Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!

Chapter 40: Hello, Chief Instructor (1)

Taking out the clothes from the closet, Gu Qingjiu put a sweater over her clothes and then put on a military jacket before going out.

After a week’s exercise, Gu Qingjiu’s figure seemed the same. But at a closer look, her chubby and round face seemed more defined.

After all, it would be a miracle to find a fat soldier after such high-intensity training in the military.

Nobody wanted to be too fat.

Gu Qingjiu’s weight was barely on the passing line.

She was not very clear why she was selected.

The winter afternoon was not very cold, and there were soldiers resting around the camp.

The military area of Dayi City was surrounded by mountains. These rolling mountain ranges were a majestic view. It would be a beautiful tourist attraction if it did not prohibit outsiders from entering.

The Back Mountain Number Five Yu Bao’er mentioned earlier, it was named that way all because the people in the military region found it a bother to name the different mountains one by one. Hence, they gave them nicknames.

Back Mountain Number Five was diagonally opposite the new recruits’ training camp. There were dense forests on the mountain and continued downwards. The trees were towering and there stood some thousand-year-old trees with a long history.

There were also many wild animals in the mountains, some of which were raised by the military itself, but there were regulations against hunting the wild animals.

But the veterans were a group of old foxes. There were often veterans who went to the mountain to catch pheasants to improve their meals. This rule was orally passed down and was not considered military rules, so the military turned a blind eye to it.

But the contradicting thing was that Back Mountain Number Five was close to the military region and the new recruits’ camp.

In fact, some people in the military region who hunted there were combat soldiers who were training. Even the veterans would stay in the new recruits’ training camp for three years. Only after three years would they be promoted to the military region.

Therefore, for Gu Qingjiu and the others, they were veterans, but in the eyes of the people from the military region, they were also new recruits.

So, if the people from the military region catches the veterans bringing new recruits to hunt, they would be lectured.

Some veterans who wanted to show off might even report to the instructors of the new recruits.

Punishment would be unavoidable.

Gu Qingjiu did not know the twists and turns in the military camp. If she did, she would not go to the mountain.

Of course, she did not know the way. She asked a female soldier for the way.

The female soldier was very friendly but was surprised to hear that Gu Qingjiu was going there. She did not say anything and pointed the way for Gu Qingjiu before going off to do her own things.

Gu Qingjiu followed the route pointed by the female soldier and went to Back Mountain Number Five.

During weekends, there were also soldiers standing guard around. As for those relatively uncontrolled new recruits, they would not care about them as long as they did not go to where they were not supposed to.

Gu Qingjiu arrived at the foot of Back Mountain Number Five. There were several paths that the soldiers had trampled out.

Yu Bao’er said that she was waiting for Gu Qingjiu at the top of the mountain.

If it was the Gu Qingjiu from before, she would definitely give up when she saw that she had to climb the mountain. But now, although she found it a little troublesome, she still found a path to climb up.

There was a dense forest at the top of the mountain and soldiers were walking around as well. Gu Qingjiu was quite relieved, but she did not expect that as she walked, there was no road ahead as it was blocked by several tall trees.

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