or her superiors might scold her. At the thought of that situation, Qi Yuefeng felt her heart in immeasurable pain.

She needed to stop thinking about it. If she did, she wouldn’t want to let Gu Qingjiu go anymore.

If that time came, their daughter might be unhappy with them!

Her daughter had to go to the hospital for a check-up on the 3rd. Qi Yuefeng knew very clearly that apart from being a little weak, Gu Qingjiu had no issues with her body. It was already a given that she would join the military now, so she went back into the rooms to tidy her luggage for her.

There were many rules in the military camp and there was a restriction in the things they could bring, so Qi Yuefeng was a little worried.

She really could not bear to let Gu Qingjiu suffer even one bit, yet this child was oddly determined this time…

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