You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 12: Madam Seems to Be Somewhat Unwell

She tilted her head and saw that the imprint of the slap was still visible on her cheek. As she examined her cheek, it started to swell. She reached out her hand to touch it, and she could not help but wince in pain.

How painful.

Qiao Lian’s gaze suddenly became dark and gloomy.

Since young, Qiao Lian could stomach anything except injustice.

When Shen Liangchuan bullied her, she could do nothing but bear with it.

However, Yang Lingsi was a different matter altogether!

A gentleman can wait over ten years to exact his revenge. However, she was no gentleman. As such, her revenge had to be exacted tomorrow.

Just you wait and see, Yang Lingsi!

Given that her face was hurting, Qiao Lian did not go to the news agency. Instead, she took a cab back to the Shen family’s mansion.

She lowered her head and used her hand to cover her face. She then casually greeted the mansion’s caretaker and went upstairs to the master bedroom.

She wrapped some ice cubes in a towel and placed the towel on her own face, after which she tiredly laid down on the sofa.

As she looked at the unfamiliar ceiling, the words that the manager had told her flashed across her mind, “… Initially, when Mr. Shen suddenly ordered me to prepare the agreement and find you, I thought that you knew each other!”

She racked her brain desperately, trying to find some memory that would confirm or disprove that she had seen him before.

He clearly already disliked her immensely the first time they met. But then, why had he chosen her to bear his child?

Surely… It couldn’t be because of her flawless beauty and exceptional genes, right?

Qiao Lian entertained herself in this fashion. If the minds of giants can’t be fathomed, then she might as well not think anymore.

Anyway, once she gave birth, she would divorce Shen Liangchuan. At that point, she would be free of all ties and attachments and her life would become better.

“Knock knock!” the sound of someone knocking on her door sounded.

Qiao Lian jumped up in shock as she hurriedly sat up and asked, “Who is it?”

“Madam, it’s me,” the caretaker said. “Sir has ordered me to send some milk up for you.”

Send some milk?

Qiao Lian did not want anyone to notice the bruises on her face. Thus, she coughed mildly and said, “Ah, there’s no need. I’m not hungry at all today!”

Unfortunately, as she finished speaking, her stomach growled a couple of times.

Qiao Lian: …

She had only drunk a glass of milk in the morning. In the afternoon, she had been waiting outside the filming site and had not had time to eat lunch. Hence, could she really be not hungry? Yeah, right!

Qiao Lian swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She thought for a moment before tilting her face so that the bruised half would face the inside of the room. Only then did she say, “Please enter!”

The caretaker pushed open the door and entered. She looked straight ahead and walked until she stood in front of Qiao Lian. She then passed the milk over to her.

Qiao Lian accepted the milk and drank a mouthful. Her eyebrows immediately cramped up. As she had been in a hurry that morning, she hadn’t noticed it, but she now realized that this milk tasted weird for some unknown reason.

However, since the milk had been delivered to her by the caretaker on Shen Liangchuan’s orders, she decided to pay her concerns no mind and drank the milk anyway.

Under the supervision of the caretaker, she pinched her nose and gulped the entire glass of milk in one mouthful. She then said insincerely, “Thank you.”

The caretaker took the glass from her and turned away to leave. As she closed the door, she glanced inside the room and saw that the Madam had resumed laying on the sofa.

For a brief moment, she looked like she was in deep contemplation.

Was that a palm imprint on Madam’s face?

She went downstairs and thought for a while. Then, she picked up the telephone and placed a call. When the call went through, Shen Liangchuan’s voice could be heard from the phone receiver saying, “Has she drunk it?”

“Yes,” she replied. Just as Shen Liangchuan was about to hang up the phone, she suddenly said, “Sir, will you be coming home tonight? Madam… seems somewhat unwell.”

Shen Liangchuan hung up the phone, and his eyes dimmed.

Somewhat unwell?

He stood up and walked outside. His manager asked, “Where are you going?”


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