Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her!

Chapter 49: Sending Her Away

A green figure rushed into the room and pulled the two fighting figures apart.

Seeing who had come, Gu Qingjiu froze slightly.

Jiang Yu was surprised as well.

Because they didn’t know the young man that just came in.

But Gu Qingjiu did.

And this person was Huo Yingcheng.

Huo Yingcheng wasn’t their instructor. Why did he come to the female dormitory?

Yu Bao’er and Feng Meiyun have been pulled apart. Their eyes were completely red from anger now. Feng Meiyun felt extremely humiliated from being slapped, while Yu Bao’er had two scratch marks from Feng Meiyun. Both of them looked extremely terrible.

After Huo Yingcheng pulled them apart, their lost rationality slowly returned. When they saw the tall and fierce-looking Huo Yingcheng, fear slowly swarmed their heart. Their legs even started to tremble from fear.

Yu Bao’er wasn’t as scared as Feng Meiyun was, though she still felt rather guilty.

Her previous fighting spirit had disappeared. She then slowly looked down.

Huo Yingcheng wasn’t as smiley as he usually was to Gu Qingjiu. When he was serious, he looked like a living Satan. On top of his tall and broad figure, the power he exuded was unusually strong.

“I could hear you two fighting for death when I was walking downstairs. I came up and saw you two fighting. You’re really daring, aren’t you?!”

After Huo Yingcheng said this, Jiang Yu wanted to say something. However, when she saw the rank on Huo Yingcheng’s shoulders, she instantly turned silent.

Both Yu Bao’er and Feng Meiyun remained silent as they had their heads down, looking like a rooster that had lost in their fights. Just as Huo Yingcheng wanted to start scolding them, he turned around and saw Gu Qingjiu.

When he saw Gu Qingjiu, Huo Yingcheng froze visibly as well.

It was as if he didn’t expect Gu Qingjiu to belong to this dormitory room.

His expression didn’t change, however, as he turned back towards Yu Bao’er and Feng Meiyun. He asked, “Why did you fight?”

Both Yu Bao’er and Feng Meiyun were speechless. It was best to remain quiet in such situations because if one of them dared to speak the truth and the other party chimed in, they would definitely be scolded.

“Are you not speaking? Alright, let’s leave it like this! Who is your instructor? Tell me their name!”

With that said, he glanced at Feng Meiyun and scolded loudly. “Who is it? You, tell me!”

Feng Meiyun jumped from the volume of his voice. After trembling a little, she slowly replied, “I—it’s… Instructor Chen Haoyang from the Third Battalion Seventh Unit.”

“Why do you sound so weak when you speak? Weren’t you very strong when you were fighting? Weren’t you very passionate? What about now? Did you become a coward? You can’t stay strong-headed anymore?”

Huo Yingcheng started to scold Feng Meiyun once more. Seeing how Feng Meiyun got scolded, Yu Bao’er smirked as she gloated over Feng Meiuyun’s situation with her head still down. However, Feng Meiyun saw her expression and anger flashed in her eyes once more.

At the same time, Huo Yingcheng turned around and pointed at Gu Qingjiu. “Go and bring your instructor to this building!”

Gu Qingjiu froze for a moment before she saluted. “Yes, Sir!”

She didn’t know why Huo Yingcheng asked her to go, but any orders from the instructors must be followed.

The moment Gu Qingjiu went out, Huo Yingcheng continued in his scoldings. “The two of you, go down!”

With that said, he glanced at Jiang Yu, who was still standing by the side. Jiang Yu seemed a little scared. Huo Yingcheng immediately waved his hand in annoyance. “You, go down with them, too.”

Jiang Yu instantly frowned. She wanted to say that it had nothing to do with her. However, with Feng Meiyun still present, she didn’t say anything in the end and quietly followed behind them. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.