You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 15: Whose Phone… Is This?!

One of them said uncertainly, “Why do I smell some sort of odor in the air?”

The gazes of every member in the filming crew landed on the ground beneath Yang Lingsi’s feet. They saw that little droplets of liquid were dripping from her pants. It was evident that she had urinated in her fright.

Everybody lowered their heads simultaneously and shrugged their shoulders.

Yang Lingsi began to regain her consciousness. After looking at the reactions of the people around her, she began to wail loudly, “Wahhh!”

This was so embarrassing!

As a female star, this incident would be a dark blemish on her acting career forever.

As Yang Lingsi was badly shaken from the incident, everybody decided to temporarily take a rest. Shen Liangchuan was sitting under the shade of an umbrella when his manager walked over and said to him, “Brother Shen, you are a car racing enthusiast. How could you have mixed up the brakes and the accelerator? Did you do that intentionally? And if so, how did Yang Lingsi offend you?”

Shen Liangchuan shot a cold glance at him. Immediately, his manager raised his hands and said, “OK, I won’t ask again!”


Qiao Lian, who had already written a draft in the taxi, rushed into the office. After only half an hour, she had already edited and compiled a vivid article.

The contents of the article included how a female star with the surname Yang took advantage of a certain award-winning actor’s online buzz. Not only that, this female star had done so with a nonchalant and repulsive face. The article was extremely riveting, and used sharp, incisive words and phrases. The mocking tone of the article was clear for all to see.

By the time she finished typing the last word, Qiao Lian’s right hand was already tired. Satisfied, she stretched her back lazily.

If a person dared to hit her, they better be prepared to suffer the revenge from her pen!

She shifted her gaze away from the monitor and saw Su Meimei standing behind it. Su Meimei raised her head and said mockingly, “Hmph, no matter how serious your performance is, you will still have to leave today.”

The voice was slightly loud, resulting in the people inside the office looking over in her direction at the same time.

Qiao Lian raised her eyebrow and supported her chin with her hand. She sighed plaintively and said, “Su Meimei, I am indeed quite attractive. However, you do not need to pay attention to me at every single moment. I’m not that beautiful!”

Su Meimei turned livid with rage at her words and said, “Qiao Lian, don’t you dare act glib in front of me! I’m telling you, the chief editor has already said that if you are unable to identify who Madam Shen is, she will fire you! Do you know how to write a resignation letter? Or do you need me to help you with it?”

Qiao Lian smiled and said, “Ah, even though you have more experience in this area than me, I currently don’t need your help.”

Everybody present laughed uproariously at her words.

Su Meimei was almost dying of rage. She turned away and saw the chief editor walk out from her office with a dark expression, showing her anger. Su Meimei immediately opened her mouth and said, “Chief, Qiao Lian is here!”

The chief editor heard her words, stared angrily at Qiao Lian, and walked over. Her hands were holding a cell phone, “Qiao Lian, do you still wish to work here!? I’ve called you so many times! How dare you not answer my calls?”

Confused, Qiao Lian took her cell phone from her bag and said, “My cell phone did not ring!”

The chief editor lowered her head and flipped her cell phone open. The sounds “Du… du…” were clearly coming from her cell phone. “The status on my phone is clearly that of a placed call with nobody picking up on the other end. How could your cell phone not ring? Did you think that if you did not accept my call, you would not have to provide me with results today? I’m asking you again, who is Madam Shen? Have you found out? If not, leave this office immediately!”

Qiao Lian checked her phone, but what she saw was an unfamiliar screensaver.

At that instant, she desperately tried to recall what happened. She had thrown her own phone on the sofa but when she had been about to leave for work, she had picked up a cell phone from the coffee table. So the phone that she was presently clutching in her hands… Whose phone was it? Only one thought scurried to her mind.

As if to confirm her hypothesis, the chief editor’s call suddenly went through.

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