You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 34: Best Actor Shen Is Jealous!

Shen Liangchuan wanted to chase after Qiao Lian. After exiting the party, he could not find any trace of Qiao Lian. He was just about to go look for her when he suddenly smelled a weird scent emanating from a deserted corner.

It was a type of sleeping gas and its effect seemed potent. It would probably kick in after a short amount of time.

Shocked, Shen Liangchuan realized that someone was plotting against him!

Without delay, he threw a punch and beat the waiter that was trying to drug him senseless. He then hid in the corner, dragging the waiter along with him.

After a while, he saw Yang Lingsi and her manager briskly walk in his direction.

Yang Lingsi asked anxiously, “I clearly saw someone walk this way, where is he?”

As she spoke, she gradually walked away from her manager.

Only then did Shen Liangchuan walk out. He felt a fiery sensation bubble up from within him.

As a man, he obviously understood what was going on.

Yang Lingsi had reached the end of her rope, and her only remaining lifeline was to attach herself to him.

Being in the entertainment industry, he had been surrounded by friends who had been engaged in affairs with countless D-list celebrities. However, he had never shown any interest in other women.

He turned around and intended to go to the hospital when he suddenly heard a security officer whistle. This was the first layer of defence at the party, and the sound meant that a reporter had managed to sneak into the party.

Qiao Lian had been exposed.

He had no time to think. Relying on his familiarity with the place, he immediately rushed to the spot they were currently at.

He did not know himself whether he was there to obstruct her or to save her, but the instant he saw her run in his direction, he breathed a sigh of relief.

After that, he saw with his own eyes how she took off the red, full-length dress that she was wearing. His vision was stunned by the elegance of that moment.

However, what happened next?

To his surprise, she ran over to him without even looking at him and immediately kissed him!

He had to admit that at the moment when her soft and gentle lips made contact with his, he was left completely stunned. This was especially the case when her velvet tongue entered his mouth. He was on the verge of losing his mind.

That sensation was so intense that when she left him, he felt somewhat empty inside. He even made up his mind to grab her waist with his outstretched arms.

Soon after, his eyes connected with her hopeful gaze.

The fiery sensation in his body was slowly increasing.

However, his heart had suddenly become cold.

As he thought about how proficient her actions were just now, he wondered whether… In the past, when she was gathering news, had she used such a trick more than once?

The moment this idea popped into his head, it steadily grew in his mind until he was driven almost crazy. It made him feel like there was a rapidly expanding force within his body that could not be expelled.

Suddenly, he could not help but grip her jaw and jerk her head downwards.

Qiao Lian was overflowing with anxiety, her heart thumping erratically. As she thought about the lingering kiss that had just happened, her cheeks flared up. As his face inched closer and closer to her, she finally decided to close her eyes.

However… The kiss that she imagined would happen never materialized. Instead, she felt as though her hands were lacking something.

Qiao Lian jerked her eyes open and realized that her cell phone had fallen into his hands.

Shen Liangchuan frowned as she stared at the screen. It was indicating that the video file had been successfully uploaded.

She was willing to sacrifice her life for this?!

Did she know how many reporters in his world died every year, buried in such filth and salaciousness?

The anger within his entire body caused his body’s fierceness to become even more obvious, until it was on the verge of collapse.

At that moment, he did not want to restrain himself anymore. He was going to just let the drug in his body run amok. Finally, he forcefully grabbed Qiao Lian’s arm while the essence of flames rose within the pupils of his eyes. If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.