You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 38: Why Are You Resigning so Suddenly?

After only four days of being unoccupied, the room was covered in dust. This made her feel that her initial decision to not return to the apartment had been a wise decision indeed.

She quickly took a shower before climbing into her bed and sleeping.

The next morning, she was rudely awakened by her phone.

As she picked up the call, a voice emanated from the other side, “Ms. Qiao, I have already scheduled your brother’s surgery for two weeks from now. In the meantime, he is adjusting his body in the hospital. His condition is pretty good, so you have no need to worry.”

After hearing the person on the other end, Qiao Lian abruptly sat up straight. All the drowsiness she felt a moment before disappeared, and she immediately said excitedly, “Really? Thank you Dr. Li! You must use the best medicine you have to help my brother completely recover.”

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Lian became completely energized.

This was practically the best piece of news she had heard in eight years!

She hurriedly got out of bed and rushed into her narrow toilet. She absent-mindedly looked at herself in the mirror.

The past four days felt like a dream to her.

But now, she was awake.

She slapped herself on the cheek.

In reality, there was nothing to make a fuss about!

Shen Liangchuan and her were two parallel lines that would never intersect. As long as she always remembered her obligations and stopped imagining things, she would be fine.

She got dressed, went downstairs, and took a bus to the news agency.

At the news agency, she wrote an electronic resignation report and sent it to the chief editor and the managing editor.

Then, she pretended that she was beginning to pack her things.

A colleague beside her sighed and said, “Qiao Lian, you… You should find the chief editor and beg her. Don’t go.”

Before Qiao Lian could speak, Su Meimei mockingly said, “Our news agency has its own rules. If anybody could just open their mouths and beg, then everybody would just sit here and get paid for doing nothing! There would be no point in desperately trying to uncover scoops.”

Qiao Lian turned her head and looked at her, saying, “Eh, that’s weird. Even you know that eating a free lunch without working is something that should be abhorred?”

Su Meimei choked, “You!”

Qiao Lian immediately smiled and turned her gaze away from her. She continued packing her things.

Su Meimei clenched her teeth in anger, “Qiao Lian, let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t be so glib, otherwise even if you find a new job in the future, you will always be a measly reporter!”

Qiao Lian looked at the time. Ten minutes had already passed.

Mmmmm, the time has come.

As the thought popped into her head, she saw the managing editor hurriedly walking towards her.

After seeing her, the distressed managing editor immediately said, “Aye, Qiao Lian, why are you packing your things? Did you face some difficulties with your work? Why are you suddenly resigning?”

As the managing editor had already rushed over, the chief editor definitely could not coop herself in her office any longer. Thus, she also began to hurriedly walk over.

Qiao Lian saw the chief editor and then sighed. She used an extremely guilty tone to say, “Managing editor, I have failed to live up to the chief editor’s expectations for me. As such, I really cannot shamelessly stay at this news agency. The chief editor said that I only had three days to uncover Mrs. Shen’s identity, but look, it has already been three days.”

The managing editor immediately barked, “Nonsense! Are scandals related to Best Actor Shen that easy to investigate? Three days… Even finding her identity in thirty days would be an amazing feat!”

The chief editor’s face turned red, and she said, “Managing editor, I—”

“Alright. There is a one-week conference for reporters taking place in Hainan. Pack your things now and go attend that conference.”

When she heard these words, the chief editor’s face immediately turned pale with rage. As she turned her head, she saw Qiao Lian suddenly smirk at her If you find any errors ( broken links, non-standard content, etc.. ), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.