You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 27: Here comes Best Actor Shen!

The female caster ‘Forget Chuan’ that her colleagues were talking about just now was actually her all along.

Initially, she had only livestreamed in eSports tournaments with her friends out of interest. However, she hadn’t realized that the reactions she would receive would be so positive. Afterwards, she started live streaming a match from time to time. Perhaps because she was being so mysterious about it, in this digital age, the mysteriousness actually increased the interest people had in her.

The person who called her was her live streaming partner, Gao Youming.

Qiao Lian smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget it.”

“I’ve just sent you the invitation for tonight’s celebration party for the cast and crew of the show ‘Qing Gong’. Do you want to go?”

Qiao Lian’s eyes immediately brightened. “Yes, yes, yes, I must go!”

She had just been wondering about how to attend the party tonight. To think that a solution would present itself right when she was anxiously worrying about this problem!

As she hung up, Qiao Lian’s lips curled into a smile. She calmly paced back to her office.

As she entered, she saw that everybody was still noisily discussing amongst themselves.

“Tonight’s celebration party for the cast and crew of ‘Qing Gong’ will be held at the Royal Family Hotel. The managing editor just came to find the chief editor and told her that she had managed to, after great difficulty, find an opening for a waiting staff. She wants Qiao Lian to fill this opening and uncover a huge scoop in the process!”

“Why did she not directly ask for an invitation letter?”

“What do you know! Tonight’s celebration party will be absolutely star-studded. For public order and security purposes, the number of invitations sent out has been limited. Even finding a waiting staff opening must have cost the managing editor Herculean effort.”

“Ah, this is clearly a free opportunity for Qiao Lian to obtain a huge scoop. She’s so lucky!”

Qiao Lian walked over and sighed, saying, “Do all of you think that the chief editor will give me such a great opportunity?”

As her voice died away, everybody present saw Su Meimei delightedly walk out of the chief editor’s office. She was holding her chin, and her smile was overflowing with absolute joy!

She walked in front of Qiao Lian and deliberately said, “Dear Qiao Lian, the managing editor wanted to let you go tonight. However, the chief editor considered that you still had to uncover Mrs. Shen’s identity. As such, she let me take over this task on your behalf.”

She was clearly not going to admit that she had just received a benefit.

Qiao Lian never let anyone push her around. As such, she directly retorted, “Oh? Then I should really thank you. However, because you are helping me finish this task, if you uncover any news, the credit should go to me right?”

Su Meimei choked after hearing this sentence.

Only then was Qiao Lian satisfied. She slowly walked past her and left the news agency, using her need to find a scoop as an excuse to leave.

At noon, she randomly picked a place to eat her lunch. Then in the afternoon she went to rent a dress. After putting on some light makeup, she hailed a cab to the Royal Family Hotel at 6 pm.

At the entrance of the hotel, she took out her invitation and surreptitiously glanced inside. She entered the banquet hall only after finding no signs of Shen Liangchuan inside.

Shen Liangchuan had just warned her yesterday that she could not be a reporter. Hence, if he saw her here, she would be a dead man walking!

However the cool, domineering, and assertive Best Actor Shen had never cared about such events. He almost never attended any celebration party, so he wouldn’t show up to this party either, right?

Qiao Lian casually picked up a glass of champagne. She was about to take a sip and try to catch her person of interest of the evening when suddenly there was a commotion at the entrance of the banquet hall.

She looked over and immediately narrowed her eyes, because Shen Liangchuan was striding into the hall, surrounded by his manager and assistant!

He was wearing a black tuxedo, and his every move exuded an inherent elegance. He had an air of arrogance and dismissiveness about him, which ensured that he would be the centre of attention even amongst a sea of handsome men and beautiful women.

At that moment, he was walking forward. However, he seemed to perceive something and suddenly halted in his tracks. Then, he looked in the direction of Qiao Lian! If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.