You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 36: She Should Not Be So Close to Him

He quickly walked to the storeroom and opened the door.

However, the room was completely empty, with nobody in sight.

If not for the tattered white dress lying on the floor and the gentle sensation swirling in the air, even he would have thought that everything that had happened just now had just been a dream.

Qiao Lian was staggered along a road.

The beautiful red dress she was wearing served as a foil for her face, which was becoming increasingly pale due to the torment Shen Liangchuan had just caused her.

The makeup on her face had gotten slightly smudged, but even that could not hide her beautiful face.

She herself did not know where she should go now.

The sky had become dark, and the neon lights had been switched on. The entire city was filled with a sense of mysteriousness.

She could hear the sounds of cars honking and the occasional sounds of laughter coming from passersby.

She felt her heart turn completely cold for the first time.

She could still hear his words reverberate in her ear. “Do you like to invade the privacy of others that much?”

At that moment, his voice had been filled with detest and anger, which had hurt her a lot.

She stared forward blankly. After a while, her phone suddenly rang.

She accepted the call and her partner Gao Youming’s anxious voice emanated from the other end: “Forget Chuan, where are you now?”

Qiao Lian’s mouth twitched to speak, but she realized that her lips were extremely dry. As such, she did not say anything.

Gao Youming’s voice radiated from the other end again. “Forget Chuan, you were too reckless today! I know your company is forcing you to uncover the identity of Mrs. Shen and you must obtain a huge scoop in order to resolve this issue. However, there were so many celebrity big shots at this entire party that any piece of sensational news would have satisfied your news agency! You—”

He suddenly sounded like he had just comprehended something. “You… Were you helping Best Actor Shen lower the buzz surrounding him? Forget Chuan, even though you are a fan of Best Actor Shen, you have no connection to him at all! How could you be so foolish! I have never seen a fan who has done so much for her idol!”

When she heard this, Qiao Lian bit her lip and looked forward again.

Gao Youming’s words made her suddenly start laughing at herself in self-derision.

She had always told herself to chase stars reasonably. As such, everybody had always thought that she was just a member of Shen Liangchuan’s fan club.

However, nobody knew how much he meant to her.

Eight years ago, during an especially difficult time, Shen Liangchuan had practically been the only light in her life.

He did not know her then.

However, she had watched him climb up the ranks slowly. She had also seen how he had started to shine with radiance, bit by bit.

Shen Liangchuan thought that the reason why she was willing to accept his deal was because she was willing to sell her body for money.

However… If it had been any other person who wanted to make this transaction with her, she did not know if she would have been able to answer so readily.

The more she liked him, the more his disgust for her felt like a knife that could hurt her, inflicting a dull pain on her heart.

Perhaps she should not have gotten so close to him.


When Shen Liangchuan returned home, it was already 11 pm.

He stopped his car outside the mansion and looked at the bedroom on the second floor.

She should have already returned by this time, right?

At the thought of this, he lowered his eyes and grabbed a small gift box from the front passenger seat. He then stepped out of the car and entered the mansion.

Caretaker Li hurriedly came to greet him.

As Shen Liangchuan took off his jacket, he casually asked, “Is Ms. Qiao already asleep?”

Caretaker Li opened his mouth and said, “Ms. Qiao has not returned!”

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