You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 19: Shen Liangchuan Loves me Deeply

Qiao Lian stopped her action as she raised her eyebrows.

Was yesterday’s confession insufficient? She still wants to continue today?

She looked at the lounge and decided to return the cell phone to Shen Liangchuan.

However, Yang Lingsi’s coquettish voice came from the other side of the call, “Teacher Shen, I’m really sorry about yesterday. I made a fool of myself. I-I was terrified and thus committed such a mistake. Could you not be angry with me anymore? I have learned from my mistake.”

Qiao Lian: …

Her throat suddenly felt itchy, and she couldn’t help but cough.

The voice on the phone suddenly stopped.

After a while, Yang Lingsi questioned with caution, “Are-are you… Mrs. Shen?”

Qiao Lian: …

Yang Lingsi quickly continued, “Mrs. Shen, it’s you, right? Please don’t misunderstand, there’s nothing between me and Teacher Shen. We are purely friends.”

Qiao Lian was speechless.

The hell? Purely friends? Did this woman think that she was brainless?

She couldn’t take it anymore and laughed to the speaker, “Ms. Yang, I didn’t misunderstand you. Your Teacher Shen even told me about you yesterday!”

Yang Lingsi was filled with excitement immediately, “What did Teacher Shen say about me?”

“He said that your eyes have gone through too much surgery, which makes them look scarily huge.”

Yang Lingsi was stunned.

Qiao Lian spoke with a surprised tone, “Ah! Did I say something wrong? Please don’t misunderstand, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Qiao Lian could picture Yang Lingsi’s anger, and she secretly felt delighted.

She originally thought that Yang Lingsi would hang up, but she spoke again, “Mrs. Shen, actually, there is something I want to tell you. Yesterday, Mr. Shen spent a long time alone in the lounge with a reporter from the Gossip News Agency.”

Woah, so is she trying to sow discord?

Qiao Lian thought for a while, picked up the phone, and said, “Oh, I know about it. He told me that the reporter was interviewing him.”

“Mrs. Shen, you trust Mr. Shen so much?”

Qiao Lian replied, “Yes, of course. You don’t know how much he loves me.”


“Aish! He has liked me for many years. I only agreed to marry him because he was really persistent, from the moment he got a crush on me to the moment of his confession. Thus, if I realize that he betrayed my trust, I will divorce him immediately!”

Qiao Lian was enjoying herself telling the story, even as it spiraled, and she secretly vented all the anger she had bottled up in her. Just when she was about to continue her story, her body suddenly froze.

It was because when she turned her head… Shen Liangchuan was standing at the door of the lounge and staring at her with his calm black eyes!

Qiao Lian was so shocked that she had to take in a deep breath, while her hands were shaking. At that moment of fluster, the phone almost fell to the ground, causing her to accidentally turn on the speaker.

Thus, Yang Lingsi’s voice floated over, “Oh, Teacher Shen actually has such deep love for you! That means there’s really nothing between him and that reporter? Mrs. Shen, you are so blessed!”

The word “blessed” made Qiao Lian feel like dying at that moment.

Why does this man move around so silently!

He had randomly appeared behind her, almost scaring her to her death!

She swallowed her saliva and gave an awkward laugh, “It’s just normal. I’m kind of busy right now, bye!”

She only looked at Shen Liangchuan after she hung up the phone.

She was dead meat!

Could someone tell her how much he had heard from their conversation?!

Qiao Lian wished the ground could swallow her whole to save her from her current situation. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.