Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!

Chapter 28: Person With Special Treatment

Although they spoke with hushed voices, Chen Haoyang still heard the soft mutterings. So, he turned around and threw them a sharp stare.

The team instantly fell silent.

After hinting that she had someone backing her, Yu Bao’er also chose to be low-key at the moment.

It was a matter to someone to back her up, but to go against the instructor in camp was another.

If such a thing happened, her older brother would definitely hit her!

Everyone remained silent as they arrived at the place to get their luggage. After they got their things, they all headed back to their dormitory rooms.

They passed by the cafeteria on the way back to the dormitory.

The cafeteria was a three-level tall building, and it took up quite a big area.

The second level had transparent glass windows and it was clear that it wasn’t on the same level as the first level.

This horrendous classed society…

At the moment, no matter if the soldiers had been training or were resting, they all came to the cafeteria to have something to eat. Groups and groups of soldiers dressed in camouflage uniforms walked over. There were several female soldiers as well, all of them looked cool and handsome as they walked in a row and entered the building. All of them stood in a queue and in an orderly manner, and they all waited to take their food quietly.

This order was something that will never be seen in normal schools.

When they passed by the cafeteria, food fragrance trailed out from inside, and it had woken the hungry worms within the group of new recruits. All of their stomachs cried out in hunger while their saliva started to pool in their mouths.

Chen Haoyang was hungry as well. However, he had to bring the new recruits to settle down first.

Bringing new recruits were like this. They used more time on the first day, but it would be fine afterwards.

Gu Qingjiu was also so hungry she couldn’t help but glance towards the cafeteria. However, when she looked up, she saw a figure that was somewhat familiar sitting by the window on the second-level.

It was that man, who had dyed his hair white and drove a military vehicle, that she had bumped into that day.

She didn’t think that he would be in this camp.

Gu Qingjiu felt it was somewhat amazing.

However, what was more amazing was that while he was wearing the military uniform, his hair color wasn’t reprimanded? His hairstyle wasn’t changed either?

Didn’t the military force everyone to have army haircuts?

“What are you looking at?”

Gu Qingjiu’s gaze attracted Yu Bao’er’s attention as well. She looked to where Gu Qingjiu’s gaze was pointed at and saw Huo Yingcheng who had an arrogant hairstyle. Displeased, she instantly cried out, “Sir, why can that person dye his hair?”

Hearing Yu Bao’er’s words, Chen Haoyang looked up. He was a little shocked as well. It was clear that he didn’t know that person.

However, Chen Haoyang wasn’t a fool in such situations. He didn’t say anything apart from snarling, “Don’t ask too much about such things in the military!”

It was clearly suppressing the weak who had no rights.

Yu Bao’er was extremely unhappy.

Since he was able to openly wear the military uniform and have his hair dyed, even a fool knew that the other’s identity wasn’t simple.

Military rules were by force. No matter which official’s son they were, they still had to follow the military rules once they enlist.

However, how is this person able to dye his hair?

Chen Haoyang was a little confused as well.

He continued to lead the recruits to their dormitory rooms. Huo Yingcheng, who was sitting by the window on the second-level suddenly turned his head. With a blink, he saw a familiar figure.

“Hey, Xiao Pang1…”

If it wasn’t because of her familiar features, he almost didn’t recognize her with the sudden change of hairstyle.

The other’s name was Gu Qingjiu, not Xiao Pang.

Huo Yingcheng finally recalled.

The little chubby had actually enlisted in the military?!

This was fate!

While Huo Yingcheng was still amazed, he heard a cold voice trail over from beside him.

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